Oswego Speedway Bud Weekend report

McKNIGHT IN SECOND IN ROW AT OSWEGO THIS SEASON TAKING ISMA SUPER NATIONALS Oswego, NY - Canadian Dave McKnight very proudly won his first ISMA show with the Brad Lichty team in May at Oswego. He topped that win Saturday by coming home with the...

McKNIGHT IN SECOND IN ROW AT OSWEGO THIS SEASON TAKING ISMA SUPER NATIONALS Oswego, NY - Canadian Dave McKnight very proudly won his first ISMA show with the Brad Lichty team in May at Oswego. He topped that win Saturday by coming home with the $6,000 ISMA Super Nationals check over a hard-charging Randy Ritskes and Chris Perley. McKnight was even more pleased with his second straight victory at the Oswego oval.

"Wow" exclaimed Dave in victory lane. "I just had to go, go, go. I knew Randy was strong and I knew Chris would be. Hats off to my guys. They did an excellent job. The car was perfect all night. Randy and Chris were tough and I had knew I had to save a little at the end for any restarts. I'd say on that last restart, with three laps to go, it was balls to the wall for the win This place is like home to me. What can I say? I like to race here. I felt very positive. We had a great run here last time. We made some changes to pick up a little bit and it all paid off tonight. I smartened up on the restarts from the last show. I knew Randy was strong on the restarts. So I tried to change it around every time I restarted. Just to try and keep him off guard. You make the car as wide as you can when it gets that late in the race. Great job by everyone. Two in a row here. I'm real happy."

With a unique three-abreast flag lap, the ISMA supers paraded around the fast 5/8th's with Howard Page, Ken Bell and Lou Cicconi, leading the parade up front. Bell took a quick lead when the race started, but Brockville, Ontario's Randy Ritskes was equally quick to steal it.

Ritskes, a two-time winged winner at Oswego in past events, was trying for number three in his Dunigan-owned 29, but Dave McKnight and Scott Martel were right in there to challenge for the big prize.

The race fled by for almost half the scheduled distance with no cautions to slow the progress. By lap 9, McKnight was tacked to the back of Ritskes with Martel, Bell and Lou Cicconi right behind. Slicing toward the front was three-time Super Nationals winner Chris Perley.

While Ritskes and McKnight were dicing through lapped traffic, Perley and Martel were battling for third, chased by Cicconi, Joe Gosek and Joey Payne. McKnight found an opportunity as he and Ritskes dove in and out of traffic and Dave emerged the leader on lap 20 after a daring move out back. At the halfway mark, Perley finally got by the persistent Martel in a daring move in traffic. But several lap cars still stood between the Rowley Rocket and the lead duo of McKnight and Ritskes.

The field finally bunched on lap 27 when John Payne was in the 2nd turn foam. Joe Gosek, who had been turning some mid-15 second laps in practice, pitted here for minor repairs, going to the rear out of sixth.

On the restart, Perley put four lap cars down in one swoop and headed for McKnight and Ritskes with nothing to impair him now.

Lap 31 saw Lou Cicconi's 4 into the foam after something broke. This time there were no lap cars between McKnight, Ritskes and Perley and the race was one.

McKnight put the pedal down and pulled away slightly from the 29 and 11 while Joey Payne and Scotty Martel held fourth and fifth. The racing was intense for the next spots with Ken Bell, Doug Saunier, Nokie Fornoro, Jamie Timmons and Doug Boisvert, fighting tooth and nail.

Lap 36 saw Mike Ordway, in the backup Vic Miller car, end up in the foam also. Ordway was ofn, while Howie Page used the time to pit. Another restart for McKnight to hold off the pack and that he did. Perley put the 11 alongside of Ritskes at one point, but Ritskes nosed out front. With ten to go, McKnight had left Ritskes and Perley to dual while Payne ran alone in fourth. Martel and Bell provided the excitement racing for fifth. A tangle which affected Joey Payne and Mark Sammut ensued on lap 48, just two shy of race end, with Payne pitting and Sammut hooked. The prospect of a three-car shootout between McKnight, Ritskes and Perley had the crowd on the edge of their seats, but after only one down, Jamie Timmons hit hard in the foam between 3 and 4, slowing the race one more time.

