namars: "Indiana Five Crown Nationals" race report, results

NAMARS 2nd Annual"INDIANA FIVE CROWN NATIONALS" NAMARS Midgets - Open Non-Wing Sprints August 16 - Terre Haute (IN) Action Track August 17 - Gas City (IN) Speedway August 18 - Bloomington (IN) Speedway August 19 - Lincoln Park Speedway,...

NAMARS Midgets - Open Non-Wing Sprints
August 16 - Terre Haute (IN) Action Track
August 17 - Gas City (IN) Speedway
August 18 - Bloomington (IN) Speedway
August 19 - Lincoln Park Speedway, Putnamville, IN

By Janie Vogel

(Speedway, IN) - A virtual extravaganza of the best open-wheel racing in the country greeted racing fans this past week as the 2nd Annual NAMARS "Indiana Five Crown Nationals" ran four consecutive nights of championship Midget and non-winged Sprint car racing. The "who's who" in non-winged, open-wheel racing gathered for four fierce nights of competition at the Terre Haute (IN) Action Track, Gas City (IN) Speedway, Bloomington (IN) Speedway and Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, IN. When the battling ceased, Dave Darland reigned as the undisputed 'King Of The Five Crown' with his overall points championship, gathering a Midget Division crown in the process, and Tony Elliott, last year's overall champion, reeled in the Sprint Division title and a $5,000 bonus for winning three of the hotly-contested features out of the total of eight run.

Tony Elliott and Jon Stanbrough struck first, each collecting wins at the Terre Haute Action Track in Wednesday night's opening round.

In the Championship Midget Car Division at Terre Haute, the Feature was won by Elliott over Dave Darland, Clay Klepper, Brian Gerster and Critter Malone, with Stanbrough taking top honors in the Sprint Division over Derek Davidson, Jerry Coons, Jr., Elliott and Bud Kaeding.

On a hot day both on and off the track, the Sprint Division kicked off the night with four 10-lap heat races, won respectively by Stanbrough, J.J. Yeley, Coons, Jr. and Davidson. The NAMARS Midget Division followed with four 10-lap heat races of their own, won by Klepper, Elliott, Jay Drake and Tracy Hines. In each night's Midget and Sprint action, drivers earned Feature starting positions by finishing in the top three or four in their heat. The cars which transferred were then lined up in the feature by a "passing points" system assigned during their heat. The remainder lined up by that same system in a "C" or "B Main."

The Sprint "C Main" saw Brian Hayden and Kenny Carmichael transfer to the back of the "B Main," where Brandon Petty, Dave Darland, Jack Hewitt and Wil Newlin all transferred to the back of the Feature. In the Midget "C Main," Rick Vaughn and sprint veteran Joe Roush got to transfer to the tail of the "B Main," where Quinn McCabe, Steve Aplin, Brice Kenyon and John Wolfe made the Feature by virtue of their top-four finish in that race.

In the Sprint Feature, Derek Davidson took the point on the first lap over pole-sitter Stanbrough and Elliott, but by lap seven, eventual winner Stanbrough stalked Davidson down and took the lead. Stanbrough won easily in an all-green Feature that was contested either right up against the railing, where most of the leaders were running, or right on the bottom of the dusty, slick track.

The Midget Feature saw Jay Drake, one of the hottest open-wheel drivers in the world right now with now 18 feature wins already this season, lead the first lap after starting on the outside of the front row. A Yellow Flag on lap seven flew for Critter Malone, who stopped on the track after getting nudged by another competitor. Drake led at the restart, using the turn four railing as part of the cushion to give him a run down the frontstraight. Elliott took the lead from Drake after he pulled to the infield with ignition problems. A Yellow Flag on lap 24 of the 30 scheduled flew to tend to both of the Hines brothers' cars - Tracy was stopped in turn four while Ted, who had retired early in the race, got towed to the pits from his infield vantage point. Elliott won easily in the next six laps of competition, showing strong signs to his competitors that he was going to be hard to beat in defense of his "Indiana Five Crown Nationals" overall title from the 1999 inaugural event.

The headliner at Gas City Speedway on Thursday night was not necessarily the 100 cars gathered in the pits, but the impending rain which had been threatening the entire area all day. With black clouds gathering overhead, racing commenced on this night when literally the best open-wheel drivers in the world gathered for a shootout for money and a whole lot of prestige. The NAMARS Championship Midget division was up first, with a bulging open class for Sprints following. Darland and Elliott ended up taking round two at Gas City, holding off the rain in fast and furious races that were a premonition of what was to come when the final points were tallied on Saturday night.

The five NAMARS Midget Heats were won by Dave Darland, Tracy Hines, Jay Drake, Critter Malone and Mike Figliomeni. The C Main was won by Thomas Briggs, and the B Main was won by Quinn McCabe.

Sprint Heats were won by Bill Rose, Dennis Veach, Tony Elliott, Dave Darland, AJ Anderson and Ande Possman. The twin B Mains were won by Todd Kane and Brandon Petty.

In NAMARS Championship Midget action, the starting grid for the Feature was literally one of the most spectacular in open-wheel racing anywhere, with Champions and race winners from the first to the very last starting spot.

Dave Darland got the jump in a clean first lap of action, leading Critter Malone, Jay Drake and Australian Speedcar (Midget) Champion Mike Figliomeni. By lap three, Malone started to challenge Darland, with Tracy Hines close behind challenging Drake for the third-place spot.

On lap 10, Chad Farmer's brakes started glowing, then caught fire, causing a Yellow Flag on lap 16 when he stopped in turn four, with his car subsequently catching on fire. Farmer exited the car and was uninjured. The restart order was now Darland, Malone, Hines, Drake and Figliomeni. At the Green Flag, Darland accumulated a big lead until a Red Flag flew for a nasty accident by Quinn McCabe, who flipped multiple times between turns three and four, almost going over the railing. He climbed from the car under his own power, was checked by safety personnel and was unhurt, suffering only a sore knee.

At the Green Flag, Darland led a closing Malone, Hines and Drake, with Malone getting under Darland in each corner but unable to make the pass. On lap 22 of the 30 scheduled, Malone slowed slightly with apparent tire problems, but continued. A Yellow Flag flew next for rookie Aaron Pierce, who stopped on the frontstraight up against the fence, and was then pushed off the track.

