Le Mans Live: Non-stop text, photo, and video updates - Part 1

Hello everyone, I'm Nick DeGroot and welcome to Motorsport.com's non-stop coverage of Le Mans! Enjoy the text, photo, and video updates we are utilizing to tell the story of this great race as it unfolds!

Le Mans Live: Non-stop text, photo, and video updates - Part 1

To see the the minute-by-minute updates from hour six to hour twelve, CLICK HERE

Hour Six Update The #7 Toyota has nearly a full minute advantage over the #2 Audi in LMP1. The #46 Thiriet By TDS Racing has taken over in LMP2. Nothing has changed in GTE with the #74 Corvette on point in the Pro class and the #98 Aston Martin still in control of the Am division.

5:52:00 More problems for the #66 Ferrari...they are back in the garage with no brakes.

5:51:00 The #66 Ferrari has a minor off, back going now.

5:50:00 The #2 Audi has chomped over 20 seconds out the #7 Toyota's lead after a faster pit stop.

5:42:00 The #13 Rebellion has major issues and repairs are ongoing back in the garage. The sister car runs 5th overall.

5:41:00 One full minute separates the leading #7 Toyota and the #2 Audi

5:31:00 The #43 Morand Racing LMP2 machine makes contact with a Ferrari and spins at Arnage. He's lucky he didn't tear up that car.

5:30:00 Sarrazin holds a very comfortable lead in the #7 Toyota right now.

5:19:00 Local yellow at Arnage; the #61 Ferrari has spun.

5:10:00 That gravel trap at the exit of Mulsanne Corner is being put to good use today. The #24 Sebastien Loeb Racing Oreca just utilized it.

5:08:00 Mark Webber just revealed to Fox Sports 1 that the #20 Porsche, which has really fallen off since their unscheduled pit stop, is trying to 'manage something.' He would not elaborate.

5:05:00 Sam Bird just tweeted about the incident between himself, the #3 Audi, & #8 Toyota.

Hour Five Update The #7 Toyota has retaken control of the race after an unscheduled pit stop for the #20 Porsche. The #35 Oak Racing Ligier-Nissan holds court out front of the LMP2 class. In GTE Pro, it's the #74 Corvette, while the #98 Aston Martin leads the way in GTE Am.

We haven't seen a full-course caution since the second hour, which is a very good thing. There hasn't been any rain in the last 90 minutes, just clear skies and some great racing.

4:59:00 Hartley goes straight through the first Mulsanne Chicane, losing a few seconds.

4:54:00 The #72 Ferrari, who runs 3rd in GTE Am, has a minor off.

4:50:30 The #1 Audi gives up third to pit...#20 Porsche quickly retakes the spot.

4:50:00 We now know why the #52 Ferrari stopped on track earlier...

4:48:00 The #20 Porsche pace doesn't seem to be as good as it was before that unscheduled stop...we'll keep an eye out to see if anything else is hindering Hartley's efforts.

4:46:00 The #2 Audi is running 2nd, but 47.5 seconds back. The #1 Audi easily gets by the #20 Porsche and moves into 3rd.

4:40:00 The #20 Porsche made an unscheduled pit stop because of a possible puncture.

Race Control 15-second stop-and-go penalty for the #50 Larbre Morgan-Judd.

4:32:00 The fleet of LMP1 cars rocket off into the distance at the start of the race...

Race action
Race action

Photo by: James Holland

4:26:00 Brundle puts the #35 Ligier-Nissan into the LMP2 lead, passing Frey in the #34 Oreca-Judd on the track.

4:22:00 Sarrazin's lead isn't very big...just 3.9 seconds clear of the #20 Porsche. He is pacing faster than Hartley though.

4:18:00 Sarrazin in the #7 Toyota leaves the pits but is able to maintain the top spot over the #20 Porsche.

4:15:00 The #7 is in command of the race, ahead of the #2 Audi and #20 Porsche...we're in the middle of pit stops however.

4:11:00 The #52 Ram Racing Ferrari is stopped on track and Parente is out of the car.

4:10:00 The #43 Morand Morgan is in the gravel trap.

4:05:00 We have some new photos from our guy at the track, including this cool pic of the leading Porsche up on two wheels.


