Bloomington Speedway results 2003-08-15

BLOOMINGTON, IN (August 16, 2003) - Mike Miles and his Bloomington Speedway staff came into tonight's racing program with great anticipation. It was the final points race of the season for the sprint cars. They have tested each other all season;...

BLOOMINGTON, IN (August 16, 2003) - Mike Miles and his Bloomington Speedway staff came into tonight's racing program with great anticipation. It was the final points race of the season for the sprint cars. They have tested each other all season; and it all came down to tonight. It will be a while before we see how the points shook out; but we know one thing with certainty. Derek Scheffel of Columbus drove his family owned, Saran/Peterson Industrial/Quik Signs/Jerry Russell Trucking & Excavating/Perry's Body Shop sponsored sprinter to back to back Bloomington Speedway track championships for the second time in his brief career.

Almost from the start of the 2003 season it became apparent that the battle for the 2003 Bloomington Speedway sprint car championship would come down to Derek Scheffel and Justin Marvel.

Derek's family, particularly his father, Ron, and his uncle, Marty, have grown up with the tradition that is Bloomington Speedway. This is, of course, the reason that they continue to judge their season by their performance on the red clay. Derek won the championship in 1998, 1999, 2002, and 2003. To win four of six championships is simply superlative. In winning his fourth championship he set a mark that is likely to last for years to come. There was one other three time champion - Randy Kinser; and he has retired.

None of this can take anything away from the effort put forth by Justin Marvel to achieve the same goal. He has his own family tradition to live up to. His grandfather, Bill Marvel, started their tradition. He has been enshrined in the National Midget Hall of Fame. He also served as an executive with the United States Auto Club for many years. His father, Brad, and his uncle, Bill, Jr, both made theior marks as sprint car racers. His uncle Billy paid the ultimate price for his participation in the sport when he lost his life in a racing accident at Lincoln Park Speedway.

Justin lost his good motor a few weeks back; and he got in too deep a hole to escape. Justin can take pride in the effort that they put forth toward winning the championship. Also, Justin is still leading the points battle at Lincoln Park Speedway.


As the sprint cars took to the track at Bloomington Speedway last night, everyone present knew that the evening would decide the sprint car championship. Derek Scheffel unloaded with confidence. He had a substantial lead after winning the last time out when the points were doubled. Justin Marvel knew this too; and he naturally had less confidence. In addition to being substantially behind, he was down on horsepower. He would have to rely on his 360 motor. The big motor had not been replaced. Justin would do the only thing he could - do the best he could with what he had.

J.T. Stapp surprised everyone when he rolled his sprinter onto the track and set quick time. At the start of the season Stapp bought Kevin Briscoe's year old car. He really hadn't run it very much so far this season; and he hadn't had a lot of success. Stapp is a plucky kid; but, so far, he hadn't displayed talent to match his desire. After setting quick time, Stapp finished fourth in his heat to earn a transfer to the feature. In the feature, Stapp held his own and finished where he started - sixth.

When the green flag waved to start the feature event, A.J. Anderson grabbed the lead and held it for the first ten circuits; but, on the 11th lap, Shane Hollingsworth took the lead that he would hold for the balance of the race. Derek Scheffel moved up to challenge for the lead; and, fairly quickly, the race came down to a duel between the two 21 cars for the lead. It appeared that Scheffel was faster; but Hollingsworth had the line. And, he was holding it. On the 19th circuit, Scheffel managed to pass Hollingsworth for the lead; but, before the lap was completed, Kris Deckard and Mike Hagemier tangled, bringing out the yellow flag. This, of course, gave the lead back to Hollingsworth and Scheffel would not be able to get past him again. Hollingsworth scored his first Bloomington Speedway win; and Scheffel wrapped up his fourth track championship.

Eric Shively drove to a strong third place finish in his first ride in the Rodney Reynolds owned 3R. Jon Stanbrough drove from his 12th place starting position to finish fourth. Kenny Carmichael, Stapp, A.J. Anderson, Jimmy Laser, Kevin Chambers, and Hud Cone rounded out the top ten.

