Oswego results 2000-07-08

Oswego, NY - Randy Ritskes drove away with the National Parts Peddler Night's 45 lapper for the supermodifieds in his potent ...

Oswego, NY - Randy Ritskes drove away with the National Parts Peddler Night's 45 lapper for the supermodifieds in his potent #29 Saturday night, but the evening would end in controversy after the happy victory lane ceremony. Ritskes drove by Howard Page for the lead after a lap 19 yellow and never looked back to take the win. Ritskes' car later was found 18 pounds under the weight limit of 1800, but the win remained after much discussion by officials. The Dunigan 29 team was fined half the winner's purse($750), credited with last place feature points and placed on probation. "Due to the extensive caution laps we had run we were close to a refueling," said an Oswego spokesman, "We talked it over and deemed the weight infraction in this case did not warrant disqualification."

Needless to say, Howard Page, among others was not happy with the decision, and a heated discussion ensued. The win had it gone to Page, would have been his first of the year.

Earlier in victory lane Ritskes said, "That was a good car. The car worked good. This was a test and the test went great. I understand we pulled away, but then Timmy and those guys pulled out early too. I have no idea what the watch said we were going, but the car was very comfortable. I could have driven it for a long time like that, lap after lap. It could go in the corners so deep and it wouldn't get loose. That pass for the lead was the only real pass I had. It still wanted to push up. I couldn't keep it that low like Timmy can, but I'm happy. I owe most of it to Brian and the crew. I thank them again."

The NEMA-ARDC Midget 25 was a barnburner but the results were not a surprise. Russ Stoehr, the all-time winningest midget driver at Oswego began his quest for #6 from the 14th starting spot in the 32-car field. But, Nokie Fornoro, who won his 100th at Oswego last year, was not about to make it easy for Stoehr. Fornoro took the lead from Mike Roselli on lap 6 and finally a lap 18 yellow enabled Stoehr the opportunity to take the point. Side by side the 45 and the 59 traversed the fast 5/8th's before Stoehr came out on top. Fornoro stayed right with Stoehr while Lou Cicconi was tacked onto Nokie's tail. "It seems better to be driving this car than competing against it," said Stoehr in victory lane in regard to his new Angelillo ride. "But, we're happy to get here no matter what we get here in. Nokie was tough. We kind of rolled out of it a bit at the end to save some, but I knew someone - Nokie - was buzzing around there. I had to make it a little wider than I needed to." In the limiteds, a late race pass in traffic gave Shawn Muldoon his third feature win of 2000 and sixth of his career, when he got by Matt Wheeler's 96 to lead the last three laps of the 25-lap go. "If it weren't for that lap car I wouldn't have gotten Wheeler," said Shawn afterwards, "My car was pushing real bad. But, I got the chance to make the pass there due to the traffic and I took it. I'd like to credit my sponsors - County Video, Barzee Automotive, Ed Izyk Law Offices, Bush Automotive, Green's Trucking, Hough Construction, DM Ferlito Construction, Racemaster and Da'Bar, for helping me get here." The super stock event found Joe Miller leading all the way for his first-ever career win at Oswego. A post-checkered accident planted second and third place runners, Lou LeVea and Todd Smith, into the foam in turn one.

Howard Page started the super main on the front row and immediately checked into the lead, but a lap 6 multi-car pileup stopped the race almost immediately. Affected were almost half the field as a blockage developed just past the first turn. Suffering the worst of the melee was Tim Gareau, who was out for the night after having been involved in a practice session accident also. Mike Brubaker also reported ofn while point leader Greg Furlong suffered enough damage to keep him in the pits for several laps before he restarted. He would finish 18th.

Page resumed his lead on the restart while Todd Stowell, Ritskes, Bob Goutermout, Shannon Groves and Jamie Letcher ran right behind. Jamie Moore's night ended with something breaking in the rear end as he brought out a yellow on lap 10.

Page was well in command as Ritskes and Stowell battled for second, with Ritskes finally taking the number two spot on lap 16. Stowell, Bob Goutermout, and Joe Gosek diced for number 3 with Jamie Letcher, Gary Allbritain(0) and Shannon Groves the next trio.

Lap 20 saw another yellow as Jerry Curran and Gary Syrell made contact. Doug Boisvert connected with a wheel and ended up under the starter's tower with both wheels facing the wrong way. He was done for the night. In the interim, Todd Stowell was pulled over with a badly overheating 89 and he left the feature losing a third place run.

