Bloomington Speedway preview 2000-08-25

(Bloomington, Ind. - August 16, 2000) BANK ONE is pleased to present the 12th Annual Sheldon Kinser Memorial. As a "Thank You" from their friendly banker, Bank One customers in Bloomington and Bedford can purchase discount tickets from their ...

(Bloomington, Ind. - August 16, 2000) BANK ONE is pleased to present the 12th Annual Sheldon Kinser Memorial. As a "Thank You" from their friendly banker, Bank One customers in Bloomington and Bedford can purchase discount tickets from their favorite Bank One branch.

No place is more appropriate for a memorial to Sheldon Kinser than the famous red clay oval that is Bloomington Speedway. Most fans remember Sheldon for the daring that he displayed on race tracks from coast to coast. He raced on tracks from quarter mile bull rings in sprints and midgets to mile dirt ovals in USAC champ dirt cars (now Silver Bullet) to the superspeedways where he competed with the best in champ cars. However, his toughest race, the one he lost, was with cancer. But he fought that one the hardest of all. He once said, "It would be easy to give up; but I'm going through all of this for my kids. I'm going to stay around as long as possible for them." Sheldon didn't just sit at home to fight the battle in solitude either. He continued to race, often tying a bandana around his throat to keep most of the dirt out of the hole there. He was a tough as nails competitor - one who had earned the respect of all who raced against him.

In addition to the $3000 first place money, lap prizes will be awarded in this race. A portion of the money raised for lap prizes will go to the Rich Vogler Memorial Scholarship Foundation. This foundation awards scholarships to promising students with a racing background. Nobody would ever hint that Sheldon and Rich were good friends, or any kind of friends for that matter. They were just too much alike. They were both driven competitors; and they often crossed swords. They certainly respected each other; and that's about all that could be expected.

Past winners of this include Tony Elliott, Kevin Thomas, Jack Hewitt, and Kevin Briscoe. Of course, we don't know how many of these guys will show up to try to win another one; but we know one guy for sure who will be here. Four time Sheldon Kinser Memorial winner Kevin Thomas said from victory lane at Bloomington Speedway on August 11, "The Sheldon Kinser Memorial has always been special to me; and I'll be there trying to win #5." This is one of the premier sprint car races of the season. Don't miss it.

As an added attraction for the sprint car fans, the top ten Pennzoil Cup Sprint Car drivers will receive their awards at this event.

There is never a shortage of O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modifieds or Tire & Wheel Center Super Stocks at Bloomington Speedway; however, there should be an even bigger field than usual for this show because of the extra $100 going to the winner in each class.

Another attraction for this event is the Antique Auto & Race Car Museum Gambler's Choice money will be up for grabs. The extra $1500 is available to a driver from the first two rows who agrees to start at the tail of the feature and wins the race. This money has been up for grabs to the sprint car racers all season; but nobody has tried to win it. At the August 11 race the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock drivers were given a shot at it when the eligible sprint car drivers all declined. Points leader Lee Hobbs accepted the challenge and came up just two spots short. At the Sheldon Kinser Memorial, the sprint car drivers will, again, get first shot at the extra $1500. If they decline again the top four O'Neal Wood Products Open Wheel Modifieds racers will be given the opportunity. There is one driver who has already brought a modified from last place to victory this season - Kerry Norris of Columbus. Kerry didn't voluntarily start last the last time. He got caught up in a first lap shunt and had to go to the tail; but the task before him was the same. Will he try to achieve this feat twice in the same season for an extra $1500 - don't bet against him. As an added point of interest, Kerry was the winner of the first Sheldon Kinser Memorial.

Grandstand admission for this special even is only $15 and pit admission is $25. Overnight camping is permitted as are coolers. No Glass Please.

Based on last year's series, the fans can expect to see record numbers of the finest midgets and non winged sprint cars around. Last year approximately 125 sprints and midgets participated in this program. NAMARS is an organization that is growing in size and in the quality of their events.

Although this event does not require pre-entry, we do have last year's experience to go on. Most of the top USAC midgets participated as well as virtually all of the NAMARS competitors. In addition, there is a pretty good number of midgets that campaigned in the USAC 16th Street Regional series that don't feel like they can afford to travel enough to follow the USAC national midget series or the tires and motors necessary to compete successfully on the pavement tracks that make up a large portion of the regular NAMARS shows.

This is the only midget show scheduled all season for Bloomington Speedway. Midget racers love to compete on the always well prepared red clay at Bloomington Speedway. Since there are no USAC midget races scheduled at the same time, it's a pretty fair bet that most of them will show up. The top finishing midgets at last year's five crown were Dave Darland, Tony Beaber, Matt Westfall, Steve Knepper, Tony Elliott, David Bridges, Tim Siner, Kevin Newton, Tim Spindler, and John Lucas. Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony George and his step-son, Ed Carpenter, also competed last season.

We always have a good field of sprint cars at Bloomington Speedway; but it should be even larger for this special show. In addition to the higher purse for this race, it is the last Pennzoil Cup points race of the season. Everybody will be attempting to optimize their position in the points. The top performing sprint cars from last year were piloted by Tony Elliott, Dave Darland, Kevin Briscoe, Kevin Doty, Bill Rose, Jay Drake, Brad Fox, Dick Gaines, Jr., Kevin Carmichael, and Kevin Miller.

The combination of sprints and midgets is the ideal show for our open wheel fans. In addition, their will be no qualifications. With the number of cars expected, we should have at least ten and maybe as many as a dozen heat races and several semis in addition to the two features. All of this racing will tax even a superbly prepared facility like Bloomington Speedway. We are not going to use up the track or your time with qualifications. In addition, a blind draw will often put some pretty good cars in the back of the field. All of this should make this program, again, one of the best shows of the year.

Grandstand admission for this special show will be only $15 while pit admission will be only $20. You will seldom see such good competition for so modest a price.

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