#20 Porsche Team Porsche 919 Hybrid: Timo Bernhard, Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley
#20 Porsche Team Porsche 919 Hybrid: Timo Bernhard, Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

Hour Four Update The #20 Porsche leads by 10.3 seconds over the #7 Toyota. The #34 Race Performance Oreca-Judd continues to lead the way in LMP2 as the #74 Corvette drives away with the GTE Pro lead. The #98 Aston Martin is now in control of GTE Am. There were no full-course yellows or major incidents during this past hour. Everyone seems to have found their niche and things are going smoothly, thankfully.

3:55:00 The #7 Toyota is beginning to reel in the leading #20 Porsche...just under 14 seconds now, while the #74 Corvette runs away with it in GTE.

3:40:00 21.4 seconds separate the leading #20 Porsche and the #7 Toyota. The #2 Audi sits ominously back in 3rd, 53.5 seconds adrift of the leader.

3:37:00 Milner in the #74 Corvette takes the GTE Pro lead after a nice move on the #91 Porsche.

Audio: Nicolas Lapierre talks about his crash with the #3 Audi.

3:35:00 Things have really calmed down now, so how about a tweet from Neel Jani after his stint?

3:25:00 How about this for a pit lane camera?

Pit lane cam
Pit lane cam

Photo by: James Holland

3:20:00 The leading #20 Porsche comes in, Hartley takes over from Bernhard.

3:17:00 The #60 GTE Am Ferrari is stuck deep in the gravel.

3:10:00 The #7 Toyota is losing ground to the #20 Porsche...over 8.5 seconds behind now.

3:07:00 The #33 OAK Racing Asia Ligier spins and is in the gravel at Indianapolis.

Hour Three Update The #20 Porsche leads the #7 Toyota by 7.1 seconds, with the #2 Audi in 3rd. The #34 Race Performance Oreca-Judd leads LMP2, the Team Manthey Porsche leads GTE Pro, and the Dempsey Racing Porsche leads GTE Am. In fact, Dempsey leads both GTE classes. There have been two safety car period thus far and four retirements.

2:53:00 The #67 Porsche and #47 Oreca-Nissan have spun in these slick conditions.

2:50:00 The #20 Porsche now leads the race. The #7 Toyota was being held at the end of the pit lane, waiting for the next safety car group.

2:49:99 The race is back underway, that full-course yellow lasted 20 minutes.

2:45:00 How about this, the GTE Am Dempsey Porsche entry has moved into the lead of not just the GTE Am class, but the GTE class period.

2:42:00 And of course, that running order changes just as we post that. Treluyer replaces Lotterer in the #2 Audi, moving the #20 Porsche into 2nd place.

2:40:00 Under this safety car period, the #7 Toyota leads as it has since the start, followed by the #2 Audi and #20 Porsche.

2:38:00 Somebody is pretty relaxed considering all the chaos that's unfolding out on the track...

Retirement Update The #3 Audi, #81 Ferrari, #37 ORECA and the #0 Nissan ZEOD RC have all retired from the race.

2:31:00 The #41 and #48 LMP2 cars have gotten together under this full-course caution on the Mulsanne Straight. The #41 has major RF damage. Both cars have headed to the garage.

2:29:00 - Safety Car Heavy, heavy, rain is back. Standing water at places. The Safety Car is out for a second time. The #62 Ferrari has also spun.

2:21:00 Video of the leading LMP2 car crashing into the barriers in the pouring rain...(wait through first seven seconds and then the video will play)

2:15:00 The #52 spins and gets stuck in the gravel at the Ford Chicane.

2:13:00 We're back racing after a 45 minute safety car period!

2:04:00 This is a much clearer video of the accident, showing exactly what happened...

2:03:00 Video of the accident...

Hour Two Update We are currently under Safety Car conditions due a crash involving the #3 Audi and #8 Toyota (see below). The No. 7 Toyota leads LMP1, the #34 Oreca-Judd leads LMP2, the #74 Corvette Racing leads GTE Pro, and the #77 Dempsey Porsche leads GTE Am. Below is a video recap of the first two hours.

No. 8 Toyota & No. 3 Audi Crash Story CLICK HERE

1:45:00 The #8 Toyota is back in the garage with front-end damage.

#8 Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 - Hybrid: Anthony Davidson, Nicolas Lapierre, Sébastien Buemi comes back with heavy damage
#8 Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 - Hybrid: Anthony Davidson, Nicolas Lapierre, Sébastien Buemi comes back with heavy damage

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

1:42:00 Crash pic from TV...

1:40:00 The #8 Toyota is back moving again but a flat bed has been called to take the #3 Audi back to the pits.

1:39:00 The #47 KCMG car that was leading LMP2 class also crashed in a different incident and struck the tire barriers.

