namars: Bloomington Speedway results 2000-08-18

(Bloomington, Ind. - August 19, 2000) Last night's program at Bloomington Speedway was veritable smorgasbord of racing action for the open wheel fan. In an effort to provide the best racing surface possible as well as to get the program completed...

(Bloomington, Ind. - August 19, 2000) Last night's program at Bloomington Speedway was veritable smorgasbord of racing action for the open wheel fan. In an effort to provide the best racing surface possible as well as to get the program completed at a reasonable hour, there was no qualifying. Instead, the top three finishers in each heat transferred to the feature; and placement in the feature was determined by a point system. The 43 sprint cars and 49 midgets were divided into five heat races for each class. That gave the fans a total of sixteen races - eight in each class.

As usual, the pits were full. The hillside was full too thanks in part to the South Central Building and Construction Trades Council union members who enjoyed an outing at Bloomington Speedway.


To some of the sprint car racers in attendance, this was a special show with a larger purse. However, to our regular Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car competitors, it was that as well; but, to them, it was primarily the last points race of their season. It was the last chance for each of them to improve their position in the Bloomington Speedway Pennzoil Cup points standings.

In a continuation of the way that his luck has been going this season, defending Pennzoil Cup champion, Derek Scheffel, pulled a bad pill and wound up starting in the fourth row of the first heat. However, he made a great run through traffic and passed Tim Cox for the final transfer spot just as the cars reached the start/finish line. This was, of course, in his backup car that he has been using since he demolished his primary car here during Indiana Sprint Week. A.J. Anderson held off a charging Kevin Thomas to score his heat race win.

Like Scheffel, Tony Elliott started in the fourth row of his heat. Eventually, Elliott worked his way the front, taking the lead on the ninth circuit and held it for the win. Kevin Briscoe came home second trailed by Jimmy Laser.

Levi Jones took the third heat from his outside front row starting position. He was challenged early by Ande Possman. Tracy Hines' hopes of transferring to the feature directly from his heat evaporated on lap four when his car quit; and he was out of the race. Possman came home second ahead of Eric Shively.

Dave Darland, driving his family owned sprinter, took the early lead from the front row of the fourth heat. Justin Marvel challenged Darland early and throughout the race. He even took the lead briefly following a yellow for a shunt involving Bill Boggs and John Wolfe. As the white flag fell, Darland and Marvel were running side by side. As they crossed the finish line Darland prevailed by a matter of inches. Chris LaFollette came home third while rookie sprint car driver Jeff Wilson was impressive as he drove to a strong fourth place finish.

Jon Stanbrough had the field covered in the fifth and final heat. Greg Dillion beat Stanbrough into the first turn; but, on the second lap, Stanbrough took the lead and was never seriously challenged. Rim rider Jack Hewitt passed Dillion for second; and Dillion took the final transfer spot.

The "C" feature was won by Robbie Rice who took the Booe Brothers can from the second row to win. Dickie Gaines came home second ahead of Kenny Carmichael, Dave Pepaerak and Kevin Chambers - all of whom transferred to the "B" feature. Tony Rose, Glenn Scott, Jared Fox, Bob Deitrich, and Rick Koehler all were done after the "C".

Jeff Wilson brought his Rodney Reynolds owned sprinter from the second row to take the lead on the third circuit. He simply checked out on the rest of the field. With each yellow flag, Wilson would take the lead and stretch it out again. Rick Hayden out-dueled Derek Davidson for second while Mike Mann took the fourth and final transfer spot..

Tony Elliott jumped into the lead from his outside front row starting position in the Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car feature when the green flag fell. A.J. Anderson held on to second for a couple of laps before Dave Darland took over second. However, Jon Stanbrough was charging in his Hazen mount; and he took over second on the seventh circuit.

Kevin Briscoe moved past Darland into third as Elliott reached lapped traffic; and gave Stanbrough all that he could handle to hold onto second. Elliott could relax. Stanbrough held on to second trailed by Briscoe, A.J. Anderson, Kevin Thomas, Darland, Levi Jones, Justin Marvel, Jack Hewitt, and Ande Possman. Defending Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car champion Derek Scheffel and rookie sensation Jeff Wilson both took an early exit from the feature with mechanical woes.

Tony Elliott picked up a $5,000 bonus for winning his third feature in the NAMARS INDIANA FIVE CROWN NATIONALS series.


It was the only midget show of the season at Bloomington Speedway; but it was certainly a great one.

In the first heat race Tracy Hines took the lead from the pole position; and he held it until the checkered flag waved. Brian Gerster took second ahead of Greg Lueckert. Everyone else was relegated to the "C" or "B".

The second heat had Open Wheel wonder Jay Drake starting on the tail. That's a recipe for a fantastic show. Drake took the lead on the white flag lap and stretched it out to nearly half a lap by the time he took the checkered flag. Brian Gerster held on for second; and Greg Lueckert came home third to retain the final transfer spot.