The fans held their breath as a green-white-checkered saw McKnight take the win with Ritskes and Perley finishing a tight second and third. Martel and Bell completed the top five.

Said Ritskes after the 50-laps were over, "The car was neutral at first and then it had a big push at the end. I think Chris was pushing too because I was washing up pretty high on the track and he was still trying me on the outside. I was awful nervous about that. Dave had the superior car tonight. It was still second. It was a fast car. I wanted this one though, but what can you do."

Chris Perley, who had gotten by Ritskes once, but was negated by a yellow, was still pleased with third. "I thought we kind of had it there; well I did have it. I made that pass on Randy, but had to go back. It was fun. We had just missed it by that much. I'm ecstatic. It was a great race. Finishing third behind them when you can't race with them is not fun. But when you finish third and you can race with them, then that's fun. It's a blast." Nokie Fornoro, Doug Saunier, Doug Boisvert, Joe Gosek and Bobby Smith finished out the top ten in strong runs. <pre> ISMA SUPER NATIONALS SUMMARY ISMA SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #1: 1. Randy Ritskes (29) 2. Joe Gosek (26) 3. Joey Payne (06) 4. Doug Boisvert (66) 5. Johnny Payne (16) 6. Denny Fisher (81), 7. Mark Sammut (78) 8. Dan Soule (32) 9. Dave Hooper (17) 10. Wade Litt (07) ISMA SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #2: 1. Kenny Bell (31) 2. Howard Page (18) 3. Lou Cicconi (4) 4. Chris Perley (11) 5. Doug Saunier (7) 6. Bobby Smith (67) 7. Mike Brubaker (38) 8. Mark VanLuven (46) 9. Dave Shullick Jr (34) 10. Mike Lichty (84) ISMA SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #3: 1. Dave McKnight Jr (94) 2. Scott Martel (14) 3. Nokie Fornoro (5) 4. Mike Ordway (10) 5. Jamie Timmons (97) 6. George Brothers (6) 7. Timmy Jedrzejek (91) 8. Jon Henes (36) 9. Jim Shirey (72) 10. Willie Stutzman (88) ISMA SUPERMODIFIED CONSI: 1. Danny Soule (32) 2.Dave Shullick Jr. (34) 3.Mark VanLuven (46) 4. Jon Henes (36) 5. Wade Litt (07) 6. Mike Lichty (84) 7. Willie Stutzman (88) ISMA BUD SUPER NATIONALS (50): 1. Dave McKnight Jr (94) 2. Randy Ritskes (29) 3. Chris Perley (11) 4. Scott Martel (14) 5. Kenny Bell (31) 6. Nokie Fornoro (5), 7. Doug Saunier (7) 8. Doug Boisvert (66) 9. Joe Gosek (26) 10. Bobby Smith (67) 11. George Brothers (6) 12. Howard Page, (18) 13. Mike Brubaker (38) 14. Dan Soule (32) 15. Jon Henes (36) 16. Dave Shullick Jr (34) 17. Wade Litt (07) 18. Jamie Timmons (97) 19. Joey Payne (06) 20. Mark Sammut (78) 21. Denny Fisher (81) 22. Mike Ordway (10) 23. Lou Cicconi (4), 24. Mike Lichty (84) 25. Johnny Payne (16) 26. Timmy Jedrzejek (91) 27. Mark VanLuven (46)