On the restart, Darland led Hines, Malone, Drake and Figliomeni, all running 'under a blanket.' A Yellow Flag came out once again on lap 27 for Malone, who slowed to a stop, causing Drake to stop behind him in order to avoid hitting him. Thomas Briggs was also involved in the incident. Malone had a flat left rear tire and was done for the night, Briggs restarted but stopped again and was out of the race, and Drake had to re-start at the back of the field with three laps to go.

Darland got a big jump at the next Green Flag, with Tracy Hines working hard to get first place soon thereafter. Darland ended up leading all 30 laps and finished a strong race for owner Harlan Kittleson over Tracy Hines, Mike Figliomeni, Jeff Flesher, Michael Kendall and eventual Sprint race winner Tony Elliott.

The large, knowledgeable crowd gathered at Gas City Speedway on this stormy night was just starting to gear up for their traditional weekly Sprint car program, aided in car count on this night by the additional NAMARS contingent. The skies had held their moisture to that point until just prior to the Sprint feature when they broke apart, and the starting field for Thursday's Sprint feature was greeted with sprinkles.

In the Sprint A Main, Tony Elliott was strong and got a good lead on lap one over A.J. Anderson and Ande Possman. But at the end of lap one the Red Flag was shown for a big melee in turn four caused by Jay Drake who gets sideways at the bottom of the track, collecting Jack Hewitt as well as Todd Kane and Mike Miller who both flip, although no one was hurt.

At the Green Flag, Elliott, Anderson and Jerry Coons, Jr. all end up running together in a tight bunch, with the rest of the field not far behind. A Yellow Flag came out on lap 16 for Jon Stanbrough, Wednesday night's Sprint winner at Terre Haute, who spun in turn three.

At the re-start, Elliott remained strong and led a now charging Kevin Thomas, but Thomas didn't have enough time to catch Elliott who ends up leading all 25 laps, finishing with a strong padding over the rest of the stellar field.

Friday's Bloomington Speedway event was the race most fans looked forward to all week, as this facility is one of the best dirt tracks in the country and regularly has a perfectly-groomed, tacky, clay track surface and some of the most fan-friendly grounds anywhere. And they certainly weren't disappointed on this night.

After being shut out of the winner's circle the previous two nights, Jay Drake got back to his winning form with his 17th Feature win of 2000, this time claiming top honors in NAMARS' Championship Midget Division. In Sprint car competition, Tony Elliott led wire-to-wire on this night over one of the best fields in recent history, which netted him a cool $5,000 bonus from NAMARS for winning three features (2 sprint, 1 midget) in the "Five Crown" lineup.

Under beautiful skies and in front of one of the biggest crowds to grace the hillside of beautiful Bloomington Speedway, the competition was fierce in both the Midget and Sprint divisions, with 100 of the best open-wheel racers in the world battling for top honors in this prestigious event.

The NAMARS Midgets took to the tacky clay track first during the evening's activities with five action-packed heat races. Tracy Hines won the first heat, leading all laps. Heat race number two was a bit more exciting, with Jay Drake eventually taking the win after spinning, getting hit and having to race from last to first in a short 10 laps. The third heat race saw a strong Clay Klepper gain a big lead from the start and win easily over two-wide battles all the way through the field. Heat race number four had an international flavor to it, as New Zealand visitor Michael Kendall, their reigning national champion, won in dominating fashion. The final heat race was the most competitive of the night, as Tony Elliott held off a battling Critter Malone for the top spot.

The Midget C Main was won by Klepper's teammate, Marc DeBeaumont, a USAC Champion from California making his home in Indiana for the summer. The B Main boasted an amazing field which could have been an A Main lineup anywhere else. This race was won by Andy Pierce, making one of his few year 2000 Midget starts.

The NAMARS Championship Midget A Main was a barnburner and, although Jay Drake led all 30 laps, battles raged from second to 24th spot the entire race.

At the drop of the Green Flag, Drake led lap one but had John Wolfe on his tail immediately with Tony Elliott in third close behind. On the second lap, Tracy Hines and A.J. Felker got together and spun to stop causing a Yellow Flag.

On the restart, Drake got the jump but not by much over a charging Elliott and Wolfe. Another Yellow Flag came out with just one more lap in the books for Davey Ray, who spun in turn four. Drake once again led the restart with Wolfe now in the second spot and Elliott on his tail, followed by Thursday's Midget winner Dave Darland, Greg Lueckert and former NAMARS Midget Champion Matt Westfall. Elliott got into second place on lap five and set his eyes on chasing down rival Drake.

Darland was not going to concede tonight easily, as he raced to third on lap seven with Wolfe now falling back to the fifth spot. By lap 10, Drake, Elliott, Darland, Lueckert, Wolfe and Westfall were all strung out, with Drake getting into the lapped traffic by lap 11. The top-five competitors still had a good lead on the rest and were strung out, although they were encountering heavy traffic. The Yellow Flag flew on lap 16 for Aaron Pierce, who spun in turn two.

Drake restarted with the lapped traffic of Joe Roush between him and Dave Darland, who moved to second with Elliott sliding to third. Showing why he's a champion, Darland stuck two wheels over the cushion in attempt to gain on Drake but Drake had too strong of a lead with a mostly clear track in front of him.

On lap 24 another Yellow Flag was shown for Tony Elliott, running in third at the time, who uncharacteristically spun in turn four, rotating 360 degrees in an unsuccessful attempt to try to keep his motor running. That allowed Darland to sit directly behind the leader Drake on the restart. Elliott had to restart in last place and only had six laps to gain some points.

Drake and Darland went low and high on the clay looking for an advantage over each other at the start, with Drake maintaining the lead over a close Darland, Mike Figliomeni and Brian Gerster, who stuck a nose under the Aussie successfully working his way into third. On lap 26 Elliott once again caused a yellow by slowing on the frontstretch without power as he tries to get to the pits, eventually stopping over the banking of turn one and needing a push to the pits. The restart had Drake still in front, Darland, Gerster, Figliomeni, Westfall, Lueckert and now Tracy Hines in the seventh spot.

With four laps to go, this was a Drake/Darland shootout all the way with no one in front of them. At the Green, Drake and Darland took off like they were shot out of a cannon, with Drake winning a great Midget exhibition in this exciting "Five Crown" format.

