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UNLUCKY RACE FOR THE PRAMAC RACING TEAM RIDERS IN THE ENI GRAND PRIX OF GERMANY. Very unlucky day for the Pramac Racing Team riders who failed to finish the eni Grand Prix of Germany. The race was stopped and made restart after that the riders...


Very unlucky day for the Pramac Racing Team riders who failed to finish the eni Grand Prix of Germany. The race was stopped and made restart after that the riders had completed nine laps due to an accident triggered by De Puniet that have involved Bautista and the young Spaniard Espargarò. Real misfortune for the Spaniard who, after having made a good start, was fighting to recover some positions. His pace lap was consistently lower than the riders ahead of him, during the ninth lap, he was in twelfth position close to the group of the riders that where fighting for the eighth position. Unfortunately the very low gap did not allow him to avoid De Puniet's bike who had stayed on the track after his fall. After Aleix fall he has paining returned to the box but with the strong intension to get back on track for the second stint.

Unfortunately, the regulation did not allowed riders to return to the race if they don't return to the box with their bike in five minutes, but Aleix's bike was unfortunately destroyed in the front. The rider has reported a strong contusion on his right wrist and in his neck. From the X-ray made by the mobile clinic doctors nothing seems to be broken. The fall has also brought him a small cut to his left knee on which were placed two stitches. In the afternoon the rider was taken to Chemnitz's hospital where the doctors have diagnosed a possible fracture of the vertebra C7. In the evening the scan will be sent to the rider personal doctor to see if this fracture is new or if is a old one. Developments will be expected for the next days to check the possibility that the rider can take part in the upcoming U.S. Grand Prix. He went now in Chemnitz's hospital, where he will make a check-up to make unsure his physical condition. Contusion that should not prevent him from giving up next week on Laguna Seca's track where he will race the U.S. Grand Prix.

Bad luck for Mika Kallio, who finished his race soon after the second stint start at the first corner. Unfortunately he lost the rear tyre, that was perhaps in not perfect temperature, in the first corner. Also for him nothing more to do. During the first stint, Mika had not made a good start, it had lost three positions after the first sector. But thanks to a good comeback he had climbed in thirteenth position in one lap, just behind his teammate, his slight disadvantage allowed him to avoid the accident and take part to the second stint, that unfortunately lasted only few meters. Riders will soon have a good chance to have good result in the U.S. race next Grand Prix.

Fabiano Sterlacchini - Pramac Racing Technical Director

"What to say, it was an unlucky race for both riders. We aim to get away from the Sachsenring with a good haul of points, but unfortunately for us we have to hurry forget this race. During the first race we had a good pace with both riders despite a bad start, the riders had a good comeback and have recovered some positions. Unfortunately Aleix was involved in the accident and although he really want to get back in the saddle, by regulation they did not allowed him to take part to the second race. Mika has instead taken part in the second race, unfortunately he has arrived too fast in the first corner and his tyres where still too cold and he have lose the rear grip when he have reopened gas. Shame because we noticed a significant improvement in his times throughout all the weekend and we had great confidence in him for a good result. We have to quickly forget this race and start thinking about next weekend where both riders will be able to redeem themselves on Laguna Seca's track. "

Mika Kallio - Pramac Racing Team - DNF in race - 16th in the world championship

"This is not the right way! Cold tyres have betrayed me just few meters from the second start. With the second start I wanted to immediately comeback some positions, but unfortunately as soon as I entered the first turn, I lost the rear tyre and my bike slipped away. Too bad because I had a good pace during the first 9 laps, despite a bad start, I had recovered three positions and I was very close to the riders ahead of me and that were fighting for the eighth position. Luckily I avoided the bikes that were on the track after the accident, but unfortunately my race ended at the first corner of the second start. I very regret not being able to give a good result to my technicians. I hope to be competitive throughout next weekend during the U.S. Grand Prix. "

Aleix Espargarò - Pramac Racing Team - DNF in the race - 14th in the world championship

"What a unlucky race for me today. I was reducing the gap from the riders ahead of me and I could easily fight with them for the eighth position. Unfortunately I found De Puniet's bike that was lying on the track in front of me and I could not avoid it. My bike has brought too much damage in the accident and I was not able to bring it back to the box again. I had a big pain in my right wrist and in my neck, I wanted to make the warm up lap of the second round to see my physical condition and if I was able to ride for the second race. Too bad because I could gain a good position. I just made X-rays in the mobile clinic and fortunately nothing is broken, while in Chemnitz's hospital, where I was took to have further checks, they have found that my vertebra C7 is broken. Tonight we will send the x-ray to Spain so that my doctor can see them and check if it is new or old fracture. I am confident and I hope to attend the upcoming U.S. Grand Prix."

-source: pramac racing

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