2014 Le Mans 24 Hours Concerts Alpha Blondy tops the bill!

Every year the Le Mans 24-Hours race creates the event both on the track and off with three evenings of open-air concerts.

Topping the bill at the 82nd running on 14-15 June 2014 will be Hollysiz, Renan Luce and African reggae star, Alpha Blondy, without forgetting the warm-up acts!

The two practice evenings will beat to the rhythm of pop stars Hollysiz and singer Renan Luce from Brittany. On Saturday evening Alpha Blondy’s African rhythms will invade the circuit. He will be accompanied on stage by his group Solar System. With the groups who will do the warm-ups at the concerts no fewer than six musical groups/soloists will perform on the stage near the Dunlop Footbridge during the three evenings.

All these concerts are free for people who have a general enclosure ticket and for under 16 years olds accompanied by an adult.

Here are the details...

Wednesday 11th June at 20h00 - Medi + Hollysiz

Medi, a singer, guitarist and base player began his career in Nice. First of all he was a musician with Emilie Simon and Charlie Winston after which he founded the rock group Medi and the Medicine Show. He then went solo and his first album whose title song was ‘How Would You Do It,’ came out in 2011. Today, he’s bringing out his second album ‘One is not enough’ a combination of rock, jazz, pop and soul music.

Hollysiz chose the powerful impact of rock music which she discovered when in London to which she’s added pop melodies and insolent texts as she uses her powerful voice to win over the fans. Her first album ‘My Name is,’ which came out this year, proves just how gifted she is. Perhaps she waited to grow up a little and have some things to say before writing and composing the twelve songs on her first album. She has chosen the right path and will soon become of the top stars in French pop music. Listen to

Thursday 12th June at 20h00 - Charivari + Renan Luce

Charivari was founded in 2005 by eight musicians loaded with energy and good humour who decided to pool their talents. Since then Charivari have cultivated their artistic identity. Mixing songs, rock, klezmer and electro the music from the Manceaux* is not beholden to any style and serves the backbone of their compositions – the text. The stage is the Charivari’s favourite place and the Group has been all over France putting on concerts one after another. In the spring of 2014 Charivari is bringing out a new album ‘A l’envers’ to delight your ears and a new spectacle on which to feast your eyes. (*) People from Le Mans

Renan Luce first made a name for himself in 2006 with the album ‘Repenti’ which was an immediate success. Then came the Clan des Miros three years later, which consolidated his place as a singer on the French music scene. This year he is back with the album ‘D’Une tone à un tout petit poids’ which has folk and pop touches telling his own bitter-sweet stories of which only he knows the secret. He has taken the time to settle down and live a more normal life to write his ten new songs. And it’s a success! Listen to

Saturday 14th June at 20h00 - Noa Moon + Alpha Blondy

Impossible to miss her as her record ‘Paradise’ has been played over and over for several months now. What was originally a pastime has become for Noa Moon (Manon) a must and a priority. In September 2013 the young author/composer/singer from Belgium brought out her first album ‘Let Them Talk.’

Her compositions brimming with freshness and joy recount a reality that is not always so rosy and the necessity to make choices. Although only 23 Noa Moon has things to say. She will entice us into her own little paradise. Listen to

Alpha Blondy is one of the pillars of reggae on both the African and world scene. The harbinger from the Ivory Coast has made waking people up his favourite playing field always pleading the African cause.

There’s nothing repetitive or bland about his music. On the contrary it’s a well thought-out mixture of colours, emotions and influences which gives his audience songs full of generosity and heart.

He is always true to himself and he has sung in the four corners of the earth with his group Solar System attracting an ever-increasing public, as well as flying high the colours of Africa and his own country, the Ivory Coast.


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