In preliminary action, Jared Fox, Kurt Gross, Hud Cone, and Jon Stanbrough won the heat races while Eric Shively prevailed in the B feature.


The UMRA TQ Midgets made a rare appearance on the red clay. The feature turned out to be what it often is - the Terry Goff show. It looked like Kenny Byrge might have something for Goff; but, when the race ended, Goff had won again. Although UMRA chose not to provide us with official results, we believe that Byrge finished second trailed by Jason Willis, and Matt Arrington.

We believe that Billy Puterbaugh, Jason Willis, Matt Arrington, and Terry Goff won the heat races; and it appeared that Robert Nichols and Joey Paxon won the Bill Case semi features.

Since our results are unofficial, we suggest that you check UMRA's website ( in a day or two.


In the Tire & Wheel Center super stock division, Anthony Walker and Ralph Groomer started side by side on the front row; and they waged a race-long battle for the feature win. Groomer took the lead when the green flag waved; and, try as he might, Walker was unable to find his way around him.

Young Kevin Arthur turned in a strong performance in coming from the tail to finish ninth.

In preliminary action, Walker and Groomer won the heat races.


Qualifications:         1. J.T. Stapp, 5JT, 11.809;  2. Eric Shively, 3R,
11.912;  3. Shane Hollingsworth, 21H, 11.956;  4. Kevin Chambers, 18,
11.965;  5. A.J. Anderson, 10 12.057;  6. Jon Sciscoe, 7, 12.076;  7. Derek
Scheffel, 21s, 12.127;  8. Tim Creech, 31c, 12.138;  9. Brian Gerster, 77x,
12.161; 10. Kenny Carmichael, 92,  12.161;  11. Bill Boggs, 75, 12.164;
12. Rick Hayden, 5H, 12.235;  13. Steve Rone, 9R, 12.250;  14. Jimmy Laser,
8L, 12.288;  15. Tim Spindler, 31, 12.290;  16. Jon Stanbrough, 57, 12.297;
 17. Jared Fox, 56, 12.298;  18. Kurt Gross, 48, 12.405; 19. Dave Peperak,
77, 12.436;  20. Mike Hagemier, 17H, 12.445;  21. Bobby Stines, 88, 12.464;
22. Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 92c, 12.467;  23. Hud Cone, 91, 12.557;  24.
Kris Deckard, 97, 12.561;  25. Justin Marvel, 47, 12.595;  26. Terry Eup,
47T,  12.651;  27. Bobby Barger, 55, 12.711;  28. Nick Johnson, 15, 12.782;
 29. Mike Hunnicutt, 12H, 12.955;  30. Mike Slater, 6s, 13.010;  31. Joe
Cansdale, 5, 13.251;  32. Rex Norris, 63, 13.320;  33. Douglas Heck, 76,
13.352;  34. J.L. Brewer, 14, 13.710;  35. Scott Martin, 25, NT
AUTO HEAVEN AUTO PARTS HEAT 1: 1.(2) Jared Fox,  2.(5) A.J. Anderson,
3.(1) Bobby Stines,  4.(6) J.T. Stapp,  5.(7) Justin Marvel,  6.(3) Steve
Rone,  7.(9) Doug Heck,  8.(8) Mike Hunnicutt,  DNS.(9) Brian Gerster

PAUL D. BAUGH LAW OFFICE HEAT 2: 1.(2) Kurt Gross, 2.(4) Kenny Carmichael, 3.(1) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 4.(3) Jimmy Laser, 5.(6) Eric Shively, 6.(5) Jon Sciscoe, 7.(8) Mike Slaterr, 8.(9) J.L. Brewer, 9.(7) Terry Eup

WALNUT STREET AUTO SALES/CAMPUS RENTAL HEAT 3: 1.(1) Hud Cone, 2.(3) Tim Spindler, 3.(5) Derek Scheffel, 4.(6) Shane Hollingsworth, 5.(7) Bobby Barger, 6.(2) Dave Peperak, 7.(4) Bill Boggs. DNS.(8) Joe Crasdale, DNS.(9) Scott Martin

