Brazilian GP: TSR day one summary

World Championship Grand Prix Rd. 12 125cc ...

World Championship Grand Prix Rd. 12
125cc #72 Dario GIUSEPPETTI
Day 1 Thursday 19th September 2002

So, we have started the main flyaway section of this year's championship and our first stop is here in Brazil at the Nelson Piquet circuit on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.

We also have a major change to the Team for this and the remaining races and this being the rider. We have replaced Andrea Ballerini with 17-year-old German -- Dario Giuseppetti. The change occurred with the agreement of Ballerini's management for financial reasons, although Ballerini will continue in WGP as he replaces Max Sabbatani in the Fontana Team.

Here in the Rio the race is scheduled one day early on Saturday, meaning we arrived here on Monday afternoon. With beautiful weather and our hotel just yards from the beach, the setting is almost perfect.

Position: 30th
Time: 2.05.211
No. of Laps 20
Best Lap 19

Dario was thrown in at the deep end for this session, because as well as being new to the team and the motorcycle, it was also his first visit to this circuit. Advising him to take things steady, he did just that improving every lap.

Making a two stops to adjust the handlebars and front suspension, Dario stayed out just learning the circuit and getting used to the machine. Reporting problems with chatter from the front suspension but no other major problems, we are satisfied with our first session together and will start to build the working relationship so we arrive to a good package for Saturday's race.

Position: 30th
Time: 2.03.316
No. of Laps 11
Best Lap 7

Another satisfying session as Dario improved his lap time by 2 seconds but saw him remain in 30th position as all riders improved, but now closer to the pace.

With small changes to the engine making a good improvement the engine worked well, but he was still suffering with front suspension chatter, although we made major changes after the free practice this morning, it suggests the problem is starting in the rear and moving to the front. Again he made steady progress although he did visit the pits 3 times in this short 30-minute session to first change carburetion and then the front suspension. All in all we are slowly building his confidence of the both the machine and himself and look to continue improving lap by lap tomorrow. There are views that it will be raining tomorrow, but we hope it can stay away so we can use the track time to move further up the starting grid.


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