ARDC - Oswego Results 98-09-05

Stoehr Wins ARDC/NEMA Midget Feature Saturday Night at Oswego OSWEGO, N.Y., Sept. 5 - Russ Stoehr of Bridgewater, Mass., won the 25-lap National Parts Peddler Midget Championship race Saturday night at Oswego Speedway, which was...

Stoehr Wins ARDC/NEMA Midget Feature Saturday Night at Oswego

OSWEGO, N.Y., Sept. 5 - Russ Stoehr of Bridgewater, Mass., won the 25-lap National Parts Peddler Midget Championship race Saturday night at Oswego Speedway, which was part of the 42nd annual Budweiser International Classic. The event was organized by the Oswego Speedway management but both the American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) CARQUEST Midget Series and the Northeastern Midget Assn. (NEMA) awarded points for the event.

Supermodified and Indy Racing League Indy car driver Joe Gosek of Oswego, N.Y., finished second. Defending ARDC CARQUEST Midget Series champion Ed Stimely Jr. of McVeytown, Pa., was third. Bobby Seymour of Marlboro, Mass., was fourth. Piermont, N.Y.'s Phil DiMario, the 1996 ARDC CARQUEST Midget Series champion, was fifth. Billy Courtwright of Hackettstown, N.J., turned in another fine run to finish sixth. His teammate, the current ARDC CARQUEST Midget Series point leader, Bryan Kobylarz of Birdsboro, Pa., was seventh. Doug Borger of Kunkletown, Pa., came in eighth. Polesitter and initial leader Monnie Wonder III of Lititz, Pa., was ninth and Joey Payne of Hawthorne, N.J. rounded out the top 10.

Unofficially, Kobylarz still leads the ARDC CARQUEST driver points standings with two races remaining, although Stimely cut into his lead Saturday night. Mark Freeland of Ickesburg, Pa., and DiMario are also still in the hunt for the ARDC driver championship unofficially. The two point races remaining are slated for this coming Saturday night, Sept. 12, at Lincoln Speedway in New Oxford, Pa. (a wingless show), and Saturday, Sept. 19 at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va.

Stoehr was behind the wheel of Bruce Beane's Rieder Gaerte which is sponsored by M&H Tires and Midway Auto Parts. He started 12th and took the lead on lap nine. He lost the point to Drew Fornoro of Andover, N.J., with a dozen laps down. Fornoro, who won a similar race here July 4, then suffered mechanical difficulties and dropped out. Stoehr was never again headed enroute to the $2,000 top payoff.

The race was slowed by three yellows and stopped by one red. The red was for Keith Botelho of Foxboro, Mass., who got hit by Kobylarz on lap six and spun about 10 times and then rolled on the frontstretch. He emerged unscathed.

That red proved to be a lucky break for DiMario, who had a tire going down almost immediately. He was able to change it under the red and restart on the rear of the field, rebounding to fifth at the checkered.

One of the yellows was for Shawn Burke of Saylorsburg, Pa., who tagged the wall with his D&G Fontana between turns three and four around the lap-7 mark. He went to a local hospital to have his arm examined after the crash, but returned to the track later that night.

The first yellow was for Mike Luggelle of Hull, Mass., who had motor problems at the start of the race.

The final caution was for a spin by Mike Lapp of Slatington, Pa., near the half-way point. Gary Mondschein of Stewartsville, N.J., got caught up in that incident and cut a tire.

The eight-lap heats went to Gosek, Fornoro and Stoehr, while Mark Buonomo of Waltham, Mass., won the consy.

The summary:

First Heat (8 laps) - 1. Joe Gosek, 2. Joey Payne, 3. Ed Stimely Jr., 4. Mark Freeland, 5. Mike Lapp, 6. Doug Borger, 7. Ed Breault, 8. Jerry Kobva, 9. Jim Miller, 10. Glen Cabral, 11. Lee Bundy (DNS), 12. Jim Jackson (DNS).

Second Heat (8 laps) - 1. Drew Fornoro, 2. Bobby Seymour, 3. Billy Courtwright, 4. Monnie Wonder III, 5. Keith Botelho, 6. Gary Halteman, 7. Mark Wakefoose, 8. Shawn Burke, 9. Dan Shelbo, 10. Mark Buonomo, 11. Chuck Welling, 12. Brian Suchy.

Third Heat (8 laps) - 1. Russ Stoehr, 2. Phil DiMario, 3. Bryan Kobylarz, 4. Robert Boetticher, 5. Fred Schell, 6. Dave Baumgartner, 7. John Ferrell, 8. Gary Mondschein, 9. Doug Cleveland, 10. Matt O'Brien, 11. Bill Ertel, 12. Mike Ober.

Consy (8 laps) - 1. Mark Buonomo, 2. Gary Mondschein, 3. Jim Miller, 4. Doug Cleveland, 5. Bill Ertel, 6. Dan Shelbo, 7. Glen Cabral, 8. Matt O'Brien, 9. Lee Bundy, 10. Brian Suchy, 11. Jim Jackson (DNS).

Feature (25 laps) - 1. Russ Stoehr, 2. Joe Gosek, 3. Ed Stimely Jr., 4. Bobby Seymour, 5. Phil DiMario, 6. Billy Courtwright, 7. Bryan Kobylarz, 8. Doug Borger, 9. Monnie Wonder III, 10. Joey Payne, 11. Dave Baumgartner, 12. Jim Miller, 13. Doug Cleveland, 14. Gary Halteman, 15. Fred Schell, 16. Jerry Kobva, 17. Mark Wakefoose, 18. Bill Ertel, 19. John Ferrell, 20. Robert Boetticher, 21. Mark Freeland, 22. Ed Breault, 23. Dan Shelbo, 24. Drew Fornoro, 25. Gary Mondschein, 26. Mike Lapp, 27. Mark Buonomo, 28. Shawn Burke, 29. Keith Botelho, 30. Mike Luggelle.

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