Heat race three had Clay Klepper taking the initial lead with Dave Darland moving up quickly to challenge him for the lead. There were good duels all the way back. Klepper hung on to take the win with Darland and Mike Figliomeni taking the other two transfer spots. Jerry Zike was impressive mixing it up with the leaders for the entire distance; but he had to settle for a fourth a berth in the "B".

Michael Kendall dominated the fourth heat race. By the halfway mark Kendall had nearly half a lap lead on the rest of the field; and it was clear that he other heat race competitors had nothing for him. Davey Ray came home second trailed by Quinn McCabe.

The final midget heat began with Chad Davenport taking the point briefly before giving the lead up to Tony Elliott. Critter Malone pressured Elliott until Malone bobbled in turn four and lost any chance of catching Elliott and let A.J. Felker and Ted Hines by as well. Malone had to go to the "B".

In the "C" Feature, Marc DeBeaumont took the lead from the pole position; and lost it briefly to Brice Kenyon. However, long before Kenyon could get used to the lead, he lost it back to De Beaumont. Steve Arnold was running a strong race when he got bumped by a fellow competitor. Apparently, something was broken as Arnold slowed and pulled off of the track in a couple of laps. Shane Cottle was also impressive as he drove from the ninth row to finish second to DeBeaumont and ahead of Rick Vaughn.

The "B" Feature began with Andy Pierce leading the first lap and with Chris Coers moving quickly through the field to take second and challenge Pierce for the lead. A great battle developed midway through the race among Jerry Zike, Tim Spindler, and Joe Roush. Spindler was sidelined with mechanical woes. Pierce holds on to score the win followed by Coers, Roush, DeBeaumont, and Shane Cottle.

With Jay Drake starting on the pole of the Midget Feature, it would be hard to imagine Drake, the hottest open wheel driver around today, being beat. Drake took the lead when the green flag fell and immediately began to increase his lead. With each yellow flag, Drake would stretch out the lead when the race restarted. Two of the biggest threats to Drake's victory, Tony Elliott and A.J. Felker, tangled early and had to go to the tail. That gave Drake some breathing room; but he really didn't need it. Dave Darland came up from the sixth row to challenge Drake; but he wasn't really a threat to Drake. His Keith Kunz mount ran flawlessly all night.

From victory lane Drake commented, "Both my sprint and midget are Stealth/Gaertes. I have great cars and a great team."

Plans are under way to do this again next season. Keep this weekend in mind.


The August 25 program on the famous red clay of Bloomington Speedway will be one of the best races of the season. The best sprint cars around should be on hand for the Sheldon Kinser Memorial. Also the modifieds will be running; and, if none of the top four sprint cars, want to accept the Antique Auto and Race Car Museum's Gambler's Choice Challenge, a modified driver will get a chance at it. Kerry Norris, the first Sheldon Kinser Memorial champion plans to be at Bloomington Speedway next Friday night. If given the opportunity, Norris will accept the challenge if he gets the chance.

Bank One is sponsoring this event; and their customers in Bloomington Band edford can get discount tickets from their local branch.



Heat 1: 1. A.J. Anderson 2. Kevin Thomas 3. Derek Scheffel 4. Tim Cox 5. Derek Davidson 6. Chuck Wilson 7. Brook PenceI 8. Dickie Gaines 9. Andy Ferguston

Heat 2: 1. Tony Elliott 2. Kevin Briscoe 3. Jimmy Laser 4. Mike Mann 5. Danny Holtsclaw 6. Jonathan Vennard 7. Kevin Chambers 8. Jared Fox 9. Rick Koeler

Heat 3: 1. Levi Jones 2. Ande Possman 3. Eric Shively 4. Rick Hayden 5. Bill Rose 6. Tracy Hines 7. Robbie Rice 8. Tony Rose 9. Bob Dietrich

Heat 4: 1. Dave Darland 2. Justin Marvel 3. Chris LaFollette 4. Jeff Wilson 5. John Wolfe 6. Bill Boggs 7. Kenny Carmichael 8. Chris Schepper

Heat 5: 1. Jon Stanbrough 2. Jack Hewitt 3. Greg Dillion 4. Chris Gurley 5. Bryon Walters 6. Josh Cunningham 7. Dave Peperak 8. Glenn Scott

"C" Feature: 1. Robbie Rice 2. Dickie Gaines 3. Kenny Carmichael 4. Dave Peperak 5. Kevin Chambers 6. Tony Rose 7. Glenn Scott 8. Jared Fox 9. Bob Dietrich 10 Rick Koehler

