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BLOOMINGTON, IN (August 16, 2002) - The fans who attended the Indiana Five Crown show at Bloomington Speedway tonight were treated to a near perfect evening of motorsports entertainment. The all open wheel program featured ten heats, three "B" ...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (August 16, 2002) - The fans who attended the Indiana Five Crown show at Bloomington Speedway tonight were treated to a near perfect evening of motorsports entertainment. The all open wheel program featured ten heats, three "B" features; and two 30 lap features. The hard-fought competition permeated the entire fields in both the sprint car and the NAMARS midget programs. The weather was also near perfect - not too warm and not too cool. The hillside was full of race fans enjoying the wheel to wheel combat that was waged for each position in each race all night long. If you missed this fine program this year, be certain that it gets on your calendar early next year so that you don't commit to something else when the Indiana Five Crown series visits Bloomington Speedway.

Non Winged Sprint Cars:

Because so many USAC regulars compete in both sprint cars and midgets, many of the USAC faithful turned out for Indiana Five Crown. Perennial USAC front runner Dave Darland came into tonight's program having not won a sprint car feature all season. Darland just isn't used to that kind of dry spell; and it looked like he might end it tonight. He started on the front row next to Tony Elliott, a driver who he has battled throughout his career. Tonight's sprint car feature was yet another chapter in that saga. Darland took the lead when the green flag dropped; but, on the second circuit, Elliott took the lead away from him. Elliott would lead the rest of the way to the checkered flags; but Darland kept the pressure on the entire distance. However, during the closing laps of the 30 lap feature, Kent Christian worked his way into contention for the win. He passed Darland on the 27th lap; but he could not get Elliott.

Darland held on to finish third. Jason Knoke drove the Law Brothers car to a good, solid fourth place finish against all of the heavy hitters assembled at Bloomington Speedway to score the best finish of his career on the famous red clay. Jerry Coons, Jr. came home fifth.

Two time Bloomington Speedway sprint car champion Derek Scheffel padded his points lead by coming from his 11th place starting position to finish sixth. The other drivers near the top of the Bloomington Speedway points list either failed to make the feature or finished well behind Scheffel.

Jay Drake drove the Keith Kunz Motorsports Kunz/MOPAR to a seventh place finish followed by A.J. Anderson, Tracy Hines and Kevin Thomas.

In preliminary action, Jay Drake came from a sixth place starting position to win the first heat ahead of Kent Christian and Derek Scheffel who came from dead last to take the final transfer spot.

In the second heat, Bloomington Speedway's leading rookie, Tim Spindler, was in the right place at the wrong time and got credit for spinning Jimmy Laser and was sent to the tail along with Laser. He came back strong; but he narrowly missed beating A.J. Anderson for the final transfer spot. The three remaining heats were won by Bobby Stines, Kevin Thomas, and Tracy Hines.

Tim Spindler and Dick Gaines II won the two B features.

NAMARS Midgets:

The Indiana Five Crown is NAMARS' premier event. This is their opportunity to compete before an audience that seldom sees them. For this reason, most of their regular competitors bring out their best equipment and do everything possible to turn in a good performance in this mini-series. However, it isn't just each other that they have to outrun in this series. A lot of USAC regulars, especially the ones who also have sprint rides, turn out to battle the NAMARS faithful for the glory and the gold. The bottom line is a midget free for all.

When the green flag dropped to start the midget feature, the yellow flew a couple of times for first lap shunts. When the feature finally got underway, Jerry Coons, Jr. took the early lead; and it looked like he might take the NAMARS midget feature win for the second night in a row. He seemed to be checking out on the field. However, well before the crossed flags signaled the halfway mark, Coons hooked his left front wheel in a marker tire and flipped violently. His mount was badly damaged; and his evening was through. Fortunately, Coons was uninjured and was able to climb into his sprint car to run that feature.

Then, Tracy Hines took the lead from his 11th place starting position to win the midget portion of the event. Mike Hess came from even farther back (16th) to finish second. Tony Elliott finished third trailed by Shane Cottle, Aaron Fiscus, Brian Gerster, Shane Hollingsworth, Critter Malone, Bobby East, and Steve Paden.

