Lincoln Speedway ARDC race report 2001-08-18

Freeland celebrates at Lincoln Midget race cars danced three abreast down the backstretch at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday night. Twenty-six of ARDC's finest were on hand to participate in the wingless event. Mark Freeland, Ickesburg Pa, ...

Freeland celebrates at Lincoln

Midget race cars danced three abreast down the backstretch at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday night. Twenty-six of ARDC's finest were on hand to participate in the wingless event. Mark Freeland, Ickesburg Pa, claimed his first feature win of the season. Atop the car in victory lane, Freeland cheered and saluted the crowd.

" We finally won one, said Freeland," I knew I wasn't running real good, but I ran hard.' That same feeling was shared with Duane Mausteller, Bloomsburg Pa. Mausteller who finished third was overjoyed with his finishing position." We finished,' said Mausteller," the first time this year.' Throughout the season, Mausteller had been plagued with constant motor problems." This is the same engine,' Mausteller said," It was just rebuilt by Snyder Engines in Indianapolis.'

Getting the job done in second place was Ray Bull, Bloomsburg Pa. Starting from the 12th position, Bull got collected in a turn 3 mishap on the start. After a complete restart, he quickly began his charge to the front.

Running up front, Gary Halteman, Gilbertsville Pa mounted a strong lead when the caution flew for Scott Zipp, Bridgeport Pa, spinning in turn 2.

Back under green flag action, it was Randy Mausteller, Bloomsburg Pa, on the move. Mausteller began to challenge for the top spot when Freeland passed him on the outside. Moving up in the field, was Bryan Kobylarz, Birdsboro Pa, and Shawn Burke, Saylorsburg Pa.

The red flag flew on lap 6, when Buddy Baker, Limerick Pa, got overturned and hit the wall between turns 1 and 2.

Halteman would again lead the field back to the green. A battle was brewing mid field between Kobylarz and Mike Roselli Jr, Brodheadsville Pa. Roselli came from the 11th starting position to challenge for fifth, bringing Fred Schell, Phoenixville Pa, with him.

The fourth caution flew for an accident coming out of turn 3. Kathy Kurtz, Temple Pa; Lew Blair, Hartsville Pa; and Steve Craig, Levittown Pa; were all able to refire. Peter Pavlick, Haskell NJ, wasn't as lucky. The ca r suffered structural damage, breaking the front axle, radius rod and shocks.

Halteman, whose had been leading the field brought out caution 5 and relinquished his lead to Freeland.

At this time, Kobylarz had overtaken the Mausteller's and was in second place. Four laps later, Kobylarz hit the wall between turns 1 and 2 bringing out the second red flag. Although his midget rolled over, he was able to rejoin the field.

With 13 laps in the books, Freeland would lead the field to the green flag. As the American Racing Drivers Club midgets got back underway, it was Bull who found his way to the front, to challenge Freeland. Bull had made a quiet run to the front on the outside line.

With four laps to go, Duane Mausteller pulled a stellar move on his dad Randy in turn 4. Duane ran to the inside and claimed the third position. Randy who had begun to run higher on the track was then relegated to fifth when Roselli got by.

Bull, who challenged Freeland for the lead had pulled even with him but was unable to pass." Once he (Freeland) saw my line he moved up,' said Bull." He wasn't very fast up there, but the rest of the track was too slick to pass.' Bull had his final opportunity to pass coming out of turn four on the checkered flag lap, but a when a lapped car came into play, he pulled back.

Freeland said," I had to move up when Bull showed me he was running the top.' The team had motor troubles and was still not convinced that the motor was 100 percent.

Freeland who rejoined with McKeehan Motorsports this year was pleased with his team's effort." I'd like to thank my crew for sticking with me all this time,' said Freeland, who celebrated in fashion atop his car in victory lane.

A night worth celebrating as the ARDC midgets delivered an unbelievable performance. For Bull, it was like a homecoming to be running at Lincoln." I would especially like to thank my mom and dad (Patsy and Maurice Bull),' said Ray Bull," They are at the races every week, and sometimes they get overlooked. But, they are a major part of this team.'

While celebrations ensued in victory lane, it was Duane Mausteller who wore the ice water. Shannon Mausteller, Duane's brother and mechanic was pleased with his brothers' finish, and started the celebration activities. Adding to the party was longtime crew members Brad and Steve Hons." These guys do so much,' said Duane." And I can't forget my dad, (Randy)' he said.

Feature results: (1) Mark Freeland, (2) Ray Bull, (3) Duane Mausteller, (4) Mike Roselli Jr., (5) Randy Mausteller, (6) Walt Stearly, (7) Fred Schell, (8) Shawn Burke, (9) Gary Halteman, (10 ) Bryan Kobylarz, (11) Jimmy Stitzel, (12) Kathy Kurtz, (13) Steve Craig, (14) Jim Knickerbocker, (15) Lew Blair, (16) Craig Rochelle, (17) Ed Stimely Jr., (18) Jim Jackson, (19) Scott Zipp, (20) Frank Fiore Jr., (21) Dave Suchy, (22) Peter Pavlick, (23) Brian Suchy, (24) Buddy Baker, (25) Ted Schmid, (26) Chris Mowray

Notes: Next week, the ARDC midgets will move on to Little Valley Speedway, NY. The drivers will run a wingless event on the 1/2-mile clay speedway, Saturday Aug. 25.

Coming up on the schedule is the second asphalt event for ARDC. The event will be co-sanctioned with NEMA and take place Sept. 1 at Oswego Speedway in New York.

Three ARDC drivers participated in the NAMARS Five Crown Nationals held this week. Ray Bull Bloomsburg Pa; Marc Dailey, Brownsburg IN; and Jerry Kobza, Cornelius NC.

The Montgomery County Quarter Midget Club welcomed the members of ARDC to Celebrity night at Phoenixville Speedway on Wed. August 15. The following drivers had their cars on display: Gary Halteman, Buddy Baker, Jack Curtis, Fred Schell, Scott Zipp and Scott Jackson. Participating officials were Ron Grater and Krissy Lauer.


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