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MICHELIN'S 10TH CONSECUTIVE VICTORY AT LE MANS In front of over 250000 spectators Audi Sport and Michelin dominated the 75th 24 Hours of Le Mans. This will be a memorable day in the motor sport history as the two partners ...


In front of over 250000 spectators Audi Sport and Michelin dominated the 75th 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This will be a memorable day in the motor sport history as the two partners demonstrated the diesel technology dominance over the world's most difficult endurance race. Michelin was able met the challenge lanced by Audi and secured their 10th straight victory in the Sarthe.

In the LMP2 category, Michelin finished second with Team Barazi Epsilon-Michelin (A.Fernandez/H.Kurosawa/R.Kerr). Michelin also stole the show in GT1 with the victory of Aston Martin Racing-Michelin (D.Brabham/ R.Rydell/ D.Turner) and took the top 5 finish positions. In GT2, it was Team Imsa Performance-Michelin (R.Narac / R.Lietz / P.Long) who proved victorious over Risi Competizione - Michelin.

Michelin also swept the 3 first places of the general results 24 Hours of Le Mans, continuing a winning streak that started back in 1998.

This was the manufacturers' 16th victory in this most difficult but prestigious endurance race.

Overcoming technological challenges has always been part of the Michelin culture, in particular in endurance racing and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This only underlines the achievements of Audi and its tyre partner, Michelin in the world's most demanding and famous endurance race.

Michel Rollier - Michelin Director
"I am thrilled to see that for the 10th consecutive time, Michelin tyre technology has been a contributing factor in the Audi's success. This technology is a proof of performance and ultimate success for our clients. ".

Matthieu Bonardel - Michelin 4 Wheels Competition Director
"I would like to start off by thanking all of our partners in LMP1, GT1 and GT2 for their respective victories. It is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that for the last 10 years we have been able to offer to all of our partners despite the conditions rain, warm or cold products which perform and a reactive and personable team. Our success has given us confidence for the future. When you are able to accomplish something 10 consecutive times it helps you to feel secure for the years ahead. "

Dr Ullrich Audi Sport Director
"It was a very difficult race and we tried with our partner Michelin to get the maximum out of the car- driver-tyre package. We share a common trait with Michelin: we are both very competitive. The weather conditions were often variable, and at times it was difficult enough for the cars just to stay on the track, the conditions were so wet. Michelin adapted perfectly to every situation and found the ideal solution. I would like to thank them for their cooperation. "

M.Werner Audi Sport Driver
"I am really pleased to be back on the winner's podium of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Michelin. In the difficult conditions that we endured this week-end, the tyres were critical. Michelin has supplied us exceptional rain tyres and at the end of the day, they proved to be the essential factor in winning the race. Working with a manufacturer like Michelin for us is like having a guarantee and I sincerely wish to thank them for all of their support. "

F. Biela Audi Sport Driver
"I would like to mention that we received unwavering support and assistance from Michelin. Every time that we found ourselves in a difficult situation, they always found an appropriate and rapid solution. They were just exceptional! This really made our work less complicated. Whatever our problem Michelin was always there for us. We continuously received advice from them and during the race we always had the right tyre at the right moment. We are extremely happy and I most heartfully thank Michelin for their fantastic job.

E.Pirro Audi Sport Driver
"It was a very difficult race. In these conditions, we had to have high performance tyres, durable and not jeopardising our security. Michelin met all of our demands. I must thank Michelin for having supplied us with such good tyres. The Michelin products performed perfectly regardless of the weather conditions. Thank you again Michelin for all your precious assistance. "

Unbeaten at Le Mans since 1998

Michelin's first success of the modern era with Alpine-Renault in 1978 underlined the advantage of close, long-term working relationships with its partner teams. Then, over the years, Porsche, BMW, Sauber-Mercedes, Peugeot, Toyota, McLaren, Bentley and Audi successively called on Michelin to help them in their bid for victory. In all, Michelin and its illustrious partners have secured sixteen outright success in the Le Mans 24 Hours, and ten wins since 1998!

Bibendum owes its most recent triumphs at Le Mans to a fruitful partnership with two brands Audi and Bentley. Last year, the Michelin-shod Audi R10 celebrated its swansong outing with a further win.

For this year's race, Michelin has been approached by Audi and Peugeot to take on the exciting technological challenge of winning the celebrated endurance race with diesel power.

Successful on several fronts

In addition to their spectacular victory here at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, Michelin has achieved further great victories in motor sport in 2006 on both two and four wheels. For the 26th time, Michelin won for the World Championship category `Queen' in motorcycle racing. Michelin also won the American Le Mans Series, and Le Mans Series. For the first time Michelin participated in the World Rally Championship running under the BFGoodrich brand, which has not affected its performance levels, with two world championship titles. BFGoodrich also won the Dakar, a further success which helps demonstrate that Michelin is the most diverse manufacturer on the market.

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