Team ORECA Matmut post-race quotes

Hugues de Chaunac (Group ORECA President): " This was such a great satisfaction, a true recompense for all that work done by ORECA. Our race was well managed with a perfect performance by the drivers and the team. However this does not take away...

Hugues de Chaunac (Group ORECA President): " This was such a great satisfaction, a true recompense for all that work done by ORECA. Our race was well managed with a perfect performance by the drivers and the team. However this does not take away from the dissatisfaction I felt throughout the entire week. That was hard. With our 5th place we have now entered into the second phase of our challenge with our cars racing next to that of the major manufacturers. We couldn't afford to make mistakes: no.10 had the capacity to perform as well as no.11, but unfortunately three mistakes were made. These cost us dearly but also served to remind us that this is Le Mans. Whatever the situation the team proved their motivation and professionalism. No one gave up, and I never doubted for a moment. We now need to move on to our third year challenge, but for that the regulations have to change. "

David Floury (Technical Director): " The technical team did a fantastic job, really showing team spirit. This is our reward for one and a half years of very hard work: there were difficult moments, and we had to face certain critics, but today we proved our potential. It is a shame that we did not have car no.10 cross the finish line as she was just as competitive as no.11. One of the positive points was the cars' reliability as neither suffered from mechanical difficulty during the race. Our 5th place finish symbolises the progress that we have made. We have really taken one giant step forward. "

Nicolas Lapierre (ORECA 01, no.11) : " That felt good ! This was the best result we could have hoped for and to achieve it, it took an incredible amount of work from the team and drivers. Faire mieux que la 8e place d'ORECA l'an dernier, cela montre tous les progrès qui ont ete faits depuis douze mois.5e ici, c'est comme une victoire compte-tenu du règlement. Les essais n'ont pas ete faciles, mais nous avons su bien preparer l'epreuve. La strategie etait parfaite ! "

Soheil Ayari (ORECA 01 no.11) : " 5e, c'est assez incroyable! Le plateau etait reellement très releve cette annee. Nous avons pu compter sur une voiture constante : que ce soit mon premier ou mon dernier relais, elle a ete identique. En un an, ORECA a fait de gros progrès, aussi bien en fiabilite qu'en performance pure. Le dernier relais n'etait pas simple : j'ai d'abord dû resister à la Lola-Aston Martin, avant la Peugeot. Nous avons bien gere les neutralisations et la consommation. Cela a fait la difference sur la fin." Olivier Panis (ORECA 01, no.11): " The entry list was magical with a lot of tough competition to face. ORECA proved that it could run with the best of them. The team devised a perfect race strategy, including the pit stops and during the interventions. I take my hat off to my team mates, ainsi qu'aux trois pilotes de la no.10. Entre nous six, il y a eu une superbe ambiance. Le debut d'annee n'a pas ete facile : je suis un gagneur et cela me fait mal de ne pas être sur la plus haute marche du podium. Cette 5e place pour nous, c'est comme la victoire pour Peugeot. J'espère desormais me battre pour un succès à l'avenir. "

Bruno Senna (ORECA 01, no.10): " I came into Endurance car racing for the experience. I have already learned a lot on many different levels. You cannot make mistakes if you want to continue farther. I don't know if I will be back next year at the Le Mans 24 Hours, perhaps with better preparation... but I really appreciated this experience and the circuit is so unique. My objective is to drive in F1, but I think that I still have many things to accomplish with Team ORECA. "

Stephane Ortelli (ORECA 01, no.10): " During the week I had a fantastic time with the ORECA 01. We still lack a bit of pure performance but the car is agreeable and very comfortable to drive, exactly what you need here. I know the team really well and I was amazed by what they achieved in the project development and management: at the tests and during the race they knew what was needed to repair the car. I am a bit frustrated that we did not finish the race, but... "

Tiago Monteiro (ORECA 01, no.10): " After two GT events here, I discovered Le Mans in prototypes: something completely different! I had the greatest pleasure driving the ORECA 01. The team did a simply amazing job. I already knew them through the WTCC but I got to know them better during this event. I was impressed by their professionalism and I spent a wonderful week with my co-drivers and mechanics. At Le Mans, anything can happen and unfortunately we did not cross the finish line, but we still believe in car no.11. This edition was a great learning curve for me, I can't wait to race here again ! "

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