Sixteen year old Tom Hessert of Cherry Hill, N.J. charged from dead last to finish his Kunz/MOPAR.

NAMARS points leader, Aaron Pierce, may well have had the most disappointing night of any of the midget competitors. He broke in his heat race; he missed a transfer from the B by a mile; and he finished last in the feature. As if that weren't enough, he had to use a provisional to get into the feature.

In preliminary action, Shane Hollingsworth, Critter Malone, Cole Carter, Teddy Beach, and Danny Ebberts won the heat races; while Steve Paden prevailed in the hooligan

Saturday night, the NAMARS Indiana Five Crown series goes to Lincoln Park Speedway at Putnamville; and they will compete at Kokomo Speedway on Sunday night. The series has been extended by nearly a week as it will conclude on August 24 at Lawrenceburg Speedway. The :Lawrenceburg race had been scheduled for last Wednesday night; but it had to be postponed due to rain.

Coming Events:

August 23, 2002 Non winged sprint cars, O'Neal Wood Products modifieds, and Tire & Wheel Center super stocks. This is the final points night for the sprint cars.

August 30, 2002 Non winged sprint cars, O'Neal Wood Products modifieds, and Tire & Wheel Center super stocks plus sprint car points presentations and autograph session with sprint car drivers



HEAT 1: 1.( 6) Jay Drake, 2.(2) Kent Christian, 3.(9) Derek Scheffel, 4.(3) Aaron Mosley, 5.(4) Jared Fox, 6.(8) Mike Hagemier, 7.(7) Kurt Gross, 8.(5) Mike Hunnicutt, 9.(1) Dean Ryan

PIZZA KING HEAT 2: 1.(2) Tony Elliott, 2.(5) Jerry Coons, Jr., 3.(8) A.J. Anderson, 4.(3) Tim Spindler, 5.(1) Jimmy Laser, 6.(6) Russell McCown, 7.(4) Craig Dori 8.(7) Brad Stevens, 9 (9) Danny Holtsclaw

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES HEAT 3: 1.(1) Bobby Stines, 2.(3) Dave Darland, 3.(6) Jon Stanbrough, 4.(2) Eric Shively, 5.(8) Kenny Carmichael, 6.(7) John Wolfe, 7.(4) Shane Hollingsworth, 8.(5) Marc Jessup, 9.(9) Dave Peperak

HEAT 4: 1.(1) Kevin Thomas, 2.(3) Jason Knoke, 3.(5) Kevin Briscoe, 4.(6) Dick Gaines II, 5.(4) Justin Marvel, 6.(7) Matt Hardin, 7.(8) Brad Marvel, 8.(9) Mark Hall, 9.(2) Butch Winings

HEAT 5: 1.(2) Tracy Hines, 2.(6) Eric Roberts, 3.(1) Rick Hayden, 4.(3) J.D. Turner, 5.(7) Brian Hayden, 8.(4) Jim Mills

B FEATURE #1: 1.(2) Tim Spindler, 2.(6) Brian Hayden, 3.(3) J.D. Turner, 4.(12) Brad Stevens, 5.(4) Jared Fox, 6.(5) Justin Marvel, 7.(7) John Wolfe, 8.(9) Craig Dori, 9.(13) Jim Mills, 10.(10) Shane Hollingsworth, 11.(8) Matt Hardin, 12.(1) Aaron Mosley, 13.(12) Dean Ryan

B FEATURE #2: 1.(2) Dick Gaines II, 2.(13) Danny Holtsclaw, 3.(4) Kenny Carmichael, 4.(1) Eric Shively, 5.(5) Mike Hagemier 6.(9) Brad Marvel, 7.(11) Marc Jessup, 8.(4) Kenny Carmichael, 9.(8) Kurt Gross, 10.(6) Russell McCown, 11.(12) Mark Hall, 12.(14) Dave Peperak, 13.(3) Jimmy Laser, 14.(10) Chris Kopczynski