INTERSTATE BATTERY HEAT 4:  1.(3) Jon Stanbrough,  2.(4) Rick Hayden,
3.(5) Tim Creech II,  4.(2) Mike Hagemier,  5.(8) Rex Norris,  6.(9) Nick
Johnson,  7.(1) Kris Deckard,  8.(6) Kevin Chambers
JB SALVAGE B FEATURE 1:  1.(1) Eric Shively,  2.(8) Kris Deckard,  3.(2)
Kevin Chambers,  4.(9) Justin Marvel,  5.(6) Steve Rone,  6.(5) Bill Boggs,
 7.(7) Dave Peperak,  8.(14) Mike Slater,  9.(18) J.L. Brewer,  10.(16) Rex
Norris  11.(11) Bobby Barger,  12.(17) Douglas Heck,  13.(3) Jon Sciscoe,
14.(10) Terry Eup,  15.(13) Mike Hunnicutt,  DNS.(19) Scott Martin,
DNS.(4) Brian Gerster,  DNS(15) Joe Cansdale,  DNS.(12) Nick Johnson
ROOTS RV FEATURE:  1.(4) 21H Shane Hollingsworth,  2.(1) 21s Derek
Scheffel,  3.(5) 3R Eric Shively,  4.(12) 57 Jon Stanbrough,  5.(8) 92
Kenny Carmichael,  6.(6) 5JT J.T. Stapp,  7.(2) 10 A.J. Anderson,  8.(10)
8L Jimmy Laser,  9.(3) 18 Kevin Chambers,  10.(18) 91 Hud Cone,  11.(14) 48
Kurt Gross,  12.(9) 5H Rick Hayden,  13.(16) 88 Bobby Stines,  14.(13) 56
Jared Fox,  15.(17) 92c Kenny Carmichael, Jr.,  16.(7) 31c Tim Creech II,
17.(19) 97 Kris Deckard,  18.(15) 17H Mike Hagemier,  19.(11) 31 Tim
Spindler,  20.(20) 47 Justin Marvel

UMRA TQ Midgets (unofficial)

HEAT 1 Winner: Billy Puterbaugh

HEAT 2 Winner: Jason Willis

HEAT 3 Winner: Matt Arrington

Heat 4 Winner: Terry Goff

Bill Case Semi Feature #1: Robert Nichols

Bill Case Semi Feature #2: Joey Paxon

Feature: 1. Terry Goff, 2. Kenny Byrge, 3. Jason Willis, 4. Matt Arringon


MCCAMMON TREE SERVICE HEAT 1:    1.(1) Anthony Walker,  2.(2) Jack Frye,
3.(7) Joe Lucas, Jr.,  4.(8) Mel Bigham,  5.(4) Jeremy Pennington,  6.(6)
Steve Hollars,  7.(9) Travis Todd,  8.(5) Greg Kendall,  9.(3) Steve
Bowlen,  10.(10) Kevin Arthur
RAINTREE MUFFLER HEAT 2:        1.(1) Ralph Groomer,  2.(2) Ben DuBois,
3.(9) Danny Harris,  4.(5) Randy Howe,  5.(6) Mike Jones,  6.(8) C.J.
Allen,  7.(4) Jeremy Stierwalt;  8.(7) Jason Clark,  9.(3) Lloyd Turpin
TIRE & WHEEL CENTER SUPER STOCK FEATURE:  1.(2) 48 Ralph Groomer,  2.(1) 56
Anthony Walker,  3.(3) 2 Jack Frye,  4.(4) 55 Ben DuBois,  5.(5) 3J Joe
Lucas, Jr.,  6.(6) 19 Danny Harris,  7.(7) 49B Mel Bigham,  8.(8) 43 Randy
Howe,  9.(19) 74 Kevin Arthur,  10.(12) 9CJ C.J. Allen,  11.(17) 53 Steve
Bowlen,  12.(14) 40 Jeremy Stierwalt,  13.(18) 56x Lloyd Turpin,  14.(9) 20
Jeremy Pennington,  15.(16) 8JR Jason Clark,  16.(13) 51T Travis Todd,
17.(10) 70 Mike Jones,  18.(11) 18 Steve Hollars,  19.(15) 44 Greg Kendall

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