The NAMARS Non-Winged Sprint car division was no less exciting on this night of open-wheel action in Bloomington. The first heat race was won by A.J. Anderson, which was just the start of Anderson's impressive showing tonight. Heat number two was won by eventual Feature winner and current USAC National points leader Tony Elliott, who used every groove on the crowded track to gain that top spot. The third preliminary heat saw local teenager Levi Jones win over a veteran lineup after leading all of the 10 laps. The fourth heat was two-wide under the White Flag as Dave Darland held off a stellar performance by newlywed Justin Marvel in the closest heat race finish of the week. The final heat was won easily by Terre Haute "Five Crown" Sprint winner Jon Stanbrough, who was strong all week long. The C Main was won by Robbie Rice. As with the Midgets, the Sprint B Main lineup could have passed for an A Main field at any other track. Jeff Wilson took home the Semi trophy in a race that had regular two- and three-wide action.

The A Main lineup had local driver A.J Anderson on the point, with some not-so-shabby company next to him in the form of Tony Elliott. Elliott got the jump at the Green Flag over Anderson and a closing Levi Jones, but the Yellow Flag came out right away for Derek Davidson who spun, causing a total restart. On the restart, Anderson tried the low side as Elliott maneuvered the high side going side-by-side for about two laps. While this battle was waging, B Main winner Jeff Wilson traveled over the lip of the turn four cushion, causing another Yellow Flag.

Elliott led the field down for the single-file restart, building a sizable lead over Darland, who was in running in second on the high side with Anderson still working the low side. On lap four, Jon Stanbrough, looking like the veteran that he is, bumped Anderson out of the way to take the third-place spot, while Kevin Briscoe haunted Anderson behind him in fifth. Darland and Stanbrough went side-by-side competing for that second spot, with a strong Stanbrough taking the advantage. The field started to string out by about lap 10.

Stanbrough followed Elliott by only a small margin at that point and used the low line to move up to his rear bumper. Elliott tried to use the cushion to fend of his attacker and blocked him briefly by diving low, but he was entering lapped traffic soon which would play a part in the final outcome. Briscoe was a strong third at that point over Anderson, Kevin Thomas and a rim-riding Darland. Elliott and Briscoe engaged in an entertaining battle in lapped traffic while Darland was successful using the top to get third back, as Stanbrough passed Briscoe for 2nd. Darland and Anderson continued their side-by-side battle, with Thomas and Jones as well as Jimmy Laser now in the hunt.

Elliott was maintaining his distance from second-running Stanbrough and looked strong for the finish, as he ended up sticking two wheels over the cushion on the White Flag lap to win with a charging Stanbrough only a few car-lengths back.

This was a night that saw championship-caliber racing from the first heat to the last checkered flag. Bloomington Speedway, as always, was a perfect host to one of the most competitive nights of racing this year so far in any division.

Heading into the "Five Crown" finale at Lincoln Park Speedway, both Midget and Sprint titles were up for grabs as Darland, Elliott and Drake had all shown their feature-winning capabilities in the previous nights of racing action. Who was going to reign victorious in this battle of Indiana's best open-wheel talent?

Certain questions were answered early, as Elliott's Walker-owned Midget had blown an engine the previous night and would not make the call tonight, eliminating Elliott from competing for that title. And Drake had damaged his Hoffman-owned #69 sprinter in a Thursday night tumble at Gas City and was not expected to compete in the Sprint division, which would have eliminated his chances at a run for that title. However, he ended up taking over the BWB cockpit on this night formerly occupied by Jack Hewitt, who was detained in Springfield, IL after winning a USAC Coors Light Silver Bullet race earlier in the day. But would that ride give Drake what he needed to catch Elliott, who was on a mission to add the "Five Crown" title to his USAC National Sprint title he has been working on (ironically, with Drake one of the few competitors who can catch him in that series)? An adventurous and exciting night of racing was in store for everyone who had traveled to this traditional central Indiana bullring on Saturday night.

The NAMARS Championship Midgets took to the =BC-mile dirt oval first, with five exciting, flag-filled heat races in store for the large crowd gathered on the hillside. Those heats were won by Aaron Fike, making his first "Five Crown" appearance of the week, Jay Drake, A.J. Fike, Aaron's older brother, Dave Darland and Brian Gerster.

The C Main was won by A.J. Felker, a true "lone ranger" on the circuit, virtually handling every job duty for his team from truck driving to wrenching on his own car (and a driver who provided plenty of excitement throughout the night through his hard-driving style).

The Semi Feature saw New Zealander Michael Kendall take a dominating victory to transfer to the A Main, with Felker, who had to start at the tail of the "B," working his way all the way up to a third-place transfer position. But that was not the only notable footnote in this event.

With most people on the grounds referring to this race as the "B Main From Hell" after it was through, the race had more flags than the United Nations building and seemed to be more of a contest to see who could spin out first rather than who could get to the checkers to transfer to the A Main. Some highlights? Dennis LaCava, Indy Car driver Buddy Lazier's crew chief, starts the race causing a Red Flag by flipping - he is uninjured; a Yellow comes out for a Rick Vaughn spin and another Red flag flies for a melee involving Bill Baue, Andy Pierce and Aaron Pierce who both flip. At this point, with no laps scored yet, NAMARS wisely chose to have the field start in single file, which didn't help much. In turn four prior to the green flag, another Yellow came out for Quinn McCabe and Brice Kenyon, who both spun. NAMARS then elected to shorten the 12-lap race to 10 to try to get it over without the entire field taking each other out before the race ended, but that really didn't help either.

Pole sitter, Dean Erfurth, had enough of the pressure to start this race cleanly and voluntarily moved himself to the rear of the field, which puts eventual winner Kendall on the point. After the green was out for one whole lap, Jeff McCloud, who was having trouble all week keeping his car pointed in the right direction, spun for another Yellow. The next start was shortlived as the caution flag flies once more for Marc Dailey and Kurt Mayhew after they get together. As only two laps are complete at this point NAMARS chose to cut the race to eight laps in order to try to finish it cleanly, or at all. The Green Flag came out for a rare few laps of actual racing until Dennis Miller spun, and the Yellow came out again. NAMARS decided that if the field cannot get two more laps in without an incident, they'd checker it, no matter how many laps were complete. That threat seemed to work as the drivers got through the last two laps and Kendall saw himself receiving top honors in what had to be the longest Semi Main in history.

On to the Feature, which was notable from the start as the brothers Fake occupied the front row, with younger Aaron (age 17) on the Pole and 19-year-old A.J. starting from the outside of the front row. However, the "B Main Virus" that infected the prelim race must not have been cured, as winner Kendall found himself barrelrolling down the frontstraight prior to the Green, causing a Red flag and eventual total restart. Kendall was a bit shaken, but was checked out by the medical staff and was unhurt.

