namars: Boomington Speeedway 2001-05-11

Although Matt Westfall was the NAMARS midget champion in 1999, he had never won a midget feature event going into the May 11 program at Bloomington Speedway. Having won the NAMARS championship in 1999 and finished third in the points in 2000 ...

Although Matt Westfall was the NAMARS midget champion in 1999, he had never won a midget feature event going into the May 11 program at Bloomington Speedway. Having won the NAMARS championship in 1999 and finished third in the points in 2000 without ever winning a feature is little short of remarkable. To do that a driver has to finish up front consistently. With consistent top finishes it was only a matter of time until he found victory lane. But, it must have seemed to Matt that it would never come. The kind of persistence needed to keep trying will stand him in good stead whatever he chooses to do with his life.

Mike Miles and his staff required a good deal of grit to get through the night as well. During the late afternoon a relatively brief but intense thunderstorm struck Bloomington Speedway. Fortunately, there was just enough time to get the track prepared for competition. Then, in the first midget heat, Ted Davenport climbed over Steve Arnold's tire and launched himself and his mount into the heavens. Unfortunately, his trajectory passed directly through an overhead power line. The track and hillside were in darkness; and it took an hour to get the repairs made and the lights back on. Neither Westfall nor Arnold were seriously injured but both of their mounts were sidelined for the evening.

Rick Vaughn, Craig Carey, Davey Ray, and Westfall prevailed in the midgetheat races, while Blake Chinn took the B Feature.

When the green flag fell to start the feature, Clay Klepper jumped into the lead from his inside second row starting position; and he seemed destinedto walk away with the feature win. However, late in the race, he tangledwith a backmarker, sending him to the tail. This turned the lead over toWestfall; and he was able to make the most of the opportunity. He held on to take his first feature win. Matt Sandy passed Rick Vaughn to take second just as the pair reached the finish line. Rookie Teddy Beach wenthome with a strong fourth place finish.


The Kenyon Cars were making their first appearance at Bloomington Speedway Friday. These cars, designed to be a beginning mount for young race drivers, are very similar in size and weight to a full midget. This gives them the feel and safety of a midget. However, they are powered by stockmotorcycle engines. This make them much more affordable. An entire car can be built for less than the cost of a good midget motor. They have the added advantage of being equipped with self starters.

Shawn Stout, winner of the Kenyon Car Feature at the Indianapolis Speedrome Thursday night, continued his winning ways at Bloomington Speedway on Friday night by capturing the Kenyon Car heat race.

In the feature event, Todd Beach took the lead from the outside of the front row and led most of the feature to capture the victory. Shane Hollingworth came home second ahead of rookie A.J. Ganino.


O'Neal Wood Products Modified competition began with Lee Hobbs, 2000 Bloomington Speedway Tire & Wheel Center super stock champion, Shelby Miles, and Gary Trammell taking the heat races. Lee Hobbs won the dash while defending modified champion won the B Feature.

When the feature event began, Shelby Miles took the initial lead with Gary Trammell hot on his tail. Miles was able to hold off Trammell for the first seven circuits. However, on the eighth lap, Trammell was able to slip past Miles to take the lead. Before that circuit was over, Ray Humphrey came around and drilled Miles in back, forcing him to spin out and relegating both drivers to the Tail. Miles was sent to the tail because he stopped on the track while Humphrey owed his trip to the tail by rough driving. Humphrey was able to work his way back up to sixth place by the time that the checkered flag waved. Miles was only able to get back to 11th place.

With Miles out of contention, Trammell had a much easier time of it; although last week's O'Neal Wood Products Modified feature winner, Matt Boknecht, was beginning to run down Trammell in an effort to win his second feature in a row. However, Boknecht had to settle for second trailed by Richie Lex, John DeMoss, and Adam Sasser.


Greg O'Neill's began his evening in winning fashion as he drove from his outside second row starting position in the third heat to victory and a berth in the dash. Trent Niflis and Mel Bigham won the other two heats.

Trent Niflis edged O'Neill in the dash.

From his outside first row starting position, O'Neill cranked lap afterperfect lap. It soon became obvious that, barring severe misfortune, mechanical failure or mental lapse, nobody was going to outrun O'Neill this night. It then became a battle for second place. Trent Niflis and TerryArthur then wage a fierce battle for second. However, Niflis finally putsome ground between his beautiful red and yellow car. This left Arthur and Steve Hunt to battle for third. As they came down to take the white flagthey tangled with each other, brought out the yellow, and went to the tail of the feature event.

