German GP: TSR Friday summary

World Championship Grand Prix Rd. 9 125cc ...

World Championship Grand Prix Rd. 9
125cc #50 Andrea "Ballero" Ballerini

Cinzano Motorrad GP Deutschland
Day 1 Friday 19th July 2002

Arriving here straight from Donington, as these are the back-to-back races in Europe for this season. Arriving here the weather could not have been any worse with torrential rain lasting all day Wednesday, improving for Thursday but still cold and dark as clouds covered the whole day. After the disappointing race in Donington we hope for a better result here so we can start the forthcoming summer break content.

Making no changes to machine from Donington, attention will be towards the circuit as Andrea has never visited this circuit before and must spend time learning.

Position: 26th
Time: 1.38.286
No. of Laps 21
Best Lap 19

With the rain returning overnight, this session started with a wet track. Taking to the circuit with machine B to evaluate the performance and to learn the circuit steadily. This weather was in our favour as no one who already knew the circuit could gain an advantage with the wet track.

After making just 3 laps a switch to machine A was made but this machine failed to run correctly and so a switch back to machine B, but this time on slick tyres as the track had dried quicker than expected. This machine was now running well and Andrea used this machine to the dying minutes of the session posting his best lap on lap 19, making a change back to machine A to test changes made. Seeing as this was Andrea's first time on the track he was not too worried as was still learning the best lines and track time was more important.

Position: 30th
Time: 1.33.737
No. of Laps 17
Best Lap 17

A poor session.
With the sun now beaming down and a dry track, we took the chance to test Bridgestone's new 16.5" rear tyre. Again having the choice of both machines, he chose machine B to start and this machine was too unstable due to a change in geometry and was used for just 3 laps. Taking machine A with the new rear wheel circulated for most of the session, but the lap times were not falling. He just seemed to be struggling for speed, which was unusual as the machine set-up is identical to Donington.

Having made changes to machine B ready for another try, we tried to get Andrea back into the pits but he failed to come in immediately and when he did there was only 2 minutes left and he managed just two laps but his last was his best for the session.

The machine just seemed to lack speed today and the position is very bad. We hope to find a cure and improve for tomorrow if the rain stays away!


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