ADRC: Linda Speedway results 2004-08-28

Bull returns to victory lane at Linda's Jonestown PA -- Ray Bull earned his tenth feature win of the 2004 Ray's Yamaha 'Polaris' Victory American Racing Drivers Club Midget Series. The win came at Linda's Speedway where Bull, Bloomsburg PA, is a...

Bull returns to victory lane at Linda's

Jonestown PA -- Ray Bull earned his tenth feature win of the 2004 Ray's Yamaha 'Polaris' Victory American Racing Drivers Club Midget Series. The win came at Linda's Speedway where Bull, Bloomsburg PA, is a former 270 cc micro competitor and former micro national open winner at the speedway.

Many competitors in the ARDC Midget Series graduated from the ranks of micro racing and competed in past events on the ¼ mile dirt surface at Linda's Speedway.

Ed Stimely Jr., McVeytown PA, stole the lead from pole sitter Fred Schell on the lap 4. Shortly thereafter, the second caution flew when Mike Miller got turned around in turn 4. Miller, Birdsboro PA, a past micro feature winner at Linda's Speedway clipped the inside tires on the track. He was able to restart his midget and join the tail of the field.

Back under green, the cars of Bull, Steve Buckwalter and Don Trent were moving quickly toward the leaders.

Buckwalter, Royersford PA, is a well-known driver at Linda's Speedway. He has claimed the titles of 'Mr. Excitement' and the 'Royersford Rocket,' and his drive to the front did not disappoint the fans.

Don Trent, Honeybrook PA, is a fan of Linda's Speedway. Trent came to Linda's with memories of past races and thoughts of visiting victory lane.

Trent mans the Starrett Racing entry and has recently missed two events due to engine troubles. 'The engine woes are fixed,' said Trent who did late battle in the race with Bryan Kobylarz in a team car. Kobylarz, Birdsboro PA, is no stranger to the micro sprint track and found the outside groove to his liking. He flanked Trent for six rotations before relinquishing a position to Mike Miller. Kobylarz had problems early in the event and joined the field under caution four laps down. "I knew Bryan was there,' said Trent, 'I tried to take his line away from him.' Trent did not know his teammate was a lapped car.

Miller became a man to be reckoned with as he picked his way through the field one position at a time. He would be back up to sixth position by lap 12.

Frank Polimeda, Fort Lee NJ, was sitting in the fifth position when Miller knocked on his back door. Polimeda, a versatile competitor in multiple series is also familiar with the ¼ mile facility, as he is a former track champion. As the drivers kept edging closer to the front, Bull began to open a small lead over Stimely. Buckwalter and Trent continued to battle with Stimely, at times the three cars were 3-wide for position.

The next caution flew on lap 21 for the double zero entry of Ken Miller, in a surprising twist Buckwalter left the track. On the restart Miller would surpass Polimeda for the fourth position. It was green flag racing to the checkers where Bull claimed victory over Stimely and Trent. Rounding out the top five were Mike Miller and Polimeda.

'Midgets are neat,' said Bull as he addressed the race fans at Linda's Speedway and compared his new class of cars to the 270cc micros. 'I'm with a great team,' he said, 'I ran laps here (Linda's Speedway) in a micro, this is still a great learning place,' he continued. 'I hope the race was action packed and I want to thank the fans for coming out.'

Bull was also quick to thank Dave Reedy of Penske shocks. 'Reedy really got us going good,' said Bull who had a scare as laps began to wind down. Bull was experiencing tire troubles, he had ran low on the track and abused his tire. As he started to find the top groove, Bull hit the marbles and struck the wall. Luckily he bounced off and was able to continue. The bobble allowed Stimely to catch the leader, but did not present an opportunity for him to pass.

For Stimely, this is first top 3 finish of the season. Stimely drives for Yetter Racing and was fairly happy with a second place finish. 'This is the best the car has felt,' he said.' 'I ran more of a low groove, I was too loose to run up high.'

Also strutting his stuff on the tight ¼ mile was Chris Rupp. Rupp started in the 18th position and advanced to sixth place by mid race. Rupp would be regulated to a ninth place finish as some hard chargers snuck past late in the race. This marks his second top-10 finish of the season for Starrett Racing and the Belvedere NJ native. Rupp currently attends the Steven's Institute where he will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Heat 1: (1) Steve Buckwalter, (2) Dave Shirk, (3) Mike Miller, (4) Bryan Kobylarz, (5) Fred Schell, (6) Steve Craig, (7) Scott Zipp, (8) Kathy Kurtz, (9) Carey Becker

Heat 2: (1) Ray Bull, (2) Tracy Miller, (3) Don Trent, (4) Frank Polimeda, (5) Ed Stimely, (6) Michele Miller, (7) Ken Miller, (8) Bobby Goernor, (9) Chris Rupp, (Steve Lenig -- DNS)

Feature Results: (1) Ray Bull, (2) Ed Stimely, (3) Don Trent, (4) Mike Miller, (5) Frank Polimeda, (6) Fred Schell, (7) Scott Zipp, (8) Tracy Miller, (9) Chris Rupp, (10) Carey Becker, (11) Kathy Kurtz, (12) Bryan Kobylarz, (13) Steve Buckwalter, (14) Ken Miller, (15) Steve Craig, (16) Dave Shirk, (17) Bobby Goernor, (18) Michele Miller (Steve Lenig -- DNS)

The thoughts and prayers of the ARDC members are with Denny Lauer who underwent invasive internal surgery on Wednesday and remains hospitalized at the University Hospital of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Once Denny Lauer is moved out of intensive care, his room address will be placed on the ARDC website, Please send cards and letters, as he has been vital to ARDC.

Walt Stearly, Trappe PA, returned to Linda's Speedway to watch the ARDC competitors battle the track where he had a severe accident 14 months ago. Stearly was in good spirits as he and his family spoke to the drivers and officials in the pits.


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