Chili Bowl Nationals lineups announced

Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals -- Nightly Lineups Announced! TULSA, Okla. (December 27, 2007) -- With another blockbuster edition of the Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals less than two weeks away, the talent-laden field of entries has been divvied up into...

Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals -- Nightly Lineups Announced!

TULSA, Okla. (December 27, 2007) -- With another blockbuster edition of the Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals less than two weeks away, the talent-laden field of entries has been divvied up into qualifying nights.

Currently, 277 entries from 27 different states as well as Canada and Australia have been filed for the 22nd Annual Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals, which takes place atop the Tulsa Expo Raceway 1/4-mile clay oval located inside the QuikTrip Center on January 8-12, 2008.

A half dozen of the entered drivers have already captured the Golden Driller on at least one occasion, including defending Chili Bowl champ and two-time winner Tony Stewart. Stewart became just the fourth driver to take top Chili Bowl honors on more than one occasion, joining the likes of four-time winner Sammy Swindell and two-time winner Cory Kruseman, who will both make a bid for another Golden Driller in 2008. Other past winners entered include 2006 champ Tim McCreadie, 2005 winner Tracy Hines and 1990 ace Johnny Heydenreich.

A total of 195 entries have been distributed over the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Qualifying events to vie for starting positions in Saturday's full slate of Bass Pro Shops Championship Saturday feature events, which will commence with twin "K" Mains before finally culminating in Saturday night's 50-lap Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals championship "A" Main event.

Another 82 entries have been designated for Tuesday night's Pre-Qualifying event, consisting of newcomers or relative newcomers to the Chili Bowl. The top 15 finishers from Tuesday's Pre-Qualifier will advance to the Qualifying Night events. The balance of Tuesday's field will start in Saturday's early features.

A quick look at each night's entries follows.


With 82 set for the second Pre-Qualifying event in Chili Bowl history, the big question is "Who will be this year's Bubba Altig?" Last year, the relative unknown became a household name with a last lap Tuesday night win and then backed it up by locking himself into Saturday's finale with a top-four run on his qualifying night.

The current field of Pre-Qualifying entries consists of 38 Chili Bowl rookies, with another 21 that competed in last year's Tuesday night event. Several to keep an eye on that made last year's Tuesday night feature and hit the track this time around with the extra experience include Samantha Taylor (11th last year), Jeff Griffin (14th), Joey Fabozzi (17th), Dalton Cole (19th), Rafe Essary (22nd) and Cameron Beard (24th).

One of the 80 or so will enjoy the Chili Bowl spotlight at the end of the night, with 15 moving on to Qualifying night festivities where some will likely make their Chili Bowl mark. The balance of the field gets an early wake up call on Saturday.


The wagering pools heat up on Creek Nation Casino Qualifying Night at the Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals, with some of the headliners including 2006 Chili Bowl king Tim McCreadie, three-time Chili Bowl runner-up Danny Lasoski, National Midget Driver of the Year Jerry Coons, Jr., and Michael Waltrip Racing development driver and Sprint Car and Midget grad Josh Wise.

Other Creek Nation Casino Wednesday night aces include 2007 USAC Sprint Car champion Levi Jones, six-time ARDC champion Ray Bull, Badger ace Davey Ray, Casey Shuman, 2007 Chili Bowl rookie sensation Donnie Ray Crawford, Bryan Clauson, USAC Western States Midget champ Johnny Rodriguez, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., and World of Outlaws Sprint Car runner-up Joey Saldana.

Past Wednesday night winners: Davey Ray (2007), Danny Lasoski (2006), Josh Ford (2005), Danny Lasoski (2004), Dan Boorse (2003), Kevin Doty (2002).

Wednesday's Chili Bowl Nationals Rookie Contenders: Andrew Felker, Derek Hagar, Eric Heydenreich, Blake Miller, Kevin Ramey, Gary Scelzi, Hunter Schuerenberg, Brad Sweet, Jerrod Wilson

Wednesday's Chili Bowl Veterans (Ten or more years of Chili Bowl experience): Donnie Lehmann 18, Danny Lasoski 16, Kevin Olson 15, Dave Camfield, Jr. 13, Jerry Coons, Jr. 10, Johnny Murdock 10.

Saturday Chili Bowl Championship Feature Starts Among Wednesday's Entries: Danny Lasoski 14, Kevin Olson 10, Jerry Coons, Jr., 8, Matt Westfall 5, Shane Carson 4, Donnie Lehmann 4, Rick Hendrix 3, Tim McCreadie 3, Davey Ray 3, Ray Bull 2, Casey Shuman 2, Josh Wise 2, Donnie Ray Crawford 1, Danny Ebberts 1, A.J. Fike 1, Aaron Fiscus 1, Josh Ford 1, Wayne Johnson 1, Mat Neely 1, Johnny Rodriguez 1.


A pair of past Chili Bowl champs including four-time winner Sammy Swindell and 2005 champ Tracy Hines headline Thursday night's Warren CAT Qualifying field, with 2007 runner-up J.J. Yeley and last year's Thursday night winner, Shane Cottle, also among the top threats.

Other top Thursday cats include National Non-Wing Sprint Car Driver of the Year Jon Stanbrough, USAC Silver Crown champion Bud Kaeding, young gun Chris Windom, Danny Stratton, Garrett Hansen, Badger Midget champ Brad Kuhn, '07 Chili Bowl podium finisher Justin Allgaier and Tulsa-area hotshoe Brady Bacon.

