Czech GP TSR first practice report

Free Practice ...

Free Practice #1
Friday 18th August position 19th

Good to have warmer race weekend, here in Brno, nice'n'cool in the morning. Refreshing.

Konny and his mechanics had experienced hot and humid climate in Suzuka over the 8-hours race weekend with satisfactory result, so any weather could be better.

Konny's injured right hand is not fully cured but recovered enough not to worry about racing. He missed previous two GPs due to this injury but is happy to be back with determination. After the arrival at Brno he had been jogging on the track every day, quietly motivated himself.

Track layout like here with many ups and downs needs a lot of setting data and work, he made few stops in the pit-box to carry out the work.

Konny comments....

Again this is the first time for me to ride on this track. I felt that my mind and the bike are not completely synchronised....But I can lean the bike to the limit and is not difficult with this bike. Having to ride bigger bike at Suzuka and some test sessions at Motegi afterwards, I feel this TSR AC 50M very lighter.

Hideki OMORI, the Chief Mechanic says.....

We are slightly behind from the plan at the moment. We have to look at shorten the time in the afternoon.


Qualifying Practice #1
Friday afternoon 18th August position 20th

Temperature is getting higher but luckily still comfortable. Konny seemed to be suffering from slight jetlag, he came back from Japan to UK on Sunday and left for Brno the next day by road. But hey, he will have to fly to Japan on Monday for Motegi Open 7 hours Endurance race.....

On his third lap he marked the lap time faster than the best time in the morning session, he then had some adjustments with suspensions and went out to the course but was still on the 2 09s. He needed a breakthrough, he tried to be right behind some of the riders but did not have much luck to get to the position.

Konny, in a bit of puzzlement says....

Why oh why? I am pushing enough but could not go faster. It is not just one thing to tackle I know, sort of....bad.

Hideki analyses....

Not much progress, I mean, time-wise. Looks like he is very much on his mettle, I reckon he should be a bit more relaxed. Hope he is not too concerned about crashing. Let's make him have more and more laps.

Go Konny Go!

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