On this restart, Page was no match for the Ritskes pressure and Ritskes pulled by for the lead, leaving Page to contend with Joe Gosek in his own 00. Yellow flew once more on lap 26 for the Mark VanLuven 46 which was able to restart, giving Page once last chance at Ritskes, but it did not come. Howard said later tires were a problem, "I would have liked to win, but after the last three weeks we needed this second. We didn't put any new tires on this week. We ran last week's tires. It probably cost us but second is pretty good. I think if we had new rubber we might have been there right with him. Like I said after last week we were in the hole so far we just had to sit back and use what we had."

Ritskes stayed in command for the remainder of the race while Page, Gosek and Goutermout ran some exciting laps from second back. Goutermout car died suddenly on lap 41 and pitted with a broken oil tank, leaving him out of the top spots. Gary Allbritain, filling in for Tim Snyder, took up Goutermout's spot with Shannon Groves in fifth. The mover in the late going was Jerry Curran, who put the 24 outside to pick up a couple spots at race end to finish eighth.

It was Ritskes, Page, Gosek, Allbritain and Groves at the finish. And, although the win was not without controversy, it stays in the Oswego record book as a career-win #4 for the Brockville, Ontario driver.

Jim Miller and Pete Pernesiglio led the 32-car field, minus the 8K of Kevin Bastian who was a dns, to the green in the NPP Midget 25.

Miller grabbed the point but a lap 4 yellow for Bryan Kobylarz which sent him to the Oswego Hospital, slowed the event immediately.

Mike Roselli used the restart to swap spots with Miller but Roselli was soon hounded by 12th place starter Nokie Fornoro, who had won the NPP Midget Championship during the 1999 Classic weekend here. Nokie, who also campaigns a supermodified on the ISMA trail as a teammate to Lou Cicconi, put the Hultgren-owned 59 out front and left Roselli, Miller, Keith Botelho, Stoehr, and Bobby Seymour behind.

By lap 12, Fornoro was lapping the tail of the field, but a lap 13 yellow bunched the boys back up. The flag flew for the 9 of Seymour. Roselli made a stab at retaking the lead during the double file restart, but found his 98 a victim of its own yellow moments later.

Fornoro survived an onslaught of challengers on this lap 13 restart as Botelho put the 54 alongside for a moment in turn two. Sitting patiently in third was Stoehr followed by Lou Cicconi, Miller, Randy Cabral and a host of others.

Stoehr made the move past Botelho on lap 16 while Fornoro's teammate for the day, Joe Gosek, flew the yellow on lap 18 with mechanicals.

On the restart, Stoehr took the point, but another quick yellow for debris, made Russ do it all over again the next time the green flew.

By lap 19 Stoehr was in a familiar spot at Oswego - the lead. He pulled away from Fornoro and Cicconi while Cabral fought off Botelho, Miller, Phil Dimaro and Mark Wakefoose.

Up front Stoehr dominated the remaining laps, until Fornoro and Cicconi closed up the gap in the waning three circuits. But, out back, positions were being swapped at a rapid pace with DiMario gaining the most and Cabral, who exited the track, probably losing the most.

At the checkered it was Stoehr, Fornoro, Cicconi, Botehlo and DiMario, the top five with Jim Miller, ARDC point leader Ray Bull, A.J. Ernesto, Wakefoose and Mark Buonomo, finally grabbing top ten spots in the race-end shuffle.

Star Matteson led the first 6 laps of the limited 25 in fine style until her #82 puffed a gigantic cloud of smoke entering turn two. After a lengthy cleanup, Matt Wheeler inherited the lead.

A lap 8 yellow slowed the cause for Wheeler as Chris Proud, Dan Ferlito, Mark Regan and Muldoon were closing in on the leader. Several cars were hooked in this multi-car pileup, including the 27 of Bartlett and the 99 of Bob Bogwicz. When the the track was clear after one more quick yellow for the 70 of Holbrook and the 71 of Tim Falter occurred and then it was green to the finish.

Wheeler had Proud right behind him until Muldoon snared second from Proud on lap 8.

It was a one-two race from thereonin as lap after lap Muldoon stuck right with Wheeler, but couldn't make that attempt. Proud continued alone in third for many laps while Mark Regan and Keith Gilliam diced for fourth. J.J. Andrews, Billy Izyk, Steve Austin, Mike Gardner, Eddie Horne and Dan Ferlito were all maneuvering for positions just behind the top five.