Past Thursday night winners: Shane Cottle (2007), Jay Drake (2006), Tracy Hines (2005), Jason Leffler (2004), Scott Hatton (2003), Tracy Hines (2002), Jay Drake (2001), Dave Darland (2000), Kevin Doty (1999), Jason Leffler (1998), Dave Blaney (1997), Billy Pauch (1996), Billy Boat (1995), Page Jones (1994), Dave Blaney (1993), Kevin Doty (1992), Lealand McSpadden (1991), John Heydenreich (1990).

Thursday's Chili Bowl Nationals Rookie Contenders: Tommy Bryant, Stewart Friesen, Shane Golobic, Justin Grant, Jerry Higbie, Jr., Dennis Rodriguez, Nick Wean, George White.

Thursday's Chili Bowl Veterans (Ten or more years of Chili Bowl experience): Sammy Swindell 17, Johnny Heydenreich 16, Critter Malone 15, Randy Koch 15, Bill Allen 13, Tracy Hines 11, J.J. Yeley 11, Nick O'Neal 10, Gary Wright 10.

Saturday Chili Bowl Championship Feature Starts Among Thursday's Entries: Sammy Swindell 15, Tracy Hines 9, Randy Koch 7, J.J. Yeley 5, Shane Cottle 4, Gary Wright 4, Johnny Heydenreich 3, Bud Kaeding 3, Jon Stanbrough 3, Justin Allgaier 2, Chad DeSelle 2, Garrett Hansen 2, Brad Kuhn 2, Critter Malone 2, Tyler Brown 1, Ryan Durst 1, David Gough 1, Jonathan Hendrick 1, Danny Stratton 1, Brandon Waelti 1, Tyler Walker 1, Chris Windom 1.


The final night of Qualifying action finds two-time and defending Chili Bowl champ Tony Stewart squaring off with fellow two-time winner Cory Kruseman along with NASCAR star Kasey Kahne and past USAC champion Dave Darland.

Other top Friday contenders include Bobby East, Wayne Johnson, P.J. Jones, Joe Boyles, Terry McCarl, Steve Buckwalter, Darren Hagen, Jason Leffler, Damion Gardner, Jason Meyers and Bubba Altig, who bypasses Tuesday night this time around.

Past Friday night winners: Dave Darland (2007), Cory Kruseman (2006), Cory Kruseman (2005), Jerry Coons, Jr. (2004), Cory Kruseman (2003), Cory Kruseman (2002), Jay Drake (2001), Cory Kruseman (2000), Dan Boorse (1999), Sammy Swindell (1998), Donnie Beechler (1997), Donnie Beechler (1996), Ron Shuman (1995), Ron Shuman (1994), Ken Schrader (1993), Ken Schrader (1992), Sammy Swindell (1991), Sammy Swindell (1990), Rich Vogler (1989), Danny Frye, Jr. (1988), Gene Gennetten (1987).

Friday's Chili Bowl Nationals Rookie Contenders: Jeff Bland, Jr., Jason Holt, Kyle Larson, Brett Miller, Bob Ream, Jr., Ryan Smith, Scott Winters.

Friday's Chili Bowl Veterans (Ten or more years of Chili Bowl experience): Rich Camfield 17, Steve Newman 16, Tony Stewart 11, Jason Leffler 11, Dave Darland 10, Cory Kruseman 10, P.J. Jones 10.

Saturday Chili Bowl Championship Feature Starts Among Friday's Entries: Dave Darland 9, Jason Leffler 9, Ron Shuman 9, Tony Stewart 9, Cory Kruseman 8, P.J. Jones 6, Kasey Kahne 4, Steve Buckwalter 3, Joe Boyles 3, Rich Camfield 2, Don Droud, Jr. 2, Bobby East 2, Mike Hess 2, Wayne Johnson 2, Troy Rutherford 2, Bubba Altig 1, Damion Gardner 1, Shane Hollingsworth 1, Jason Meyers 1, Paul White 1.


The action gets rolling early on Bass Pro Shops Championship Saturday at the Dodge Chili Bowl Nationals, with the twin "K" Mains getting the green flag at approximately 1:00 p.m. If car count dictates, one or more "L" Mains may be necessary.

Memorable charges through the alphabet have been frequent in past years as top guns bounce back from a bad shake from Lady Luck on their qualifying night.

The Bass Pro Shops Championship Saturday alphabet soup of features culminates with the night's Dodge Chili Bowl championship "A" Main event, where 24 drivers all strive to leave the competition in the proverbial dust in the 50-lap capper.

Additional Dodge Chili Bowl information:

What: 22nd Annual Dodge Chili Bowl Midget Nationals

Where: Tulsa Expo Raceway -- 1/4-mile clay oval inside the QuikTrip Center (formerly known as Tulsa Exposition Center) at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds

January 8-12, 2008
Tuesday -- Pre-Qualifying Night
Wednesday - Creek Nation Casino Qualifying Night
Thursday -- Warren CAT Qualifying Night
Friday -- O'Reilly Qualifying Night
Saturday -- Bass Pro Shops Championship Saturday Feature Events

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