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Panoz Motor Sports #12 machine of Bill Auberlen, David Donohue and Gunnar Jeannette continued a strong performance after eight hours in the Le Mans 24 Hour - moving into the top ten.

Both Auberlen and Donohue completed triple stints aboard the car while Jeannette experienced a fast and trouble free run in his first Le Mans double stint aboard a prototype.

The only drama facing the American trio in the "Spirit of Le Mans" Panoz was a power steering problem. Despite this, Auberlen was able to finish three fuel stints on a single set of Michelin tires.

Unfortunately for the #11 machine, an overheating problem resulted in multiple pitstops before the car was eventually pushed into the garage to complete a total rebuild of the cooling system.

With a safety car entering the circuit just before midnight, the Panoz squad elected to bring the #12 car into the garage for a brief stop to attempt to repair the power steering.

After eight hours, David Donohue was back behind the wheel for his second stint aboard the car.

"The car was pretty tough to drive without power steering and but the handling was still good and the engine is pulling really well," Auberlen said.

"It is a real shame what is happening with the #11 car, but we will keep pressing on through the night.

"The Michelin tires were really consistent through the entire triple stint - that should be a real bonus for us through the night."

The #12 car also made a second stop during the safety car period to replace a blown lighting fuse.

After eight hours, the lead was held by the Audi of Frank Biela, Tom Kristensen and Emanuele Pirro.


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