On lap 21, Wheeler and Muldoon were entering some slower traffic and Muldoon seized the opportunity to make his pass for the lead. Just off turn 4, Muldoon put the 80 past the 96 just past the finish line. Muldoon would lead the remaining three laps with Wheeler glued right to the bumper. Regan and Gilliam also used this traffic to take third away from the rookie Proud. It was Muldoon, Wheeler, Regan, Gilliam and Proud under the checkered.

Kelly Miller is used to being in victory lane at Oswego. His brother Joe wanted to try it out the spot. Joe Miller led wire to wire in the super stock main while Lou LeVea, Todd Smith and last week's feature winner, Bill Moore, ran door handle to door handle behind.

A quick yellow slowed the troops on lap 10, but Joe, whose brother Kelly incidentally, was a no-show due to mechanicals, easily pulled away. The intense battle was for second, which ended up in the foam blocks after the checkered dropped. The rundown found Joe Miller, LeVeam, Smith, Moore and Tony White the top five.

July 15 finds a regular slate of racing at Oswego plus the Doug Danger Thrill Show. <pre> NATIONAL PARTS PEDDLER NIGHT SUMMARY SUPER STOCKS SUPER STOCK HEAT: 1. Joe Miller (9) 2. Lou LeVea (96) 3. Kelly Miller (8) 4. Todd Smith (52) 5. Jerry Miles Jr (70) 6. David Bock (85) 7. Bill Moore (5) 8. Tony White (4) 9. Rich Palmer (21) SUPER STOCK FEATURE (12): 1. Joe Miller (9) 2. Lou LeVea (96) 3. Todd Smith (52) 4. Bill Moore (5) 5. Tony White (4) 6. Rich Palmer (21) 7. David Bock (85) 8. Jerry Miles Jr (70)

LIMITEDS LIMITED HEAT #1: 1. John Ketcham Jr (11) 2. Steve Austin (66) 3. Keith Gilliam (87) 4. Dennis Wheeler (97) 5. Ed Watson Jr (42) 6. Shawn Walker (68) 7. Tim Falter (71) 8. Eddie Horne (98) 9. Jamie Bartlett (27) 10. Al Scerbo (54) LIMITED HEAT #2: 1. Shawn Muldoon (80) 2. Star Matteson (82) 3. Mike Gardner (6) 4. Dan Ferlito (55) 5. Russ Bartlett (26) 6. Craig Rayvals (94) 7. Gregg Davis (89) 8. Bob Bogwicz (99) 9. Mike Bocyck (51) LIMITED HEAT #3: 1. Matt Wheeler (96) 2. JJ Andrews (93) 3. Chris Proud (3) 4. Mark Regan (69) 5. Bill Izyk (1) 6. Jack Patrick (9) 7. Jeff Holbrook (70) 8. Dan Stagnitta (28) 9. Jeff Bartlett (24) 10. Andrew Noto (19) LIMITED CONSI: 1. Gregg Davis (89) 2. Eddie Horne (98) 3. Jeff Holbrook (70) 4. Tim Falter (71) 5. Bob Bogwicz (99) 6. Mike Bocyck (51) 7. Jamie Bartlett (27) 8. Jeff Bartlett (24) 9. Al Scerbo (54) 10. Andrew Noto (19) 11. Dan Stagnitta (28) LIMITED FEATURE (25): 1. Shawn Muldoon (80) 2. Matt Wheeler (96) 3. Mark Regan (69) 4. Keith Gilliam (87) 5. Chris Proud (3) 6. JJ Andrews (93) 7. Bill Izyk (1) 8. Steve Austin (66) 9. Mike Gardner (6) 10. Eddie Horne (98) 11. Dan Ferlito (55) 12. Gregg Davis (89) 13. Jeff Holbrook (70) 14. Craig Rayvals (94) 15. Russ Bartlett (26) 16. John Ketcham Jr (11) 17. Tim Falter (71) 18. Jack Patrick (9) 19. Ed Watson Jr (42) 20. Mike Bocyck (51) 21. Dennis Wheeler (97) 22. BobBogwicz (99) 23. Shawn Walker (68) 24. Jamie Bartlett (27) 25. Star Matteson (82)

