ARDC: Grandview results 2004-06-26

Heydenreich wins with ARDC after 9 years Bechtelsville PA - Its been 9 years since Johnny Heydenreich, Indianapolis IN, competed in an ARDC midget event. When the call came from Mike Miller to race at Grandview Speedway on Sunday ...

Heydenreich wins with ARDC after 9 years

Bechtelsville PA - Its been 9 years since Johnny Heydenreich, Indianapolis IN, competed in an ARDC midget event. When the call came from Mike Miller to race at Grandview Speedway on Sunday night, Heydenreich agreed. Little did he know, he would take top honors in the feature event.

Saturday night, Heydenreich was running a Silver Crown Car at Richmond when he made the decision to swing past Grandview Speedway on his way to Pikes Peak. Running Car No. 7 normally occupied by Marc Dailey, Heydenreich ran third during the second heat event.

The first surprise of the night came when Don Trent, Honeybrook PA went out to run hot laps. Trent's 18 car was out of circulation after a mishap at New Egypt Speedway earlier this month. Trent would field the No.49 entry for Starrett Racing at Grandview. After getting heat in the motors, it was believed that the car fouled a plug or there was a distributor problem. For his first time in the car, Trent did not get any practice. During his heat event, Trent settled for fifth place as he became familiar with the car. But in the feature, Trent found his groove.

The Grandview Speedway winged feature event began a bit rough as Dave Shirk, Mohton PA tumbled high in the air and bounced off the frontstretch catch fence. Shirk was able to walk away uninjured, but the same could not be said of his Mega Motorsports entry.

Back under green, Trent was on the move. Running in the groove he slid past Fred Schell, Phoenixville PA to take the lead. Running three wide for second place was Steve Lenig, Selinsgrove PA; Schell; and Ray Bull, Bloomsburg PA. The next lap by Trent began to open a few car lengths on the field.

Lenig left the track on lap 9. Three laps later Steve Craig was spun around in turn 3 bringing out the second caution of the event. Under the caution on lap 12, defending points leader Ray Bull retired his car from the event. 'We lost a bolt,' said Bull and we just couldn't steer it.' When the cars restarted it was Trent pacing the field once again. Sneaking into second was Heydenreich. Holding down third position was rookie Frank Polimeda, Fort Lee NJ. In his first midget start at Grandview Speedway Polimeda was running extremely well. in the Zrinski owned No. 25. 'This track is awesome fun,' said Polimeda 'it is the perfect midget track.' The 25 machine has conquered a fuel injection problem that has been plaguing the team for the last few events. Polimeda is a versatile competitor, he also earned a Legends victory at Wall Stadium on Saturday.

Trent continued to lead the way as the Millers vied for fifth position. Mike Miller and his daughters Michele and Tracy all exchanged the position multiple times. The red flag flew again on lap 18 when Mike Roselli, Brodheadsville flipped his entry in turn 2, five other cars spun to avoid contact.

Coming around to the green, Heydenreich was aware that his entry did not have brakes. When the flag flew, he carefully chose his line and was able to pass Trent clean on the inside. He would lead the last two rotations and claim the win.

For Heydenreich the win is special. 'Tracks like Grandview, Selinsgrove, Lincoln, Williams Grove and Port Royal they just don't get any better,' said Heydenreich who has been running out west. Heydenreich was pleased with the opportunity to field an entry for Miller Racing. 'Mike has a heart of gold,' said Heydenreich. ' His daughters are talented and I enjoy working with them.' he continued.

After a tumultuous start to the year, Trent was pleased with second place after the night started a bit off. 'I can't thank Starrett Racing enough for letting me run the 49 car,' said Trent. 'I was out with a vengeance.' The win comes as a morale booster for Trent's team. 'We needed this,' said Trent, 'It gives us more steam going to Bridgeport on Tuesday.' The runner-up finish was salvaged with some fine tuning on the car. Assisting Trent's team at the track was Bryan Kobylarz. Kobylarz ran the 49 in past ARDC seasons.

The ARDC midgets head to Bridgeport Speedway on Tuesday June 29, as part of the Big Show V.

Mason's Racing Ignitions Heat 1: (1) Mike Miller, (2) Tracy Miller, (3) Ray Bull, (4) Fred Schell, (5) Don Trent, (6) Steve Lenig, (7) Mike Roselli, (8) Scott Zipp

Hanks Performance Products Heat 2: (1) Dave Shirk, (2) Frank Polimeda, (3) Johnny Heydenreich, (4) Steve Craig, (5) Michele Miller, (6) Billy Courtwright, (7) Carey Becker, (8) Chris Rupp DNS- Steve Buckwalter

Feature Finish: (1) Johnny Heydenreich, (2) Don Trent, (3) Frank Polimeda, (4) Michele Miller, (5) Fred Schell, (6) Scott Zipp, (7) Billy Courtwright, (8) Mike Miller, (9) Steve Craig, (10) Carey Becker, (11) Tracy Miller, (12) Mike Roselli, (13) Chris Rupp, (14) Ray Bull, (15) Steve Lenig, (16) Steve Buckwalter, (17) Dave Shirk


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