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Marc Marquez completes a positive first day in Moto2 -- 2010-11-25 Having conquered the 125cc World Championships, Marc Marquez took the next step in his sporting career today, getting onto a Moto2 motorcycle for the first time. The Repsol rider...

Marc Marquez completes a positive first day in Moto2 -- 2010-11-25

Having conquered the 125cc World Championships, Marc Marquez took the next step in his sporting career today, getting onto a Moto2 motorcycle for the first time. The Repsol rider completed more than 200 kilometres on the Cadiz track to begin the process of adjustment to his new category and get to know both his bike and the team who will be alongside him in this new project.

Conditioned by the rainfall over the previous days which had left the track wet, the Repsol rider waited until after midday to start to ride on the Andalusian track once the sun, which had broken through the clouds, finally dried up the puddles. Marquez did sets of five laps after which he began to make adjustments to the basic configuration of the bike to familiarise himself with the numerous differences: the power, engine type -- four-stroke -, the weight of the bike, the size of the tyres, the riding style, etc.

The Repsol rider finished the day happy to have finally been able to ride and also to have enjoyed the fun experience of riding a Moto2 bike, demonstrating quick adaption to the category. He particularly noticed the extra power of the engine which, due to being four-stroke, also requires learning how it behaves to be able to make the most of it when braking. This is the point where the greater weight of the bike is evident, an important difference compared to the small 125ccs, which also exerts greater physical demands.

Tomorrow, the Repsol rider will finish these tests in Jerez in which, weather permitting, he will continue to test the limits and characteristics of the new Moto2.

Marc Marquez, 1'45,9 sec, 46 laps, 203 km.
"I'm really happy because it's been the first time I have tried out the Moto2 and everything went well, just as we hoped. In the beginning it felt a bit strange because you feel the power much more but also, there is a lot more weight. Also, a four-stroke engine behaves differently. The team is different too. But, as I went on, I gained confidence and got a feel for the bike and everything went well. Today we didn't focus on testing because the objective was to do some laps, get to know the bike and not worry too much about the set up, without changing many things because it wouldn't achieve anything. Overall, my performance wasn't bad either and I really enjoyed it."

Marc Marquez Advances In His Adaptation With Barely Time To Ride -- 2010-11-26

Marc Marquez adaptation to the Moto2 on which he will compete next season has once again been influenced by the whims of the weather, with the rain putting in appearance when the Repsol rider had done just six laps - four of them valid for taking down his times -. This extremely short margin was enough for Marquez to demonstrate a significant improvement, riding at 1 minute, 45 seconds and 2-tenths.

The talent of the reigning 125cc World Champion was clearly evident on the track at the Jerez circuit, on a day on which the Repsol rider was only able to complete six laps. With the sky completely overcast and an air temperature of 16C and track temperature of 14C, Marquez waited until just after 11:00 o'clock to start riding. After changing some adjustments compared to yesterday, the Repsol rider experienced an instant improvement, riding much more easily and fluidly than yesterday.

However, when he was getting ready to go out on the track again, the raining started to fall on the Cadiz track, intermittently wetting the track and hindering any activity. In spite of everything and the only productive day in Jerez, the Repsol rider ends his debut in Moto2 with a sweet taste in his mouth, showing a glimpse of the wide margin for improvement ahead of him.

Next Tuesday, 30 November, another test is scheduled at the Circuit de Catalunya, in which - weather permitting - the Repsol rider will continue adapting to Moto2 and his new team.

Marc MARQUEZ - 1'45,2 sec., 6 laps, 27 KM.

"Today, we haven't been able to make the most of the day because it started raining and we had only done 6 laps, that is, 4 that counted for the timesheets. However, they were very interesting because yesterday we focused on riding without touching the setup so that I could adapt to the bike and understand it as much as possible. But today, in these four laps, we have started working a little, changing some adjustments and I rode much faster than yesterday even on a wet and cold track.

This is very important because it means that we can improve, logically. More than my times compared to my rivals, I keep the feelings that I have had on the bike and the confidence I have built up."

-source: repsol

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