SUPERMODIFIEDS SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #1: 1. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 2. Bob Goutermout (77) 3. Randy Ritskes (29) 4. Jamie Letcher (58) 5. Brian Sweeney (3) 6. Mike Brubaker (36) 7. Joey Payne (99) 8. Doug Boisvert (66) 9. Hal LaTulip (56) 10. Ray Graham Jr (90) SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #2: 1. Todd Stowell (89) 2. Vern LaFave (97) 3. Gary Syrell (08) 4. Greg Furlong (72) 5. Jamie Moore (88) 6. Jerry Curran(24) 7. Gary Albritain (0) 8. Dave Trytek (70) 9. Dan Soule (32) 10. Dave Halstead (38) SUPERMODIFIED HEAT #3: 1. Howard Page (18) 2. Shannon Groves (07) 3. Bob Bond (25) 4. Otto Sitterly (79) 5. Joe Gosek (00) 6. Mark VanLuven (46) 7. Tim Devendorf (76) 8. Dave Mazzoni (04) 9. Jennifer Chesbro (33) 10. Bill Sharkey (7) SUPERMODIFIED CONSI 1. Gary Albritain (0) 2. Joey Payne (99) 3. Dave Trytek (70) 4. Doug Boisvert (66) 5. Jeff West (01) 6. Hal LaTulip (56) 7. Tim Devendorf (76) 8. Ray Graham Jr (90) 9. Jennifer Chesbro (33) 10. Dave Mazzoni (04) 11. Dave Halstead (38) 12. Bill Sharkey (7) 13. Dan Soule (32) SUPERMODIFIED FEATURE (45) 1. Randy Ritskes (29) 2. Howard Page (18) 3. Joe Gosek (00) 4. Gary Albritain (0) 5. Shannon Groves (07) 6. Dave Trytek (70) 7. Jamie Letcher (58) 8. Jerry Curran (24) 9. Vern LaFave (97) 10. Otto Sitterly (79) 11. Ray Graham Jr (90) 12. Joey Payne (99) 13. Bob Bond (25) 14. Brian Sweeney (3) 15. Hal LaTulip (56) 16. Mark VanLuven (46) 17.Bob Goutermout (77) 18. Greg Furlong (72) 19. Gary Syrell (08) 20. Todd Stowell (89) 21. Doug Boisvert (66) 22. Jamie Moore (88) 23. Jeff West (01) 24. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 25. Mike Brubaker (36)

NEMA-ARDC MIDGETS MIDGET HEAT #1 1. Phil DiMario (23) 2. Mark Wakefoose (12) 3. Bobby Seymour (9) 4. Bob Boetticher (56) 5. Jim Miller (3M) 6. Joe Gosek (58) 7. Randy Carbral (35) 8. Brian Kobylarz (94) 9. Matt O'Brien (16) 10. Craig Rochelle (7) 11. Larry Cheetham (4) MIDGET HEAT #2: 1. Nokie Fornoro (59) 2. Paul Lawless (6) 3. Mike Roselli (98) 4. Mark Buonomo (76) 5. Rudy Boetticher (46) 6. Ray Bull (1) 7. Gary Halteman (91) 8. Lee Bundy (10) 9. Bill Ertel (19) 10. Kevin Bastian (8K) MIDGET HEAT #3: 1. Russ Stoehr (45) 2. Lou Cicconi, Jr. (95) 3. Keith Botelho (54) 4. Fred Schell (75) 5. Pete Pernesiglio (50) 6. Gary Mondschein (5) 7. A.J. Ernesto (2) 8. Andy Shlatz (0) 9. Monnie Wonder, III (51) 10. Phil Rutledge (97) MIDGET FEATURE (25): 1. Russ Stoehr (45) 2. Nokie Fornoro (59) 3. Lou Cicconi, Jr. (95) 4. Keith Botelho (54) 5. Phil DiMario (23) 6. Jim Miller (3M) 7. Ray Bull (1) 8. A.J. Ernesto (2) 9. Mark Wakefoose (12) 10. Mark Buonomo (76) 11. Rudy Boetticher (46) 12. Pete Pernesiglio (50) 13. Fred Schell (75) 14. Monnie Wonder, III (51) 15. Bill Ertel (19) 16. Matt O'Brien (16) 17. Bob Boetticher (56) 18. Lee Bundy (10) 19. Larry Cheetham (4) 20. Randy Cabral (35) 21. Gary Mondschein (5) 22. Andy Shlatz (0) 23. Joe Gosek (58) 24. Ed Breault (44) 25. Mike Roselli (98) 26. Bob Seymour (9) 27. Craig Rochelle (7) 28. Gary Halteman (91) 29. Paul Lawless (6) 30. Brian Kobylarz (94) 31. Phil Rutledge (97) 32. Kevin Bastian (dns).

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