Perrinn Limited open source 'myLMP1' show car unveiled

Can an purely open sourced racing team compete at the highest level of sports car racing?

I bought a Raspberry Pi two weeks ago. A Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that has no operating system but all the necessary outputs for the everyday user to be able to use.

Find yourself some free operating system like Linux on the internet, put it on an sd card, plug it into a tv and you have a $35-ish dollar computer.

Now, why am I rambling on about smoething like that on a Motorsports website?

Because it’s the perfect explanation of Nicolas Perrin’s project, myLMP1.

The open sourced LMP1 design project headed by Perrinn Limited and Nicolas Perrin has rolled out it’s first show car to help spur on interest in the project.

Can a community backed racing team win at Le Mans?


Perrinn Limited myLMP1 Showcar
Perrinn Limited myLMP1 Showcar

Photo by: Perrinn Limited

The goal of the project for Perrin is to race at Le Mans, and ultimately win at Le Mans in a car he had a hand in designing.

The open sourced nature of the project means that anyone, from you and me to the next up and coming aerodynamic engineer can log on and make comments and suggestions towards the project.

I think the open source bit is simply to save costs on engineering.

Whether or not they will be ready to compete at Le Mans this coming year or not is still up in the air, but I hope to discover more about the project soon.

If you are still skeptical about open source and it’s merits….head over to Google and search Linux, or Raspberry Pi, or even myLMP1. In the mean time, here are some great images of the showcar.

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