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(Donnelsville, OH) - Shadybowl Speedway, in Degraff, OH, a northwestern Ohio suburb near Dayton, has always been interesting when NAMARS visits, but no more so than when the mighty Midgets attack the odd-shaped venue this Sunday for the ...

(Donnelsville, OH) - Shadybowl Speedway, in Degraff, OH, a northwestern Ohio suburb near Dayton, has always been interesting when NAMARS visits, but no more so than when the mighty Midgets attack the odd-shaped venue this Sunday for the Championship-deciding race. Seventeen-year-old Teddy Beach is right in the mix, trailing point leader Travis Miniea by a mere 33 points in that Championship chase. Literally, anything can happen this weekend. What a great way to end such a competitive season! Not too many race drivers can claim TWO major Championships in one season, which could happen - Teddy has already wrapped up the NAMARS Regional Midget Championship for 2001.

Not only will Teddy be in the heat of the Championship battle at Shadybowl, but Todd Beach will also be competing this weekend at the same track in his Kenyon Car after a long layoff. The last K-Car race was at the end of August when that series ran the last race of the "Thursday Night Lightning" season at the Indianapolis (IN) Speedrome. Todd is currently 5th in Kenyon Car points, and has locked up the series "Rookie Of The Year" title, an honor shared by his older brother in the NAMARS Championship Midget Car Series.

Teddy and the Beach Boys Motorsports Team got warmed up for this weekend's racing adventures by attempting their first foray into USAC territory at the world's fastest ¼-mile track, Anderson (IN) Speedway, last weekend. Teddy made his mark early by qualifying 12th out of a 40-car field - not an easy feat to accomplish. Then he got to show his stuff, not just to the live crowd at Anderson, but to a televised audience when he won his first ever race in USAC - a heat race win - and got the coveted interview on ESPN2 (which can be seen in it's entirety, as well as the rest of the day at Anderson, this Monday, Oct. 8th, at 9:00 pm EST). Starting 12th in the Feature, Teddy patiently worked his way to about the 7th position, and probably would have ended up with a top-five finish if not for some overzealous drivers who managed to push him into the outside wall, ending his day in the 15th position. The race was won by Teddy's good friend, Bobby East.

With racing winding down in the Midwest, getting a glimpse of Teddy, Todd and the whole Beach Boys Motorsports team will get harder and harder to do. So be sure to mark your calendars for this Sunday, Oct. 7th, and make the trip to the wonderful and interesting Shadybowl Speedway for the NAMARS Championship finale. You won't regret it. Regardless of the outcome, you' ll see some of the best talent in the country battle for a title that will ultimately be a highlight on their resume for years to come.

SHADYBOWL SPEEDWAY RACE DETAILS: Race Track / Location: Shadybowl Speedway, Degraff, OH Sanction: NAMARS Championship Midgets, NAMARS Kenyon Car Midgets Date: Sunday, October 7, 2001 Race day schedule: Pit Gates - 10:00 am; Practice - 11:00 am; Qualifying - noon; Racing - 1:00 pm Track phone number: (937) 585-9456 Directions to track: SR 235 to the traffic light in DeGraff, then 0.5 mile SE on SR 508 (Main St.), then bear right and go 3/7 miles on CR 63 (which turns into CR 64, which then turns into Friend Road), then 0.4 mile SW on Flowing Well Road


What will you be doing in the off-season (the last NAMARS race of the season is this Sunday at Shadybowl Speedway, but Teddy still has two USAC National Midget races left in 2001 - in California and Las Vegas at the end of November)? "We're putting together a new dirt car for the Chili Bowl, and we might go down south and test a few places in the dirt car. I'm also working on a winged sprint car ride for the Speedweeks races in Florida. Our family usually goes to Florida over the Christmas break, to Ft. Meyers, so I'll be spending a lot of time there as well. I'd really like to go to New Zealand and race midgets there over our winter season, which is their in-season. That's always been a goal. I don't know if we'll get there this year, but if not, we'll aim for a trip there next year. Of course, there's always school and keeping my grades up (Teddy is a Senior in high school). I'm taking some classes this year in Metals, Engineering Drafting, two English classes, two Government classes and American History - that keeps me plenty busy in itself."

