Porsche Motorsports hour 12 report

2003 Le Mans -- LM GT class after 12 hours - halfway The ...

2003 Le Mans -- LM GT class after 12 hours - halfway

The #93 Alex Job Racing/Petersen Motorsports Porsche has lost the lead twice in the past three hours -- both times due to the need for radiator replacements -- but leads again at the 12th hour..

The first time, In the tenth hour, the #77 Team Taisan Porsche took the lead, as the Alex Job car lost two laps.

But then Japanese entry lost time in the pits having its driver's side door replaced, and the Rizi Ferrari of Mowlem/Leitzinger/Mowlem took over the lead.

That only lasted a few laps, however, as it beca me the first DNF of the LM GT leaders, losing its engine. Then, #87 Orbit Porsche of Lieb/Hindery/Baron took over the lead, but lost it Sascha Maassen and the Alex Job team when the Orbit car came in for its routine stop.

But then the Alex Job car again needed radiator repairs, and the Orbit car took over the lead. However, the Alex Job Porsche is lapping the circuit 20 seconds faster than the Orbit car, and Sascha Maassen has taken over the lead once again. Marc Lieb is now in the Orbit car, and he has closed the gap to eight seconds.


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