J.B. Salvage & Recycling B Main: 1. Jeff Wilson 2. Rick Hayden 3. Derek Davidson 4. Mike Mann 5. Bill Rose 6. Tim Cox 7. Chris Gurley 8. Dickie Gaines 9. Robbie Rice 10. Tracy Hines 11. Kevin Chambers 12. Kenny Carmichael 13. Dave Peperak 14. Chuck Wilson 15. John Wolfe 16. Bill Boggs 17. Danny Holtsclaw 18. Bryon Walters 19. Jonathan Vennard 20. Josh Cunningham

Feature: 1. Tony Elliott 2. Jon Stanbrough 3. Kevin Briscoe 4. A.J. Anderson 5. Kevin Thomas 6. Dave Darland 7. Levi Jones 8. Justin Marvel 9. Jack Hewitt 10. Ande Possman 11. Mike Mann 12. Eric Shively 13. Greg Dillion 14. Chris LaFollette 15. Bill Rose 16. Rick Hayden 17. Jimmy Laser 18. Derek Scheffel 19. Jeff Wilson 20. Derek Davidson


Heat 1: 1. Tracy Hines 2. Brian Gerster 3. Greg Lueckert 4. Andy Pierce 5. Tim Spindler 6. Jeff McClound 7. Jeremiah Sillman 8. Dean Erfurth 9. Steve Arnold 10. Bill Baue

Heat 2: 1. Jay Drake 2. John Wolfe 3. Matt Westfall 4. Travis Welpott 5. Dennis LaCava 6. Douglas Cross 7. Kevin Arnold 8. Brice Kenyon 9. Mike Farmer 10. Jeff Hilbert

Heat 3: 1. Clay Klepper 2. Dave Darland 3. Mike Figliomeni 4. Jerry Zike 5. Thomas Briggs 6. Kurt Mayhew 7. Marc Dailey 8. David Furhman 9. A.J. Fike

Heat 4: 1. Michael Kendall 2. Davey Ray 3. Quinn McCabe 4. Aaron Pierce 5. Chris Coers 6. Joe Roush 7. James Baxter 8. Matt Maners 9. Todd Jackson 10. Wes Carner

Heat 5: 1. Tony Elliott 2. A.J. Felker 3. Ted Hines 4. Critter Malone 5. Chad Davenport 6. Ronnie Clark 7. Marc DeBeaumont 8. Kelly Pendleton

C Main: 1. Marc DeBeaumont 2. Shane Cottle 3. Rick Vaughn 4. A.J. Fike 5. Dean Erfurth 6. Brice Kenyon 7. Marc Dailey 8. Kelly Pendleton 9. David Furhman 10. Todd Jackson 11. Matt Maners 12. Steve Arnold 13. Jeff McCloud

B Main: 1. Andy Pierce 2. Chris Coers 3. Joe Roush 4. Marc DeBeaumont 5. Shane Cottle 6. Douglas Cross 7. Dennis LaCava 8. Chad Davenport 9 Kurt Mayhew 10. Aaron Pierce 11. Dean Erfurth 12. Thomas Briggs 13. A.J. Fike 14. James Baxter 15 Travis Welpott 16. Jeremiah Sillman 17. Jerry Zike 18. Tim Spindler 19. Rick Vaughn 20. Ronnie Clark 21. Critter Malone

NAMARS Feature: 1. Jay Drake 2. Dave Darland 3. Brian Gerster 4. Mike Figliomeni 5. Matt Westfall 6. Greg Lueckert 7. Tracy Hines 8. Clay Klepper 9. Ted Hines 10. John Wolfe 11. Shane Cottle 12. Michael Kendall 13. Critter Malone 14. Travis Welpott 15. Aaron Pierce 16. Quinn McCabe 17. A.J. Felker 18. Marc DeBeaumont 19. Chris Coers 20. Davey Ray 21. Tony Elliott 22. Joe Roush 23. Thomas Briggs 24. Andy Pierce


PENNZOIL CUP SPRINT CARS O'NEAL WOOD PRODUCT MODIFIEDS (Through July 14) 1. Chris LaFollette 476 1. Adam Sasser 458 2. Kevin Briscoe 448 2. John DeMoss 448 3. Derek Scheffel 408 3. Lee Hobbs 440 4. Jared Fox 370 4. Ray Humphrey 431 5. Dave Peperak 329 5. Richie Lex 421 6. Brad Fox 328 6. Gary Trammell 411 7. Eric Burns 322 7. Brian Campbell 387 8. Josh Cunningham 321 8. Clint DeMoss 368 9. Jeff Wilson 312 9. Roy Bruce, Jr. 354 10. Gregg Dillion 306 10. Ryan Blevins 353


1. Lee Hobbs 501 2. Greg Kendall 464 3. Greg O'Neill 442 4. Steven Hunt 415 5. Perry Bruce 388 6. Trent Nifles 387 7. Brad Cummings 382 8. Danny Harris 374 9. Michael Purtlebaugh 370 10. Brady Short 363 10. Gerald Todd 325

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