On the restart, A.J. Fike got the jump and headed to turn one the leader, although he was challenged pretty hard by brother Aaron, who took the lead under the flag going into lap two. However, another Red Flag flew on that lap for California's Marc DeBeaumont, who tips over heading into turn four. With no damage to either the driver or car, he got back into the car, refired it and started on the tail as one lap was completed. During this stoppage, Quinn McCabe got out of his car and pushed it into the infield, and hard charger A.J. Felker retired to the pits with apparent mechanical woes.

When the Green Flag flew again, Aaron Fike took over the lead from AJ., followed by Tim Spindler, Brian Gerster, Critter Malone, Ronnie Clark, Ted Hines and eventual winner Jay Drake. Both Fike cars ran low, along with Spindler, although Gerster ends up getting the third spot by using the high line to bump Spindler. Another Yellow Flag comes out on lap three for Marc Dailey who took a ride over the turn two banking, although he restarted at the tail.

Aaron Fike was once again strong at the restart and led A.J., Spindler and Gerster, with third-running Spindler ending up breaking and pulling to the infield early on.

A Yellow Flag came out - AGAIN - on lap seven as Dailey spun for the second time, which put him out of the race because of the "two spin rule." The running order up front was then Aaron Fike, A.J. Fike, Gerster, Drake, Hines, Darland, Critter Malone, Mike Figliomeni, Travis Welpott, Matt Westfall and Chris Coers. At the Green, A.J. tried the high side to gain an advantage on his brother but resorts to the "huggy pole" lower line as that strategy did not work. Drake was very fast working his way to the front, challenging third-place Gerster along the way.

Another Red Flag flew again on lap nine for Matt Westfall, who flipped on the frontstretch but was unhurt. Aaron Fike once again led the field into turn one but that lasted about two corners as Marc DeBeaumont caused a Yellow by heading over the rim in turn one, which also put him out of the race due to the "two-spin rule." Aaron Fike got the jump at the restart and headed high on the track, while Gerster went low, but to no avail as the Fikes held their leading spots. They should have been more worried about Drake, as he was in a hurry to get to the front and got by Gerster, going low to also pass A.J. on lap 13 for second.

Drake then used the high side to close on the leader Aaron, working it to get the lead on lap 16. Aaron did not give up, however, and challenged Drake low, with the two black cars in a dead heat for a few laps. But Drake soon settled into a comfortable lead over young Aaron, as A.J. fell to fourth after Darland passed him for third on lap 20. Drake won easily over Darland who snuck into second on the White Flag lap, which moved Aaron Fike to third, Figliomeni to fourth, Gerster to fifth and A.J. Fike sixth.

The 25-lap Sprint program on this night in Putnamville was a little less adventurous, although no less exciting.

Five competitive heat races were won by Justin Marvel, Kevin Briscoe, beating Sprint champion Elliott, teenager Levi Jones, Terre Haute winner Jon Stanbrough and Eric Burns, who earlier in the race played the part of a cushion for his teammate, as Gregg Dillion flipped lightly onto him causing a Red Flag.

Eric Shively easily won the C Main, and veteran Kevin Thomas was victorious in the B Main, which was littered with series and track champions and had names that normally are only seen on an A Main roster.

Chris LaFollette, a local competitor and track champion, earned the Pole position for the A Main after putting on a strong performance all night. He was the pointman in orchestrating a three-wide start, dueling with Kevin Burns and Kevin Briscoe to see who would get to lead lap one, with LaFollette winning the battle. He built a bit of a lead, but had a charging Briscoe, Stanbrough and Jones behind him, with Jones trying to hold off point leader Elliott down low.

Early on, the front of the field got strung out but the back was running two-wide, which allowed leader LaFollette to get a good padding over Stanbrough. By lap eight, Elliott moved into third over Burns and Jones as Stanbrough fell back a bit. Lap 10 saw the front-running group pull away, while the back half of the field ran very neat two-wide laps. They must have paid attention to the chaos in the Midget race and were staying away from each other for the most part.

On lap 14, Briscoe and Elliott closed on LaFollette, with Elliott making a brave move down low to take the lead on that lap, Briscoe moving to second and a low-running LaFollette falling back to third. Darland was a little back in the field at that point along with Thomas and Rose, who slowed and pulled into the pits on lap 18.

Elliott pushed to hold off LaFollette and Briscoe on lap 20, as they were running second and third at that point. A gap in the field came before a small battle between Jones and Stanbrough, who ran together a bit back, and then there was a bigger gap to the rest of the field including Burns, Darland and Hayden.

The first Yellow Flag of the race was shown on lap 22 for Kevin Thomas who spun in turn four. The restart order was then Elliott, LaFollette, Briscoe, Jones, Stanbrough, Burns and Darland. At the Green, Elliott went high while LaFollette tried the low groove, but to no avail as Elliott held his line at the White Flag and had the checkers in sight all alone.

For open-wheel fans around the country, these four double-header race events were some of the finest entertainment they would find anywhere. With about 100 cars gracing these four pit areas each night, the top names in short-track racing gathered to fight for the prestigious "Indiana Five Crown Nationals" title in competitions which rivaled the best racing in the history books. Both Dave Darland and Tony Elliott, who have Championships in other series, proved that their skills could beat the best that local and national competition could offer, doing so consistently throughout the week. Stay tuned, as plans are already in the works for a bigger "Five Crown' for 2001.

<pre> RESULTS SUMMARY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16 Terre Haute (IN) Action Track

NAMARS MIDGETS HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (10 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Clay Klepper, 2) Ted Hines, 3) Marc DeBeaumont, 4) Matt Sandy, 5) Quinn McCabe, 6) Brice Kenyon, 7) Tony George, 8) Doug Cross, 9) Ric Burdine, 10) Jeff McCloud

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (10 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Tony Elliott, 2) Dave Darland, 3) Mike Figliomeni, 4) Shane Cottle, 5) Kurt Mayhew, 6) Steve Aplin, 7) Ronnie Clark, 8) Bruce Adkins, 9) Travis Thompson, 10) James Baxter, 10) Rick Vaughn

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (10 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jay Drake, 2) Jeff Flesher, 3) Critter Malone, 4) Michael Kendall, 5) John Wolfe, 6) Jim Sawyer, 7) Davey Ray, 8) Wayne Chinn, 9) Joe

Roush, 10) Aaron Pierce

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (10 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Tracy Hines, 2) Brian Gerster, 3) Travis Welpott, 4) Bill Baue, 5) Justin Marvel, 6) Chad Davenport, 7) Thomas Briggs, 8) Bill Schemonia, 9) Wes Carner

