Fort Wayne Indoors 98-12-27

ELLIOTT BOOTS WAY TO 100 LAP NAMARS INDOOR WIN FORT WAYNE, IN, December 27, 1998 - After starting deep (11th) in the 17 car starting field, Kokomo's Tony Elliott ...

ELLIOTT BOOTS WAY TO 100 LAP NAMARS INDOOR WIN FORT WAYNE, IN, December 27, 1998 - After starting deep (11th) in the 17 car starting field, Kokomo's Tony Elliott booted leader J. D. Turner on the 77th lap and remained unchallenged for the last quarter of the race to win the inaugural Rumble-in-the-Dome at the Allen County Expo on Sunday. Jerry Nemire of Erie, Michigan enjoyed a front row starting position and drove a disciplined race to finish second. He was passed for the early lead on lap 22 by John Sluss of Indianapolis and J.. D. Turner of Cincinnati on lap 55. Sluss held the lead for 41 laps before nailing a marker tire on a restart, ending his day. Turner recovered from his Elliott shunt to finish fourth behind Matt Westfall. The star of the Sunday's show was 22 year old Sondi Eden of Mt Sterling, Kentucky. Driving the potent Sam Isenhower #6 the second generation female driver showed remarkable poise and savvy in finishing fifth from a 16th starting position. Eden was the first car to be lapped on round 16 and was involved in a tangle midway through. When Elliott took out Turner she was able to get a lap back and was on the tail of the lead lap with a depleted field of only 7 cars. Rounding out the top ten were Aaron Fike, Kevin Besecker, Matt Estep, John Sluss, and A.J. Davis, the last three not running at the finish. Lap leaders were Jerry Nemire (1-21), John Sluss (22-61), J. D. Turner (62- 77), and Tony Elliott (78-100). The finish: 1. Tony Elliott, Kokomo, IN 2. Jerry Nemire, Erie, MI 3. Matt Westfall, Ludlow Falls, OH 4. J. D. Turner, Cincinnati, OH 5. Sondi Eden, Mt.Sterling, KY 6. Aaron Fike, Galesburg, IL 7. Kevin Besecker, Indianapolis, IN 8. Matt Estep, So. Holland, IL 9. John Sluss, Indianapolis, IN 10. A. J. Davis, Spartanburg, SC 11. Nick Lundgreen, New Berlin, WI 12. Wayne Chinn, Tipp City, OH 13. Larry Gibson, Elyria, OH 14. Derek Davidson, Indianapolis, IN 15. Mike Mann, Cutler, IN 16. Dave Darland, Walton, IN 17. Brian Tyler, Parma, MI

Heard and Seen in the Pits: Namars may be sold but rumors persist that after a thirty day extension, no money has yet changed hands. John Batts, former CORA driver, is now a manufacturer of de-icing spray devices for airport runways, an outgrowth of his agricultural spray machines. Visiting the Expo was Kenny Irwin, father of the #28 Winston Cup driver of the same name. Irwin is in the throes of manufacturing his own sprint and midget car chassis for public sale. The sound system in the Expo was so weak in the pits that the announcer could not be heard even when the cars were at rest. The track configuration was very similar to the old Coliseum track. The barrier walls are DOT cement with kick-ups which guarantee an upset or a torn up right front axle if touched. At feature time there were two clear grooves of rubber in the turns. Danny Laycock has received new funding for his video operations and expects to continue in business in '98. Fumes in the Expo were obviously present but the ventilation cleared them out quite handily. A curious policy by Namars of charging a pit fee for legitimate members of the press who have filed advances and stories on their events for over a year, including this event, is probably one that other groups might want to examine. by Len in Indy

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