Can you assess your year so far? "I think I've had a really strong year. We feel we've done really well and have met all of our expectations for the season. I think that the experiences I've gained will help me a lot when I start running with the USAC National Midget Series next year - it has helped our whole team prepare better for next year."

You have worn the new Hodgkins Device head and neck restraint system designed by Richard Childress (NASCAR team owner) in the past few races - how do you like wearing the system and has it been effective? "I like it, I really like it. The way I've been wearing it, it's not quite right and it could possibly cause an injury because of the way it's attached to my firesuit, so I think I'm going to have it redesigned slightly, but it won't take away from its effectiveness. It keeps my head real stationery and doesn't allow for a lot of movement. I don't like to move around a lot in the car. I like to be real tight and secure because if you move around you tend to get tired. The tighter I am (in the car) the better I feel, and this system really keeps me still. It allows me to concentrate a lot better."

There have been quite a few times when you and your brother Todd have raced at the same venue - is there any competitiveness between you and Todd when you race together? "Todd goes his one way and I go my own way. It's a team situation. I can relay information to him and he can come to me with other observations. For example, if there's oil in the turn or if there is something wrong with the track, we'll make sure each other knows. There's no competition. I love to see him do well and he loves to see me do well."


You haven't raced since the end of August. Did the layoff affect you at all? "We went to Shadybowl on Wednesday to an open practice and the first time I went out onto the track I was off the pace and a bit rusty, but when I got out the second time I was back to normal again. The practice went pretty well - we're ready for Sunday."

How did your recent test at Shadybowl Speedway go? "The test went pretty well. My mind is back to thinking about racing after such a long break (the last time Todd raced was the last Speedrome race on August 30). We tested the new Hodgkins head restraint system developed by Richard Childress and I used that test to try to get used to it."

How did you like wearing the new Hodgkins Device head and neck restraint system? "I didn't really like it at all. But then again, it was the first time I had it on - I haven't raced with it yet. I had it on too tight, which might be part of the problem. At Shadybowl, I like to get up on the wheel in order to be able to turn the car better, and it might not let me do that as much as I'd like. It kind of held my head back too much and I really couldn 't get comfortable with it in the short time I had it on. But I'll be wearing it at Shadybowl and probably into next year when I continue to run in the Kenyon Car series."

What are you doing in this off-season? "Nothing. Well, our family will go to Florida in December, but I'll do nothing there, too."

What is your assessment of your 2001 season? "I think it's been pretty good. We got two wins, which is more than I expected. Our aim was to get the "Rookie Of The Year" title, and we covered that. I know we'll raise our goals for 2002 and hopefully we'll be able achieve those as well."

Are you looking forward to the off-season, or will it simply be torture because you won't be racing for a few months?

"Torture. I don't even like going a couple weeks without racing let alone a few months. I may try to run some kart races or some other races down South over the winter, but if not, it's going to be a really, really long off-season for me until we get back into the Kenyon Car season next Spring."


** Teddy Becomes A TV Star On Monday: Tune in to cable network ESPN2 this Monday, October 8th, at 9:00 pm (EST) to see the televised USAC National Midget Car Series race from Anderson (IN) Speedway, held last weekend on Saturday, Sept. 29th. You'll want to watch this show, as Teddy had a fantastic day, winning in his FIRST USAC racing event ever, a heat race. He got some great TV time, and gave an expert interview for the nationwide televised audience.

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October 7 - Shadybowl Speedway, Degraff, OH (Teddy & Todd)
November 22 - "Turkey Night Grand Prix" - Irwindale (CA) Speedway (Teddy)
November 24 - Las Vegas (NV) Motor Speedway (Teddy)

- Janie Vogel

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