C MAIN RESULTS: 1) Rick Vaughn, 2) Joe Roush, 3) Wayne Chinn, 4) Wes Carner, 5) Jeff McCloud

B MAIN RESULTS: 1) Quinn McCabe, 2) Steve Aplin, 3) Brice Kenyon, 5) John Wolfe, 6) Davey Ray, 7) Kurt Mayhew, 8) Doug Cross, 9) Thomas Briggs, 10) Ronnie Clark, 11) Tony George, 12) Bruce Adkins, 13) Justin Marvel, 14) Rick Vaughn,

15) Chad Davenport, 16) Kevin Newton, 17) Travis Thompson, 18) Joe Roush

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Tony Elliott, 2) Dave Darland, 3) Brian Gerster, 4) Clay Klepper, 5) Critter Malone, 6) Travis Welpott, 7) Mike Figliomeni, 8) Marc DeBeaumont, 9) John Wolfe, 10) Jeff Flesher, 11) Bill Baue, 12) Shane Cottle, 13) Brice Kenyon, 14) Steve Aplin, 15) Michael Kendall, 16) Matt Sandy, 17) Aaron Pierce, 18) Tracy Hines, 19) Jay Drake, 20) Quinn McCabe, 21) Ted Hines

OPEN NON-WINGED SPRINTS HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (10 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jon Stanbrough, 2) Jay Drake, 3) Tracy Hines, 4) Tony Jarrett, 5) Jack Hewitt, 6) Dave Darland, 7) AJ Anderson, 8) Jarred Fox, 9) Andy Hurtubise, 10) Marc Dailey

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (10 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) JJ Yeley, 2) Tony Elliott, 3) Justin Marvel, 4) Terry Pletch, 5) Wil Newlin, 6) Levi Jones, 7) Tim Cox, 8) Robbie Rice, 9) Brian Hayden, 10) Curtis Eldredge

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (10 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jerry Coons, Jr., 2) Bud Kaeding, 3) Gregg Dillion, 4) Kevin Thomas, 5) Brandon Petty, 6) Eric Shively, 7) Todd Kane, 8) John Wolfe, 9) Eric Burns, 10) Kenny Carmichael

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (10 laps): 1) Derek Davidson, 2) Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., 3) Bill Rose, 4) Brian Tyler, 5) Andy Possman, 6) Jonathan Vennard, 7) Rick Hayden, 8) Jim Mills, 9) Jimmy Laser, 10) Ed Carpenter, 11) Daren Krockenberger

C MAIN RESULTS (top 2 transfer to back of B Main): 1) Brian Hayden, 2) Kenny Carmichael, 3) Ed Carpenter, 4) Marc Dailey, 5) Jimmy Laser, 6) Andy Hurtubise, 7) Curtis Eldredge, 8) Daren Krockenberger

B MAIN RESULTS (12 laps, top 4 transfer to back of A Main): 1) Brandon Petty, 2) Jack Hewitt, 3) Dave Darland, 4) Wil Newlin, 5) Jonathan Vennard, 6) Todd Kane, 7) Brian Hayden, 8) Tim Cox, 9) Levi Jones, 10) Robbie Rice, 11) Andy Possman, 12) Eric Shively, 13) John Wolfe, 14) Kenny Carmichael, 15) Jarred Fox, 16) Jim Mills, 17) Rick Hayden, 18) AJ Anderson

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Jon Stanbrough, 2) Derek Davidson, 3) Jerry Coons, Jr., 4) Tony Elliott, 5) Bud Kaeding, 6) Brian Tyler, 7) Dave Darland, 8) Terry Pletch, 9) JJ Yeley, 10) Kevin Thomas, 11) Jay Drake, 12) Justin Marvel, 13) Bill Rose, 14) Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., 15) Tracy Hines, 16) Gregg Dillion, 17) Tony Jarrett, 18) Brandon Petty, 19) Wil Newlin, 20) Jack Hewitt

THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 20000 Gas City (IN) Speedway NAMARS MIDGETS HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Dave Darland, 2) Davey Ray, 3) Michael Kendall, 4) Ted Hines 5) Brandon Petty, 6) Ronnie Clark, 7) AJ Fike, 8) James Baxter, 9) Doug Cross

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Tracy Hines, 2) Ed Carpenter, 3) Marc DeBeaumont, 4) Tim Spindler, 5) Travis Welpott, 6) Joe Roush, 7) Kurt Mayhew, 8) Jim Sawyer, 9) Shane Cottle

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jay Drake, 2) Clay Klepper, 3) Chad Farmer, 4) Quinn McCabe, 5) Brian Gerster, 6) Johnny Parsons, Jr., 7) Justin Marvel, 8) Dean Erfurth, 9) Danny Williams, Jr.

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Critter Malone, 2) Matt Westfall, 3) Jeff Flesher, 4) Aaron Pierce, 5) Mike Farmer, 6) Rick Vaughn, 7) Matt Sandy, 8) Steve Aplin, 9) Kevin Arnold, 10) Todd Jackson

HEAT RACE #5 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Mike Figliomeni, 2) Brice Kenyon, 3) Tony Elliott, 4) Chris Coers, 5) Wes Carner, 6) Jeremiah Sillman, 7) Steve Arnold, 8) Thomas Briggs, 9) John Wolfe

C MAIN RESULTS: 1) Thomas Briggs, 2) Doug Cross, 3) Kevin Arnold, 4) Kurt Mayhew, 5) James Baxter, 6) Jim Sawyer, 7) Dean Erfurth, 8) Steve Aplin, 9) Matt Sandy, 10) Danny Williams, Jr., 11) AJ Fike, 12) Todd Jackson

B MAIN RESULTS: 1) Quinn McCabe, 2) Tim Spindler, 3) Travis Welpott, 4) Ted Hines, 5) Chris Coers, 6) Aaron Pierce, 7) Joe Roush, 8) Brian Gerster, 9) Ronnie Clark, 10) Rick Vaughn, 11) Mike Farmer, 12) Thomas Briggs, 13) Wes Carner, 14) Doug Cross, 15) Steve Arnold, 16) Jeremiah Sillman, 17) Brandon Petty

