Britain's Le Mans Triumph (1953)


British drivers are victorious in the Le Mans 24 hour race in France.

GV. Start of Le Mans race. SV. Pan car rounding bend including Jaguar 18. SV. Car racing towards. A.V. Cars speeding along road. SV. Pan Jaguar 19 flashing past. SV. Pan another car chasing after Jaguar. SV. Travel shot road. CU. Front wheels of car. CU. Travel shot driver of car.

Cars speeding round bend. A.V. S.C. Pan another Jaguar 17. LV. Pan cars 2 and 3 racing together SV. People riding Doggem cars. & SCU. GV. Cars racing through night. SV. Travel shot No.58. racing at night. SV. Travel shot roadway. LV. Cars racing at night (Dawn.) SV. Jaguar board in pits. SV. Jaguar 18 pulling up.

SV. Tony Holt climbing out Mechanics at work. SV. Petrol bowser, SCU. Duncan Hamilton climbing into car.& SCU. driving away. GV. Cars racing past packed stands. SV. Pan cars rounding bend. SV. Pan cars racing towards

A.V. Car racing. SCU. Pan Jaguar 18 racing. SV. Pan Jaguar 18 overtaking another car. SCU. Finishing flag. SCU, Pan Jaguar 18 crosses finishing line. SV. Crowd. SV. Duncan Hamilton at wheel. & SCU.

(Orig "A")
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Video by British Pathé
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Series Le Mans
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