Miller forced out of Austin race but praises airbag system

Jack Miller said he was “beaten up and disappointed” after he was forced to withdraw from this weekend’s Grand Prix of the Americas – but praised his airbag safety system for preventing further injuries.

Miller suffered a broken foot following a huge high-side crash in opening practice yesterday at the high-speed Turn 18, but said it could have been far worse.

“I was really lucky, it’s the first time I’ve really had the airbags being in use,” said Miller. “When I high-sided, as I left the bike the airbag had already exploded. When I landed on my head and sorta my back, and rolled, it absorbed the impact really well.

“I can’t think [racesuit supplier] Dainese enough for that. For such a big crash, I’d have walked away without anything really wrong if I didn’t have this dodgy foot already.”

Old injury aggravated by fresh crash

Miller – who broke his leg in a pre-season motorcross accident – explained his fresh injuries after he withdrew from the meeting following FP4 this morning.

“I’ve broken a couple of little bones in the foot, but that’s not disturbing, it’s where I already had the [metal] plates put in, the whip of the impact has maybe moved the screws or something,” said Miller. “The leg has just swollen up like a balloon.

“This morning I busted out a couple of laps, for not being able to hang off the right-hand side it wasn’t too bad, but I was in so much pain.

“This afternoon we tried it with an injection, but that only really numbed the skin around it, it didn’t really do that much for where the real pain is. Really disappointed, it was almost a rookie error that caused it, just pushing too much on a cold tyre – just didn’t give it enough time to heat up.

“It’s painful, but once you get going the adrenaline kicks in, you don’t feel it that much.

“But the first section – the right-left, right-left – trying to push side to side, I’m doing it off one leg.

“In FP4 as I went through the last one, as I pushed off the left side, my foot slipped off and I almost went off the bike. We’ll keep working on it, and by the time we get to Jerez I think we’ll be OK. I’m going to work with a good physiotherapist I know in LA.

“My body just needs to settle down after one shock after another."

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