</pre> Mike Roselli, Jr., of Brodheadsville, PA, had only been to Oswego Speedway on one occasion prior to Saturday night. He didn't waste any time finding victory lane. He won his qualifying heat event and then went on to claim the $2000 check. He only had one lap to do it in, however, as perennial winner Russ Stoehr was almost home for another win when Roselli stole it. Rudy Boetticher put his 46 past polesitter Monnie Wonder just into the second lap to take the lead quickly. Wonder battled back and reclaimed the lead on lap 7, but chasing the duo up front was Russ Stoehr, who had found victory lane at Oswego an easy target in the past. Also in the wings was a hard charging Bobby Seymour and 20-year old Mike Roselli, Jr. On lap 11 Stoehr emerged as the leader putting Boetticher back one to fend off Wonder, Roselli, Seymour, AJ Ernesto, and Indianapolis resident A.J. Davis, in his first-ever appearance here.

The race didn't slow until lap 16 when the 15 of Larry Cheetham stopped out back.

On the double file restart, Stoehr had Bobby Seymour alongside with Roselli and AJ Ernesto forming the second row.

Off they darted on the restart, with Stoehr retaining the lead and Roselli grabbing second from Seymour. Seymour clung to Roselli, however, as Stoehr found a little breathing room while the two battled. Ernesto formed a road block to the side-by-side racing of Davis and Randy Cabral. As the checkered loomed ahead Stoehr went a bit high on the front straight and Roselli saw the hole he had been looking for. "I was giving it all I had," said Mike later. "I saw Russ came down a little bit on the front straightaway a little, I got enough to beat him into the corner and I came out on top."

When the dust settled, the checkered flew and it was Roselli, leading only the last lap, in victory lane. "I feel great. We all worked so hard on this car - my dad, Lou Cicconi Jr and Sr., Gary Mondschein, Richie, everybody - and we finally got the car right.. This is just great. This is my second time here ever. We were leading the last time and broke a crank. To win this is great."

Seymour pulled up in second as he followed Roselli under Stoehr while Ernesto and Davis finished up the top five. It was win number one for Roselli here, and despite some controversy in the midget pit afterwards, he took home the winner's check. Cabral, Ed Breault, Ray Bull, Keith Botelho and Monnie Wonder completed the top ten. <pre> NATIONAL PARTS PEDDLER MIDGET SUMMARY MIDGET HEAT #1: 1. Joey Payne (4) 2. AJ Davis (28) 3. Kevin Bastian (8K) 4. Mark Wakefoose (12) 5. Gary Mondschein (5) 6. Larry Cheetham(15) 7. Lee Bundy (10) 8. Howie Bumpus (2) 9. Matt O'Brien (16) MIDGET HEAT #2: 1. Russ Stoehr (45) 2. Bob Boetticher (56) 3. Mark Buonomo (76) 4. Monnie Wonder III (51) 5. Randy Cabral (35) 6. Ed Breault (44) 7. Pete Pernesiglio (50) 8. Brian Suchy (23) MIDGET HEAT #3: 1. Mike Roselli Jr (98) 2. Bobby Seymour (9) 3. Rudy Boetticher (46) 4. AJ Ernesto (21) 5. Ray Bull (1) 6. Keith Botelho (54) 7. Bill Ertel (19) 8. Jim Miller (3M) 9. John Ferrell (7X) NPP MIDGET FEATURE (25): 1. Mike Roselli Jr (98) 2. Bobby Seymour (9) 3. Russ Stoehr (45) 4. AJ Ernesto (21) 5. AJ Davis (28) 6. Randy Cabral (35) 7. Ed Breault (44) 8. Ray Bull (1) 9. Keith Botelho (54) 10. Monnie Wonder III (51) 11. Kevin Bastian (8K) 12. Mark Wakefoose (12) 13. Howie Bumpus (2) 14. Lee Bundy (10) 15. Jim Miller (3) 16. Bill Ertel (19) 17. Matt O'Brien (16) 18. Brian Suchy (23) 19. John Ferrell (7) 20. Pete Pernesiglio (50) 21. Bob Boetticher (56) 22. Larry Cheetham (15) 23. Rudy Boetticher (46) 24. Joey Payne (4) 25. Mark Buonomo (76) 26. Gary Mondschein (5)

