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Ryan Flores
Winner Christopher Bell
Winner Christopher Bell, second place Daryn Pittman, third place Justin Grant Justin Grant
Tanner Thorson Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell Payton Williams crash
Payton Williams crash Payton Williams crash
Holly Shelton
Holly Shelton Race winner Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
Holly Shelton Travis Berryhill
Winner Travis Berryhill
Travis Berryhill Winner Tyler Courtney, second place Larry Wight, third place Zach Daum
Winner Tyler Courtney
Winner Tyler Courtney
Kyle Larson flip and Matt Wesfall had nowhere to go Kyle Larson flip
Kyle Larson flip
Kyle Larson flip 5D Zach Daum 35MP Michael Pickens of Auckland NZ
Tyler Joey Saldana
Kyle Larson took the win in the Vacuworx International Race of Champions Daryn Pittman
Chad Boat Cory Kruseman, Tim McCreadie
J.J. Yeley Kyle Larson, Rico Abreau
Cory Kruseman Thomas Meseraull (T-Mez)
Tanner Thorson Danny Stratton
J.J. Yeley Tim McCreadie