ARDC Port Royal Results 98-04-25

Big Crash And A Big ARDC Win For Ed Stimely Jr. At Port Royal Ed Stimely, Jr. of McVeytown, Pa. survived a major first lap crash that involved at least six cars and then went on to win the ARDC CARQUEST Midget feature at Port Royal ...

Big Crash And A Big ARDC Win For Ed Stimely Jr. At Port Royal Ed Stimely, Jr. of McVeytown, Pa. survived a major first lap crash that involved at least six cars and then went on to win the ARDC CARQUEST Midget feature at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday Night.

Randy Mausteller and Gary Halteman made up the front row of the feature event to take ARDC Flagman Ron Grater's green flag. As the field of Midgets raced through turns one and two, it was third place starter, Tim Dietz, who made his move to the front. Suddenly Halteman's No.91 was out of shape and all hell broke loose. Halteman's car began a series of flips and the other drivers scrambled to find openings to get through the melee. Ted Schmid slammed into the Halteman car. Hank Rogers, Jr. and Lew Blair also collided.

Other cars that received some damage included Ed Stimely's Phil DiMario's and Doug Borger's. Port Royal officials turned on the red lights immediately so the ambulance and medical staff could get to the drivers. Lew Blair was taken to the hospital with a possible shoulder injury. Ted Schmid reported that he was also a little sore but his J&S chassis midget suffered serious damage.

Gary Halteman tried to recall what happened. "Doug Borger put a slide job on me and came up in front of my car. Then I went to the bottom of the track to get him back. I hit a rut down there and my car just turned right. It wasn't anything that Doug did but everything happened so fast. I'm real sore right now."

After the crash, there was some confusion trying to get the Midgets pushed off, with track emergency vehicles still on the speedway and crew members working on damaged race cars. However, Port Royal officials took control of the situation along with the ARDC officials and order was restored after the vicious crash. On the restart, Ray Bull of New Oxford, Pa. took the lead away from Tim Dietz. Bull looked very strong in Spike Gillespie's Beast chassis No.1. but defending ARDC CARQUEST Champion, Ed Stimely, Jr., was racing on what he considers his home track. Stimely had the Yetter-owned No.6 Midget in a fast groove. Mark Freeland was also starting to mount a challenge for the lead in the Roger McKeehan-owned Stealth No.4. Stimely got by Bull on lap 12 and held off Freeland to win the 20 lap feature.

Ed Stimely Jr. was also the winner of the ARDC race at Port Royal last year. Stimely said, "After that wreck, the car felt a little dancey but that Gaerte motor is really strong. I like racing here." Stimely and Freeland were followed across the finish line by the Starrett Team cars of Bryan Kobylarz and Billy Courtwright and, along with Walt Stearly, completed the top five. Randy Mausteller received the Pennzoil award for his 13th place finish. The next ARDC CARQUEST Midget Series race is scheduled for Friday, May 8, at Williams Grove Speedway. The following night, May 9, ARDC will present a "Fan Appreciation Day" at Flemington Speedway. Several ARDC drivers will bring their cars to Flemington and put them on display behind the main grandstand. Also, some race fans will win prizes that will be given away by ARDC.

Race Summary:

Mason Racing Ignitions First Heat (8 laps): 1. Mark Freeland 2. Phil DiMario 3. Tim Dietz 4. Walt Stearly 5. Hank Rogers Jr. 6. Fred Schell 7. Shawn Burke 8. Fremont Dickerman 9. Ted Schmid

Hank's Performance Products Second Heat (8 laps): 1. Randy Mausteller 2. Ray Bull 3. Gary Mondschein 4. Billy Courtwright 5. Tom Martocci 6. Lew Blair 7. Mike Lapp 8. Brian Suchy 9. Duane Mausteller

Sander Engineering Third Heat (8 laps): 1. Ed Stimely Jr. 2. Gary Halteman 3. Doug Borger 4. Bryan Kobylarz 5. Mark Wakefoose 6. Monnie Wonder III 7. Dennis Schaeffer 8. Mike Piersig

Feature (20 laps): 1. Ed Stimely Jr. 2. Mark Freeland 3. Bryan Kobylarz 4. Billy Courtwright 5. Walt Stearly 6. Mike Lapp 7. Phil DiMario 8. Fred Schell 9. Mark Wakefoose 10. Dennis Schaeffer 11. Shawn Burke 12. Ray Bull 13. Randy Mausteller 14. Tim Dietz 15. Monnie Wonder III 16. Mike Piersig 17. Jim Jackson 18. Gary Mondschein 19. Duane Mausteller 20. Tom Martocci 21. Brian Suchy 22. Doug Borger 23. Gary Halteman 24. Lew Blair 25. Ted Schmid 26. Hank Rogers Jr.

Feature Lap Leaders:  Laps 1, Dietz; 2-11 Bull; 12-20 Stimely.  

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