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Dave Darland, 2) Tracy Hines, 3) Mike Figliomeni, 4) Jeff Flesher, 5) Michael Kendall, 6) Tony Elliott, 7) TimSpindler, 8) Davey Ray, 9) Chris Coers, 10) Ted Hines, 11) Matt Westfall, 12) Jay Drake, 13) Ed Carpenter, 14) Brice Kenyon, 15) Marc DeBeaumont, 16) Brian Gerster, 17) Critter Malone, 18) Thomas Briggs, 19) Aaron Pierce, 20) Quinn McCabe, 21) Chad Farmer, 22) Jim Sawyer, 23) Travis Welpott, 24) Clay Klepper

OPEN NON-WINGED SPRINTS HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Bill Rose, 2) Jon Stanbrough, 3) Jay Drake, 4) Jack Hewitt, 5) Joe Roush, 6) Jason Setser, 7) Greg Dillion, 8) Dustin Smith

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Dennis Veach, 2) Bill Baker, 3) Brian Tyler, 4) Terry Pletch, 5) Bart Grider, 6) Mike Mossi, 7) Brook Pence (Justin Marvel scratched for the night)

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Tony Elliott, 2) Kevin Thomas, 3) Mike Mann, 4) Todd Kane, 5) Scott Orr, 6) Chuck Wilson, 7) JD Kramer, 8) Jamie Fredrickson,

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (10 laps): 1) Dave Darland, 2) Jerry Coons, Jr., 3) Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., 4) Randy Donelson, 5) Tim Cox, 6) Tony Jarrett, 7) Charlie Sarver, 8) Kelly Potter

HEAT RACE #5 RESULTS (10 laps): 1) AJ Anderson, 2) John Wolfe, 3) Mike Miller, 4) Ed Hassler, 5) Mark Clark, 6) Chris Gurley, 7) Bryon Walters, 8) AJ Jordan

HEAT RACE #6 RESULTS (10 laps): 1) Ande Possman, 2) Eric Shively, 3) Tracy Hines, 4) Brandon Petty, 5) Rick Hayden, 6) Travis Welpott, 7) Marc Dailey, 8) Derek Davidson, 9) Justin Marvel

B MAIN #1 RESULTS (top 2 transfer to back of B Main): 1) Todd Kane, 2) Jack Hewitt, 3) Joe Roush, 4) Chris Gurley, 5) Chuck Wilson, 6) Bryon Walters, 7) Ed Hassler, 8) JD Kramer, 9) Jamie Fredrickson, 10) Gregg Dillion, 11) Scott Orr, 12) Mark Clark, 13) AJ Jordan

B MAIN #2 RESULTS (12 laps, top 4 transfer to back of A Main): 1) Brandon Petty, 2) Tony Jarrett, 3) Randy Donelson, 4) Bart Grider, 5) Kelly Potter, 6) Marc Dailey, 7) Terry Pletch, 8) Rick Hayden, 9) Brook Pence, 10) Tim Cox, 11) Travis Welpott, 12) Charlie Sarver

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Tony Elliott, 2) Kevin Thomas, 3) Ande Possman, 4) Jerry Coons, Jr., 5) AJ Anderson, 6) Bill Rose, 7) Jack Hewitt, 8) Mike Mann, 9) Jon Stanbrough, 10) Bill Baker, 11) Tony Jarrett, 12) Eric Shively, 13) John Wolfe, 14) Dennis Veach, 15) Brian Tyler, 16) Dave Darland, 17) Brandon Petty, 18) Jay Drake, 19) Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., 20) Mike Miller, 21) Todd Kane, 22) Tracy Hines

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 2000 Bloomington (IN) Speedway NAMARS MIDGETS HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Tracy Hines, 2) Brian Gerster, 3) Greg Lueckert, 4) Andy Pierce, 5) Tim Spindler, 6) Jeff McCloud, 7) Jeremiah Sillman, 8) Dean Erfurth, 9) Steve Arnold, 10) Bill Baue

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jay Drake, 2) John Wolfe, 3) Matt Westfall, 4) Travis Welpott, 5) Dennis LaCava, 6) Doug Cross, 7) Kevin Arnold, 8) Brice Kenyon, 9) Mike Farmer, 10) Jeff Hilbert

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Clay Klepper, 2) Dave Darland, 3) Mike Figliomeni, 4) Jerry Zike, 5) Thomas Briggs, 6) Kurt Mayhew, 7) Marc Dailey, 8) David Fuhrman, 9) AJ Fike, 10) Shane Cottle

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Michael Kendall, 2) Davey Ray, 3) Quinn McCabe, 4) Aaron Pierce, 5) Chris Coers, 6) Joe Roush, 7) James Baxter, 8) Matt Maners, 9) Todd Jackson, 10) Wes Carner

HEAT RACE #5 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Tony Elliott, 2) AJ Felker, 3) Ted Hines, 4) Critter Malone, 5) Chad Davenport, 6) Ronnie Clark, 7) Marc DeBeaumont, 8) Kelly Pendleton

C MAIN RESULTS: 1) Marc DeBeaumont, 2) Shane Cottle, 3) Rick Vaughn, 4) AJ Fike, 5) Dean Erfurth, 6) Brice Kenyon, 7) Marc Dailey, 8) Kelly Pendleton, 9) David Fuhrman, 10) Todd Jackson, 11) Matt Maners, 12) Steve Arnold, 13) Jeff McCloud

B MAIN RESULTS: 1) Andy Pierce, 2) Chris Coers, 3) Joe Roush, 4) Marc DeBeaumont, 5) Shane Cottle, 6) Doug Cross, 7) Dennis LaCava, 8) Chad Davenport, 9) Kurt Mayhew, 10) Aaron Pierce, 11) Dean Erfurth, 12) Thomas Briggs, 13) AJ Fike, 14) James Baxter, 15) Travis Welpott, 16) Jeremiah Sillman, 17) Jerry Zike, 18) Tim Spindler, 19) Rick Vaughn, 20) Ronnie Clark

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Jay Drake, 2) Dave Darland, 3) Brian Gerster, 4) Mike Figliomeni, 5) Matt Westfall, 6) Greg Lueckert, 7) Tracy Hines, 8) Clay Klepper, 9) Ted Hines, 10) John Wolfe, 11) Shane Cottle, 12) Mike Figliomeni, 13) Critter Malone, 14) Travis Welpott, 15) Aaron Pierce, 16) Quinn McCabe, 17) AJ Felker, 18) Marc DeBeaumont, 19) Chris Coers, 20) Davey Ray, 21) Tony Elliott, 22) Joe Roush, 23) Thomas Briggs, 24) Andy Pierce


HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) AJ Anderson, 2) Kevin Thomas, 3) Derek Scheffel, 4) Tim Cox, 5) Derek Davidson, 6) Chuck Wilson, 7) Brook Pence, 8) Dickie Gaines, 9) Andy Ferguson