FEATURE: 1.(1) 39 Tony Elliott, 2.(5) 1c Kent Christian, 3.(2) 3AC Dave Darland, 4.(3) 77x Jason Knoke, 5.(4) 10 Jerry Coons, Jr., 6.(11) 21s Derek Scheffel, 7.(7) 67 Jay Drake, 8.(12) 10x A.J. Anderson, 9.(10) 2 Tracy Hines, 10.(9) 3R Kevin Thomas, 11.(6) 21R Eric Roberts, 12.(14) 5 Kevin Briscoe, 13.(19) 3H Danny Holtsclaw, 14.(13) 57 John Stanbrough 15.(17) 25 Dick Gaines II, 16.(15) 5H Rick Hayden, 17.(16) 31 Tim Spindler, 18.(20) 53 J.D. Turner, 19.(18) 2H Brian Hayden, 20.(21) 92 Kenny Carmichael, 21.(8) 88 Bobby Stines


Heat 1: 1.(4) Shane Hollingsworth, 2.(2) Brian Gerster, 3.(7) John Wolfe 4.(9) Steve Paden 5.(3) Mike Hess 6.(8) Luke Icke 7.(1) Todd Beach 8.(5) Brandon Waelti 9.(6) Michael Cox

Heat 2: 1.(5) Critter Malone 2.(8) Shane Cottle 3.(7) Bobby East 4.(1) A.J. Anderson 5.(4) Doug Cross 6.(2) Dave Darland 7.(3) Jeff McCloud 8.(9) David Fuhrman 9.(6) Marc Dailey

Heat 3: 1.(1) Cole Carter 2.(8) Jerry Coons, Jr. 3.(7) Tony Elliott 4.(5) Chris Deshon 5.(4) Matt Riemenschneider 6.(6) Joe Little 7.(3) Aaron Pierce 8.(2) Billy Wease

Heat 4: 1.(1) Teddy Beach 2.(7) Ryan Durst 3.(6) Travis Welpott 4.(4) Jerry Zike 5.(8) A.J. Martin 6.(5) J.D. Turner 7.(2) Tom Hessert 8.(3) A.J. Fike

Heat 5: 1.(2) Danny Ebberts 2.(3) Tracy Hines 3.(4) Aaron Fiscus 4.(1) Matt Brun 5.(7) Ray Bull 6.(5) Jimmy Christian 7.(8) Chad Davenport 8.(6) Mike Nigh

"B" Feature: 1.(1) Steve Paden 2.(8) Mike Hess 3.(6) Ray Bull 4.(12) Luke Icke 5.(2) Chris Deshon 6.(10) Matt Riemenschneider 7.(4) Jerry Zike 8.(5) Matt Brun 9.(15) Jimmy Christian 10.(22) Billy Wease 11.(9) Doug Cross 12.(18) Aaron Pierce 13.(19) Tom Hessert 14.(7) A.J. Martin 15.(20) Chad Davenport 16.(16) Todd Beach 17.(24) Marc Dailey 18.(17) Jeff McCloud 19.(3) A.J. Anderson 20.(14) 21.(21) David Fuhrman 22.(23) Mike Nigh 23.(11) J.D. Turner

NAMARS Midget Feature: 1.(11) 10x Tracy Hines 2.(16) 51H Mike Hess 3.(8) 95E Tony Elliott 4.(2) 86c Shane Cottle 5.(15) 7F Aaron Fiscus 6.(12) 94G Brian Gerster 7.(4) 85 Shane Hollingsworth 8.(1) 7M Critter Malone 9.(6) 4E Bobby East 10.(18) 0P Steve Paden 11.(5) 44E Danny Ebberts 12.(24) 5H Tom Hessert 13.(22) 28B Matt Brun 14.(23) 12w Billy Wease 15.(13) 3M John Wolfe 16.(20) 51c Chris Deshon 17.(7) 7c Cole Carter 18.(19) 1B Ray Bull 19.(14) 21w Travis Welpott 20.(9) 25B Teddy Beach 21.(3) 24c Jerry Coons, Jr. 22.(10) 51D Ryan Durst 23.(17) 2I Luke Icke 24.(21) 26P Aaron Pierce


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