The Racer's Group hour 18 race report

TRG -- Hour 18 at Le Mans Le Mans, France -- June 13, 2004 With 18 of 24 hours of racing recorded, the ...

TRG -- Hour 18 at Le Mans
Le Mans, France -- June 13, 2004

With 18 of 24 hours of racing recorded, the #81 TRG Porsche broke the top 20 positions overall, sitting in 6th position in class. Ian Donaldson, having taken over the controls from Gregor Fisken just after dawn, battled his way through the field and gained two positions in his stint. He in turn gave the car over to Lars Nielsen, who promptly placed the car in the top 20.

Donaldson explained, "I was having a very trouble-free stint, until one of the prototypes and I got into it in one of the chicanes. There was a good bit of debris just offline! We're having a tremendous run and things are going very well. It was fantastic to watch Gregor drop his lap times in the latter half of his double stint just before I got in, and it looks like Lars has picked up where I left off and gained us a track position."

Team owner Kevin Buckler said, "I really couldn't have scripted any better how everything's unfolding for us -- the car, the drivers, the team, the strategy, it's all been flawless. We just keep chomping away at the leaders. We're in a real cat-and-mouse game with the only remaining Ferrari right now, and we keep changing positions with them on every pit stop. It's funny, we've all been up for over 24 hours now, and everyone's really into it. I'm real proud of the entire team. "

In the remaining six hours of the race, each driver will drive at least once more each, so a confident tension is pervasive in the TRG garage.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans will run until 10am ET on Sunday, June 13, and is being televised live on Speed Channel in the United States and on Eurosport in Europe.


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