The Arthur/Hunt shunt boiled the feature down to a two lap drag race to the checkered flags. With the two hot shoes out of his way, Jeremy Hines drove his beautiful white # 5 to a very respectable third place finish. Mel Bigham and Steve Hollars rounded out the top ten RESULTS


Heat 1: 1. Rick Vaughn 2. Michael Cox 3. Matt Brun 4. Bill Baue

Heat 2: 1. Craig Carey 2. Clay Klepper 3. Matt Sandy 4. Teddy Beach

Heat 3: 1. Davey Ray 2. Tim Spindler 3. Jon Foster 4. Jerry Zike

Heat 4: 1. Matt Westfall 2. Joe Justice 3. Chris Coers 4. Ron Gregory

B Feature: 1. Blake Chinn 2. Shane Hollingsworth 3. Eric Roberts 4. Michael Bridges 5. Fireball Hartley 6. Steve Stroud 7. Matt Estep 8. Bruce Adkins 9. David Furhman 10. Mike Schenker 11. Wayne Chinn

Feature: 1. (3) Matt Westfall 2.(10) Matt Sandy 3.(6) Rick Vaughn 4.(14) Teddy Beach 5.(11) Jon Foster 6.(16) Ron Gregory 7.(7) Tim Spindler 8.(4) Davey Ray 9.(15) Jerry Zike 10.(20) Shane Hollingsworth 11.(1) Clay Klepper 12.(13) Bill Baue 13.(19) Michael Bridges 14.(2) Michael Cox 15.(5) Craig Carey 16.(17) Blake Chinn 17.(12) Chris Coers 18.(9) Matt Brun 19.(8) Joe Roberts 20.(18) Eric Roberts


Heat Race: 1. Shawn Stout 2. Shane Hollingsworth 3. A.J. Ganino 4. Brian Harmon 5. Todd Beach 6. Scott Thoman 7. Kris Deckard 8. Billy Wease 9. Mike Nigh 10. Brandon Krupp

Feature:  1.(2) Todd Beach 2.(5) Shane Hollingsworth 3.(7) Kris Deckard
4.(1) Scott Thoman  5.(8) Billy Wease  6.(9) Mike Nigh  7.(4) A.J. Ganino
8.(10) Brandon Knupp  9.(6) Shawn Stout  10.(3) Brian Harmon


BMI Stone Heat 1: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Jason Sims 3. Matt Boknecht 4. John Gurley 5. Brad Brown 6. Clint DeMoss 7. Mike Bowersox 8. Justin Hillenburg 9. Warren Hopkins 10. Roy Ritter

Heat 2: 1. Shelby Miles 2. Ray Humphrey 3. Jim Reynolds 4. Jay Humphrey 5. Donnie Parson 6. Adam Sasser 7. Brady Short 8. Charles Phillips 9. Roy Bruce, Jr. 10. Randy Howe

Heat 3: 1. Gary Trammell 2. Richie Lex 3. Rodney Harris, Jr. 4. John DeMoss 5. Craig Conyer 6. Jesse Cramer 7. Joey Baker 8. Deron Freeman 9. Tommy Welin

Blackwell Trucking Modified Dash for Cash: 1. Lee Hobbs 2. Shelby Miles 3. Gary Trammell

B Feature: 1. Adam Sasser 2. Clint DeMoss 3. Jesse Cramer 4. Brady Short 5. Mike Bowersox 6. Joey Baker 7. Charles Phillips 8. Deron Freeman 9. Tommy Welin 10. Warren Hopkins 11. Randy Howe 12. Roy Ritter 13. Roy Bruce, Jr.

Feature: 1.(3) Gary Trammell 2.(7) Matt Boknecht 3.(6) Richie Lex 4.(12) John DeMoss 5.(16) Adam Sasser 6.(5) Ray Humphrey 7.(19) Brady Short 8.(20) Mike Bowersox 9.(9) Rodney Harris, Jr. 10.(1) Jason Sims 11.(2) Shelby Miles 12.(1) Lee Hobbs 13.(18) Jess Cramer 14.(15) Craig Conyer 15.(8) Jim Reynolds 16.(23) Joey Baker 17.(13) Brad Brown 18.(14) Donnie Parson 19.(17) Clint DeMoss 20.(10) John Gurley


Heat 1: 1. Trent Niflis 2. Terry Arthur 3. Darin George 4. Michael Purtlebaugh 5. Travis Todd 6. Steve Hollars 7. Deb Friesner

Heat 2: 1. Mel Bigham 2. Chris Hillman 3 Gerald Todd 4. Rick Wolsifer 5. Jeremy Hines 6. Bubba Woods 7. Matt Bex 8. Danny Harris

Heat 3: 1. Greg O'Neill 2. Steven Hunt 3. Steve Bowlen 4. Ralph Groomer 5. Brad Cummings 6. Horace Lake 7. Diane Grubb

Dash for Cash: 1. Trent Niflis 2. Greg O'Niell 3. Mel Bigham

B Feature:  1. Steve Hollars 2. Bubba Woods 3. Diane Grubb 4. Matt Bex
5. Horace Lake  6. Deb Friesner

Feature: 1.(2) Greg O'Neill 2.(1) Trent Niflis 3.(14) Jeremy Hines 4.(3) Mel Bigham 5.(16) Steve Hollars 6.(7) Darin George 7.(9) Steve Bowlen 8.(4) Terry Arthur 9.(8) Gerald Todd 10.(6) Steven Hunt 11.(5) Chris Hillman 12.(15) Brad Cummings 13.(18) Diane Grubb 14.(19) Matt Bex 15.(11) Rick Wolsifer 16.(20) Horace Lake 17.(13) Travis Todd 18.(12) Ralph Groomer 19.(10) Michael Purtlebaugh 20.(17) Bubba Woods

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