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GRIMES, MAHONEY, RODRIGUEZ & STRATTON ADD TO NATIONAL SPRINT CAR HALL OF FAME INDUCTION WEEKEND KNOXVILLE, IOWA (March 28, 2005) - The entries posted by French Grimes of Virginia, Dick Mahoney of Ontario (Canada),...


KNOXVILLE, IOWA (March 28, 2005) - The entries posted by French Grimes of Virginia, Dick Mahoney of Ontario (Canada), and Californians Danny Stratton and Johnny Rodriguez continue to give the sixteenth annual National Sprint Car Hall of Fame (NSCHoF) induction weekend, June 3-4, at Knoxville Raceway a special feel and international appeal. Stratton and Rodriguez have entered the Pepsi/Mt. Dew Knoxville Midget Nationals, while veterans Grimes and Mahoney will compete in the Hoosier Tire Midwest Masters Classic winged 360-cubic-inch sprint car race for drivers age fifty and over. In addition, both Don Brown and Kenny Woodruff have confirmed their intentions to be present for their inductions into the Hall of Fame on Saturday afternoon, June 4.

Grimes will wheel his own self-sponsored Grimes-powered Wolfweld sprinter in the Masters Classic, hoping to join previous winners Rick Ferkel of Ohio (1993, '94, '95), Billy Engelhart of Wisconsin (1996, '97), Jerry Crabb of Iowa (1998), Roger Rager of Minnesota (1999, 2001), Terry Pletch of Indiana (2000), Mike Peters of Kansas (2002), and Jimmy Sills of California (2003, '04). Mahoney will pilot his RBM Carriers-sponsored MP-powered Maxim. Talented drivers Gerry Robison of Pennsylvania, Rick England of Kansas, and Jerry Potter of Missouri are all looking for quality rides for the Hoosier Tire Midwest Masters Classic.

In addition to the Hoosier Tire Midwest Masters Classic, the Pepsi/Mt. Dew King Doodlebug Midget Classic will be held on Friday night, June 3. The Kin Folks 410 c.i. Sprint Car Shootout and the Pepsi/Mt. Dew Knoxville Midget Nationals, featuring the best midgeteers from the American (ARDC), Badger (BMARA), Gateway (GRI), Midwest (MARA), and Rocky Mountain (RMMRA) sanctions, will be staged on Saturday night, June 4. Danny Stratton will steer the Lars Lein-owned Esslinger-powered Spike midget, while Rodriguez will shoe his own Esslinger-powered Beast. Other recent entries have included stars Scott Hatton, Aaron Fiscus, Chad DeSelle, Craig Carey and Brandon Waelti. Former winners of the King Doodlebug Midget Classic are Craig Carey of Illinois(2003) and Jerry Coons, Jr., of Arizona (2004), while former Knoxville Midget Nationals champions are Mike Hess of Illinois (2002), Chad DeSelle of Wisconsin (2003), and Jerry Coons, Jr., of Arizona (2004).

The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame induction banquet will be held on Saturday afternoon on the Marion County Fairgrounds. For more information on the midget and sprint car racing, visit the track's web-site at For more info on the induction weekend, visit

Hoosier Tire Midwest Masters Classic entrants (as of 03/25):

#F1, French Grimes, Madison, Virginia, Wolfweld/Grimes, rookie.

#8, Carl "Midge" Miller, Willingboro, New Jersey, Shaw/Jereco, 5th -- 2001.

#8-BALL, James Bevan, Valley Falls, Kansas, Schnee/Bevanbilt-Simpson, 22nd -- 2004.

#12x, Jerry Crabb, Des Moines, Iowa, JohnBoy/McCuen, 1998 winner.

#24, Randy Droescher, Larchwood, Iowa, Trostle/Droescher-Bruns, 10th -- 2001.

#67T, Wally Pankratz, Orange, California, Eagle/Thompson, rookie.

#79, Dick Mahoney, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Maxim/MP, 11th - 2001.

#84, Dave Heskin, Monticello, Minnesota, Buckley/Klein, 8th -- 1998, 2000.

Needs car, Rick England, Wichita, Kansas, TBA/TBA, 12th -- 2004.

Needs car, Jerry Potter, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, TBA/TBA, 23rd -- 2004.

Needs car, Gerry Robison, Dublin, Pennsylvania, TBA/TBA, 10th -- 2004.

#$Pepsi/Mt. Dew Knoxville Midget Nationals entrants (as of 03/28):

#2, Danny Stratton, Fontana, California, Spike/Esslinger, BMARA.

#2X, TBA, TBA, Spike/Esslinger, BMARA.

#3, Brandon Waelti, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Stealth/Stanton-Mopar, BMARA.

#6, Aaron Fiscus, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Buzzard/Esslinger, BMARA.

#7, Chad DeSelle, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Buzzard/Ferguson, BMARA.

#8, Wally Pankratz, Orange, California, Edmunds/Fontana, BMARA.

#11, Brett Anderson, Belleville, Illinois, Stealth/Chevy, GRI.

#15, Tim Siner, Waterloo, Illinois, Stealth/Gaerte, GRI.

#15H, Scott Hatton, Roscoe, Illinois, Stealth/Mopar, BMARA.

#17, Kenny Brown, Millstadt, Illinois, Stealth/Esslinger, GRI.

#20, Cody Weisensel, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Stealth/Esslinger, BMARA.

#21, John Jones, Blue Mound, Wisconsin, Buzzard/TBA, BMARA.

#22, Rick Mueller, Barnevald, Wisconsin, Stealth/Sesco-Mopar, BMARA.

#23, Mike Dibart, Springfield, Illinois, Twister/Ford, MARA.

#29L, Leroy Holler, Independence, Missouri, Rich/Pontiac, MARA.

#30, Craig Carey, Carlinville, Illinois, Buzzard/Carey-Ford, BMARA.

#30R, Johnny Rodriguez, Wilton, California, Beast/Esslinger, RMMRA.

#D33, Jeff Davis, Pittsburg, Illinois, Stealth/Fontana, MARA.

#43, Buddy Luebke, Stoughton, Wisconsin, TBA/Snyder-Chevy, BMARA.

#50, Daniel Adler, East Carondelet, Illinois, Stealth/Buick, GRI.

#51, Mike Hess, Petersburg, Illinois, Buzzard/Esslinger, GRI.

#51H, Bill Hess, Lincoln, Illinois, Buzzard/Esslinger, GRI.

#56, Ken Dull, Machesney Park, Illinois, Challenger/JAMR-Fontana, BMARA.

#87, Harley Slotten, Appleton, Wisconsin, Stealth/Gaerte, BMARA.

#99, TBA, TBA, Stealth/Mopar, BMARA.

#99X, TBA, TBA, Stealth/Chevy, BMARA.


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