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Tony Elliott, 2) Kevin Briscoe, 3) Jimmy Laser, 4) Mike Mann, 5) Danny Holtsclaw, 6) Jonathan Vennard, 7) Kevin Chambers, 8) Jared Fox, 9) Rick Koehler

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Levi Jones, 2) Ande Possman, 3) Eric Shively, 4) Rick Hayden, 5) Bill Rose, 6) Tracy Hines, 7) Robbie Rice, 8) Tony Rose, 9) Bob Dietrich

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (10 laps): 1) Dave Darland, 2) Justin Marvel, 3) Chris LaFollette, 4) Jeff Wilson, 5) John Wolfe, 6) Bill Boggs, 7) Kenny Carmichael, 8) Chris Schepper (DNS)

HEAT RACE #5 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jon Stanbrough, 2) Jack Hewitt, 3) Greg Dillion, 4) Chris Gurley, 5) Bryon Walters, 6) Josh Cunningham, 7) Dave Peperak, 8) Glenn Scott

C MAIN RESULTS (top 5 transfer to back of B Main): 1) Robbie Rice, 2) Dickie Gaines, 3) Kenny Carmichael, 4) Dave Peperak, 5) Kevin Chambers, 6) Tony Rose, 7) Glenn Scott, 8) Jared Fox, 9) Bob Dietrich, 10) Rick Koehler

B MAIN RESULTS (12 laps, top 4 transfer to back of A Main): 1) Jeff Wilson, 2) Rick Hayden, 3) Derek Davidson, 4) Mike Mann, 5) Bill Rose, 6) Tim Cox, 7) Chris Gurley, 8) Dickie Gaines, 9) Robbie Rice, 10) Tracy Hines, 11) Kevin Chambers, 12) Kenny Carmichael, 13) Dave Peperak, 14) Chuck Wilson, 15) John Wolfe, 16) Bill Boggs, 17) Danny Holtsclaw, 18) Bryon Walters, 19) Jonathan Vennard, 20) Josh Cunningham

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Tony Elliott, 2) Jon Stanbrough, 3) Kevin Briscoe, 4) AJ Anderson, 5) Kevin Thomas, 6) Dave Darland, 7) Levi Jones, 8) Justin Marvel, 9) Jack Hewitt, 10) Ande Possman, 11) Mike Mann, 12) Eric Shively, 13) Gregg Dillion, 14) Chris LaFollette, 15) Bill Rose, 16) Rick Hayden, 17) Jimmy Laser, 18) Derek Scheffel, 19) Jeff Wilson, 20) Derek Davidson

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 2000 Lincoln Park Speedway, Putnamville, IN NAMARS MIDGETS HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Aaron Fike, 2) Ted Hines, 3) Greg Lueckert, 4) Chris Coers, 5) Andy Pierce, 6) John Wolfe, 7) Dennis LaCava, 8) Davey Ray, 9) Kurt Mayhew, 10) Todd Jackson (DNS)

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jay Drake, 2) Tim Spindler, 3) Travis Welpott, 4) Dean Erfurth, 5) Jeremiah Sillman, 6) Dennis Miller, 7) Matt Maners, 8) Kelly Pendleton, 9) Ric Burdine, 10) Steve Arnold (DNS)

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) AJ Fike, 2) Matt Westfall, 3) Marc DeBeaumont, 4) Michael Kendall, 5) Thomas Briggs, 6) Jeff McCloud, 7) Jim Sawyer, 8) Chad Davenport, 9) Jerry Zike

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (10 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Dave Darland, 2) Rik Forbes, 3) Ronnie Clark, 4) Joe Roush, 5) Marc Dailey, 6) Quinn McCabe, 7) Doug Cross, 8) James Baxter, 9) AJ Felker

HEAT RACE #5 RESULTS (12 laps, top 3 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Brian Gerster, 2) Critter Malone, 3) Mike Figliomeni, 4) Rick Vaughn, 5) Bill Baue, 6) Brice Kenyon, 7) Aaron Pierce, 8) David Furhman, 9) Bill Eubank, Jr.

C MAIN RESULTS (12 laps, top 4 transfer to back of B Main): 1) AJ Felker, 2) Aaron Pierce, 3) Davey Ray, 4) Kurt Mayhew, 5) Doug Cross, 6) James Baxter, 7) Bill Eubank, Jr., 8) Kelly Pendleton, 9) Matt Maners, 10) David Fuhrman, 11) Jerry Zike, 12) Ric Burdine, 13) Todd Jackson

B MAIN RESULTS (15 laps, 5 transfer to back of A Main): 1) Michael Kendall, 2) Chris Coers, 3) AJ Felker, 4) Davey Ray, 5) Quinn McCabe, 6) Jeremiah Sillman, 7) Ricky Vaughn, 8) Marc Dailey, 9) Thomas Briggs, 10) Dennis Miller, 11) Kurt

Mayhew, 12) Jeff McCloud, 13) Dean Erfurth, 14) Brice Kenyon, 15) John Wolfe, 16) Bill Baue, 17) Andy Pierce, 18) Andy Pierce, 19) Joe Roush, 20) Dennis McCabe

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Jay Drake, 2) Dave Darland, 3) Aaron Fike, 4) Mike Figliomeni, 5) Brian Gerster, 6) AJ Fike, 7) Travis Welpott, 8) Critter Malone, 9) Chris Coers, 10) John Wolfe, 11) Greg Lueckert, 12) Ted Hines, 13) Rik Forbes, 14) Ronnie Clark, 15) Brice Kenyon, 16) Davey Ray, 17) Marc DeBeaumont, 18) Matt Westfall, 19) Tim Spindler, 20) Marc Dailey, 21) Quinn McCabe, 22) AJ Felker, 23) Michael Kendall

OPEN NON-WINGED SPRINTS HEAT RACE #1 RESULTS (8 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Justin Marvel, 2) Chris LaFollette, 3) Ande Possman, 4) John Wolfe, 5) Jay Drake, 6) Jason Robbins, 7) Aaron Mosely, 8) Lance Hayden.