</pre> BILLY IZYK CLAIMS FLEET PRIDE LIMITED NATIONALS It wasn't too long ago that Oswego, NY's Bill Izyk jumped behind the wheel of the Laurent-owned #1 limited, but he's made quick work of settling into winning.habits. Saturday night at Oswego Speedway he capped a short, but productive season by winning the 50-lap Limited Nationals. Izyk, who lets his racing talk for him, said simply, ""It wasn't an easy one. I knew Keith was behind me. I knew he'd run me clean, but he would be right there if I made a mistake too. It feels great. It seemed like it was long there in the middle and I was getting tired at the end. But, I held in there. The car worked great and I just bided my time to get through the pack. "

It was 2000 Rookie of the Year Chris Proud out front at the drop of the green, but yellow came quickly when several cars including Justin Shea, Jeff Holbrook, Andy Noto, Den Wheeler, Shawn Muldoon, who spent the afternoon repairing his 80, and Matt Wheeler, came together. Shea, the Wheelers, Noto and Muldoon didn't fare well in the incident, some surviving, but not for long.

Proud took up his lead when the action resumed, with Jack Patrick, Keith Gilliam and Izyk right behind. Izyk moved quickly up to second while Jack Patrick was the next to fly the yellow when his 9 spun off turn four. The rookie Proud was still able to pull away from the more experienced Izyk and two-time limited champion Gilliam, on this restart. Tim Falter moved up to challenge Gilliam while J.J. Andrews and Gregg Davis fought for fifth. Yellow fell again on lap 14 for a simple spin but on lap 18, red hit the track as a massive tangle out on the backstretch blocked the track. Involved among others were Bob Bogwicz, Pitt Watson, Shawn Walker, Justin Shea, Jamie Bartlett, and several others.

On this restart, Proud finally made the slight error that Izyk was looking for. "I ran Chris(Proud) pretty hard there," said Izyk later, " and he finally gave me the opening and I went in.and Gilliam's 87. But the boys behind Proud ganged up on him in the waning laps with Davis, John Ketcham, and Mark Regan freight-training the 3 on lap 38.

By lap 43, Ketcham and Davis were running side by side trying to tackle Gilliam in second while Mark Regan was right there looking for a hole also. Ketcham finally settled into third with Davis in fourth. Proud wasn't about to give up a good run and when he saw the chance, he got one spot back when he passed Regan for fifth with three to go.