1:35:00 All three drivers involved in the crash are okay.

1:32:00 The #81 Ferrari, which was leading the GTE Am class at the time was also involved.

1:31:00 - SAFETY CAR The #3 Audi & #8 Toyota have crashed!

1:30:00 Multiple cars have gone off, the #7 Toyota has been forced to take an escape road.

1:29:00 The #42 Greaves Zytek machine has spun in these wet conditions.

1:27:00 It's raining at Le Mans! This could get very dicey! The Mulsanne Straight is soaking wet.

1:20:00 Did I just watch LMP1, LMP2, & GT cars go four wide? The joys of multi-class racing...

1:18:00 We are learning that it was gearbox issues that ended the Nissan ZEOD's Le Mans run.

1:14:30 The #2 Audi makes a bold moves taking an LMP2 car & the Dempsey Porsche three wide!

1:14:00 The #90 Ferrari is slow...had an off at Indianapolis.

1:10:00 From the Porsche Twitter on the #14's issues...

1:05:00 An #24 LMP2 Oreca has gone into the gravel and comes back onto the track, but is leaking fluid.

HOUR ONE UPDATE The #7 Toyota leads LMP1, the #47 Oreca-Nissan leads LMP2, the #51 Ferrari leads GTE Pro, & the #81 Ferrari leads GTE Am.

Race Control The leading Toyota is under investigation for an unsafe release!

58:00 The #61 AF Ferrari is off in the gravel at Mulsanne corner.

56:30 WHAT A MOVE! The #3 Audi & the #8 Toyota split the Corvette as they battle.

56:00 The issues for the #79 ProSpeed Porsche continue...they have a flat RR tire.

52:00 The #7 Toyota has pulled out to a 32 second lead as the #8 Toyota, #3 Audi, & #1 Audi go at it for 2nd place.

49:00 The #14 Porsche is back in the race! 5 laps down however.

45:00 The Nissan ZEOD becomes the first car to officially retire from the race.

42:30 The #7 leaves the pits, cutting directly in front of the #2 Audi, which was on its way in. Close call.

42:00 The SMP Orecas have had a rough start. Both have made trips to the garage.

36:30 Slow zones removed...back green at all portions of the track.

36:00 Great battle for the GTE Pro lead between the #51 Ferrari & #73 Corvette.

35:00 The #14 Porsche heads into the garage. He reports that he has no drive.

32:00 The #14 Porsche is slow! ...and not in a slow zone!

#14 Porsche Team Porsche 919 Hybrid: Romain Dumas, Neel Jani, Marc Lieb
#14 Porsche Team Porsche 919 Hybrid: Romain Dumas, Neel Jani, Marc Lieb

Photo by: James Holland

30:00 The #47 KCMG Oreca moves into 1st in LMP2. He started back in 7th so very impressive.

28:00 The #1 Audi is the first LMP1 to head into the pits.

27:30 Slow Zone implemented to clear the gravel at the second Mulsanne chicane, after the #8's off.

25:00 The #8 has had an off through the gravel and dropped to 3rd! The #2 Audi takes 2nd. He spun at the second Mulsanne Chicane.

25:00 Track workers are pushing the Nissan ZEOD now.

23:30 The Nissan ZEOD is crawling at a snails pace around the track.

22:30 There's a local yellow for somebody having an off...not sure who.

22:00 The #1 and #3 Audi are going back-and-forth for 5th now.

21:00 The LMP1 leaders are really getting into the GTE traffic now. Blue flags everywhere!

20:00 The leading Toyotas run 2.5 seconds apart. The #2 Audi is another 10 seconds back.

17:30 The Audis are on the attack and swallowing up the Porsches. They've already disposed of the #20 and are now harassing the #14. The #2 Audi has already passed.

17:00 Yannick Mallegol in the #62 AF Corse Ferrari will get the unfortunate title of the first car lapped today.

15:00 The #2 Audi takes 3rd from the #14 Porsche

14:00 Mika Salo in the SMP Oreca becomes the first man on pit road during this race

6:00 The #20 Porsche has fallen back to seventh

4:00 #8 Toyota passes #14 Porsche for second place

1:00 Wurz in the #7 Toyota leads Jani in the #14 Porsche and Lapierre in the #8 Toyota early.

0:00 The 82nd running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is underway!!!


Photo by: James Holland

Welcome to Motorsport.com's non-stop coverage of Le Mans with Nick DeGroot. The race will get underway shortly. Click HERE for our live stream of the race.

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