HEAT RACE #2 RESULTS (8 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Kevin Briscoe, 2) Tony Elliott, 3) Jeff Wilson, 4) Kevin Thomas, 5) Derek Davidson, 6) Robbie Rice, 7) Eric Shively, 8) Joe Roush (DNS)

HEAT RACE #3 RESULTS (8 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Levi Jones, 2) Tracy Hines, 3) Bill Rose, 4) Mike Mann, 5) Brandon Petty, 6) Travis Welpott, 7) John Nicoson, 8) Bruce Sims

HEAT RACE #4 RESULTS (8 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Jon Stanbrough, 2) Brian Hayden, 3) Jason Setser, 4) Jason Knoke, 5) Rick Hayden, 6) John Dick, 7) Brett Poole, 8) Bryon Walters (DNS)

HEAT RACE #5 RESULTS (8 laps, top 4 transfer, then are lined up in feature by points): 1) Eric Burns, 2) AJ Anderson, 3) Chris Gurley, 4) Chuck Wilson, 5) Dave Darland, 6) Roger Chaudion, 7) Rick Koehler, 8) Gregg Dillion

C MAIN RESULTS (top 2 transfer to back of B Main): 1) Eric Shively, 2) Rick Koehler, 3) John Nicoson, 4) Lance Hayden, 5) Brett Poole; DNS - Gregg Dillion, Bruce Sims, Walters, Joe Roush

B MAIN RESULTS (15 laps, top 5 transfer to back of A Main): 1) Kevin Thomas, 2) Dave Darland, 3) Derek Davidson, 4) Mike Mann, 5) Brandon Petty, 6) Eric Shively, 7) Rick Hayden, 8) Jason Knoke, 9) Robbie Rice, 10) Roger Chaudion, 11) Jason Robbins, 12) Chuck Wilson, 13) John Dick, 14) Rick Koehler

A MAIN RESULTS: 1) Tony Elliott, 2) Chris LaFollette, 3) Levi Jones, 4) Kevin Briscoe, 5) Jon Stanbrough, 6) Dave Darland, 7) Brian Hayden, 8) Eric Burns, 9) Tracy Hines, 10) Ande Possman, 11) Chris Gurley, 12) AJ Anderson, 13) Derek Davidson, 14) Justin Marvel, 15) Mike Mann, 16) Jason Setser, 17) Brandon Petty, 18) Jeff Wilson, 19) Kevin Thomas, 20) Bill Rose

FINAL POINT STANDINGS FINAL NAMARS "FIVE CROWN" CHAMPIONSHIP MIDGET POINTS: Dave Darland, 352; 2) Mike Figliomeni, 326; 3) Brian Gerster, 308; 4) Jay Drake, 302; 5) Critter Malone, 276; 6) Travis Welpott, 257; 7) Ted Hines, 257; 8) Michael Kendall, 250; 9) Marc DeBeaumont, 240; 10) Davey Ray, 226; 11) Tracy Hines, 222; 12) John Wolfe, 220; 13) Tony Elliott, 218; 14) Matt Westfall, 204; 15) Brice Kenyon, 203; 16) Clay Klepper, 203; 17) Quinn McCabe, 200; 18) Chris Coers, 192; 19) Aaron Pierce, 184; 20) Thomas Briggs, 161; 21) Tim Spindler, 155; 22) Ronnie Clark, 154; 23) Jeff Flesher, 153; 24) Greg Lueckert, 146; 25) Kurt Mayhew, 135; 26) Joe Roush, 130; 27) Shane Cottle, 127; 28) AJ Fike, 124; 29) Douglas Cross, 121; 30) Rick Vaughn, 108; 31) Bill Baue, 107; 32) AJ Felker, 97; 33) Jeremiah Sillman, 94; 34) Aaron Fike, 86; 35) Dean Erfurth, 83; 36) James Baxter, 81; 37) Jim Sawyer, 81; 38) Chad Davenport, 79; 39) Steve Aplin, 77; 40) Matt Sandy, 75; 41) Marc Dailey, 70; 42) Andy Pierce, 69; 43) Jeff McCloud, 68; 44) Rik Forbes, 65; 45) Ed Carpenter, 65; 46) Wes Carner, 64; 47) Dennis LaCava, 61; 48) Wayne Chinn, 51; 49) Chad Farmer, 48; 50) Justin Marvel, 46; 51) Mike Farmer, 46; 52) Jerry Zike, 45; 53) Steve Arnold, 43

FINAL NAMARS "FIVE CROWN" OPEN NON-WINGED SPRINT POINTS: 1) Tony Elliott, 292; 2) Jon Stanbrough, 273; 3) Dave Darland, 229; 4) Kevin Thomas, 228; 5) AJ Anderson, 204; 6) Bill Rose, 192; 7) Ande Possman, 192; 8) Justin Marvel, 160; 9) Levi Jones, 160; 10) Mike Mann, 155; 11) Derek Davidson, 153; 12) Jack Hewitt, 151; 13) Tracy Hines, 148; 14) Eric Shively, 141; 15) Kevin Briscoe, 139; 16) Jerry Coons, Jr., 139; 17) Gregg Dillion, 122; 18) Chris LaFollette, 119; 19) Jay Drake, 113 20) Chris Gurley, 112; 21) John Wolfe, 111; 22) Brian Tyler, 107; 23) Brandon Petty, 104; 24) Rick Hayden, 104; 25) Tony Jarrett, 90; 26) Brian Hayden, 87; 27) Terry Pletch, 86; 28) Billy Puterbaugh, Jr., 85; 29) Tim Cox, 81; 30) Jeff Wilson, 75; 31) Robbie Rice, 75; 32) Chuck Wilson, 75; 33) Eric Burns, 68; 34) Bud Kaeding, 66; 35) Todd Kane, 60 36) JJ Yeley, 59; 37) Jimmy Laser, 56; 38) Bill Baker, 56; 39) Jason Setser, 53; 40) Bryon Walters, 52; 41) Dennis Veach, 49; 42) Jonathan Vennard, 46; 43) Kenny Carmichael, 39; 44) Derek Scheffel, 39; 45) Joe Roush, 39; 46) Wil Newlin, 35; 47) Jim Mills, 35; 48) Jared Fox, 34; 49) Rick Koehler, 34; 50) Travis Welpott, 33; 51) Marc Dailey, 32; 52) Brook Pence, 32; 53) Randy Donelson, 32

OVERALL NAMARS "INDIANA FIVE CROWN NATIONALS" POINT STANDINGS: 1) Dave Darland, 581; 2) Tony Elliott, 510; 3) Jay Drake, 415; 4) Tracy Hines, 370; 5) John Wolfe, 331; 6) Travis Welpott, 290; 7) Justin Marvel, 206; 8) Joe Roush, 169; 9) Marc Dailey, 102

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