At the checkered it was Izyk all alone in first, Gilliam, Ketcham, Davis and Proud, in the top five. Regan, Russ Brown, J.J. Andrews, Bill Presley and Jack Patrick rounded out the top ten. Izyk's first-ever Fleet Pride Limited Nationals win was worth $2,000 for the Oswegonian. <pre> LIMITED SUMMARY LIMITED HEAT #1: 1. Mark Regan (69) 2. Tim Falter (71) 3. Jack Patrick (9) 4. John Ketcham Jr (11) 5. Craig Rayvals (94) 6. Matt Wheeler (97) 7. Ed Watson Jr (42) 8. Dan Stagnitta (28) 9. Chip Wood (5) 10. Tim Bartlett (25) LIMITED HEAT #2: 1. Keith Gilliam (87) 2. Steve Austin (66) 3. Chris Proud (3) 4. Justin Shea (61) 5. Jeff Bartlett (24) 6. Jamie Bartlett (27) 7. Tod Simons (44) 8. Dana Cunningham (95) 9. Star Matteson (82) 10. Eddie Horne (98) LIMITED HEAT #3: 1. Bill Izyk (1) 2. William Presley (16) 3. Russ Brown (6) 4. Mike Bocyck (51) 5. Bob Bogwicz (99) 6. Andrew Noto (19) 7. Shawn Walker (68) 8. Brian Nappa (36) 9. Russ Bartlett (26) LIMITED HEAT #4: 1. Gregg Davis (89) 2. Dan Ferlito (55) 3. JJ Andrews (93) 4. Jeff Holbrook (70) 5. Dennis Wheeler (96) 6. Kevin Battelle (00) 7. Jim Guyle (20) 8. Shawn Muldoon (80) 9. Wayne Wideman (15) DNS LIMITED CONSI #1: 1. Matt Wheeler (97) 2. Ed Watson Jr (42) 3. Andrew Noto (19) 4. Shawn Walker (68) 5. Brian Nappa (36) 6. Russ Bartlett (26) 7. Eddie Horne (98) 8. Chip Wood (5) 9. Dan Stagnitta (28) LIMITED CONSI #2: 1. Shawn Muldoon (80) 2. Jamie Bartlett (27) 3. Tim Bartlett (25) 4. Jim Guyle (20) 5. Dana Cunningham (95) 6. Kevin Battelle (00), 7. Tod Simons (44) 8. Star Matteson (82) FLEET PRIDE LIMITED NATIONALS (50): 1. Bill Izyk (1) 2. Keith Gilliam (87) 3. John Ketcham Jr (11) 4. Gregg Davis (89) 5. Chris Proud (3) 6. Mark Regan (69) 7. Russ Brown (6) 8. JJ Andrews (93) 9. William Presley (16) 10. Jack Patrick (9) 11. Craig Rayvals (94) 12. Jim Guyle (20) 13. Steve Austin (66) 14. Jamie Bartlett (27) 15. Star Matteson (26) 16. Tim Falter (71) 17. Mike Bocyck (51) 18. Tim Bartlett (25) 19. Jeff Holbrook (70) 20. Jeff Bartlett (24) 21. Andrew Noto (19) 22. Dan Ferlito (55) 23. Bob Bogwicz (99) 24. Ed Watson Jr (42) 25. Shawn Walker (68) 26. Justin Shea (61) 27. Dennis Wheeler (96) 28. Shawn Muldoon (80) 29. Matt Wheeler (97)

</pre> JOE MILLER CLAIMS FIRST ANNUAL SUPER STOCK CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT And inaugural Super Stock 25 championship event was added as part of Saturday's events on Bud Classic weekend and Joe Miller took home the big prize. He had to beat off his younger brother Kelly, to do it, however. The Miller brothers, who had four feature wins between them going into the night's racing, are no stranger to brotherly battles on the race track. Said the Syracuse, NY brother, Joe, in victory lane, "I knew my younger brother(Kelly) was quick tonight. I just tried not to leave any holes for him to get in. I saw him get up under me a couple times. I just made sure he didn't get far enough up to get me. "

Joe Miller lead the entire 25 laps grabbing the point on the green and getting by only one caution on lap 7 for Jim Cieri, to accomplish the feat. It was brother Kelly right behind all the way with 2000 super stock champ Lou LeVea testing both Millers as best he could in third.

Even lap cars didn't deter Joe Miller on his way to victory and in turn, Kelly Miller couldn't find a way around either side of his brother, try as he might.

At the checkered it was Joe Miller, Kelly Miller, Lou LeVea, Todd Smith and Rich Palmer. <pre> SUPER STOCK SUMMARY SUPER STOCK HEAT: 1. Todd Smith (52) 2. Rich Palmer (21) 3. Jim Cieri (3) 4. Lou LeVea (96) 5. Kelly Miller (8) 6. Joe Miller (9) 7. David Bock (85) 8. Bill Moore (5) 9. Doug Reaume (70) 10. Tony White (4) SUPER STOCK FEATURE (25): 1. Joe Miller (9) 2. Kelly Miller (8) 3. Lou LeVea (96) 4. Rich Palmer (21) 5. Tony White (4) 6. Bill Moore (5) 7. Todd Smith (52) 8. Doug Reaume (70) 9. Jim Cieri (3) 10. David Bock (85)

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