WKA: White wins three at Delaware Dirt round two

White wins three at de Dirt Divisional DELMAR-Kart racer Brandon White, of Lewes, was a triple winner Saturday May 3 during round two of the World Karting Association/Delaware Dirt Divisional Series at US 13 Kartway in Delmar where racers ...

White wins three at de Dirt Divisional

DELMAR-Kart racer Brandon White, of Lewes, was a triple winner Saturday May 3 during round two of the World Karting Association/Delaware Dirt Divisional Series at US 13 Kartway in Delmar where racers from Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia competed for Divisional points that are added to their national rankings. White won all three from their poles, two wire-to-wire.

White's Radical Racing Engines by Hammer powered Shadow kart clocked Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Heavy's pole time with a 14.396 seconds trip around the 0.200-mile track reaching 50.014 miles per hour and then lead the field flawlessly.

"That was a fun race," described 10-year-old White, "The Shadow kart handled good and Hammer's motor handled fine."

Two races later White was back in the drivers seat this time piloting a Moon Power Racing Engines powered Illusion Junior Sportsman Champ kart where he led the field flag-to-flag through a caution restart before crossing the finish line with a very comfortable 9.844 seconds advantage over Bruce Hibbs, Jr. White earned that pole with a 14.708 seconds lap averaging 48.953 miles per hour.

"It felt good, the Illusion Kart handled good and the Moon Power motor pulled perfect," said White who added, "It takes speed and skill to come here and win two races."

White also earned Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite's pole, this time with a 14.399 seconds trip topping out at 50.003 miles per hour, from where he hustled into the initial lead and then led the field through a caution restart. While battling for the front on the restart White let Tyler Reed steal a piece of the lead for less than a lap before recapturing it and beating Cameron Collins to the stripe by 1.655 seconds.

"I guess that's three in a row," White beamed after his third trip to victory lane. "The Shadow kart felt good, the motor shut off a few times, but the #72 kart (Tyler Reed) didn't really worry me when he got by me, I was surprised, but I knew I could get back by him."

White has also been campaigning those three classes in the WKA/Virginia Dirt Divisional Series where he has captured poles in every race he's entered and won without being passed as is his record in the US-13 Kartway Club Points Series where he competes Friday nights in Delmar.

Three racers were double winners that Saturday including 15-year-old David Bartlett who traveled six hours from his home in Guilford, CT. Bartlett, piloting a Radical Racing Engines powered Legend kart swept both Junior 3 classes Heavy and Lite. In Junior Heavy he trailed Milford, DE racer Jordan Watson across the finish line by just 0.306, but Watson was disqualified for losing his breather on the last lap and Bartlett was awarded the win.

"It was pretty rough out there. In the beginning I was real loose and I wasn't even catching them and then towards the end the kart got a lot better and I started catching them. The kart handled real good and Hammer's motor was real good too," Bartlett said after his first win.

Later that night Bartlett beat Josh Hughes to the finish in Junior 3 Lite with a 0.528 seconds advantage. Erika Hearn, of Greenwood, DE, cranked out a 13.843 seconds top-qualifying lap averaging 52.012 miles per hour. Hearn jumped into the early lead with Hughes threatening from behind. Bartlett started fifth and was quickly challenging Hughes for second when the first of two caution flags waved for the 15-racer field. Hughes capitalized on the restart and got by Hearn and was still leading several laps later when caution waved again. This time Bartlett's machine was behind him on the restart as they pulled ahead of the field for a battle for the front when racing resumed. In the final laps Bartlett worked his way around Hughes for the win.

"It feels really good coming from never winning here to winning twice in one night, it feels good and it makes the trip worth it," Bartlett beamed after his second win. "This time the kart handled a lot better than last time. Last time it took too long for the kart to come in and this time it didn't and the motor was just as good as last time."

Mechanicsville, MD racer Charles Vallandingham posted two wire-to-wire wins piloting a Tod Miller Racing Engines powered Olimpic kart starting with the night's first feature, Stock Heavy, where he led the field flawlessly from the pole ending the ride 2.654 seconds ahead of Craig Moore. Vallandingham produced a 13.869 seconds lap at 51.914 miles per hour for the pole.

"It took so many laps for the kart to come in, but once it came in it was a real good kart," Vallandingham said. "Marc Mode from Olimpic karts has been great and Jimmy Gates, my crew chief, he helped out a whole lot, he's the big guy, a big, big guy and a big part of me racing. He helps me out financially and everything and Tod Miller's motor was awesome too,"

Vallandingham set Stock Lite's pole with a 13.427 seconds lap averaging 53.623 miles per hour and, after leading the field through a pair of caution restarts, was 0.600 seconds ahead of Matt Mobray at the feature's end.

"The cautions didn't worry me, we were pretty good on the take offs, it started going away after a few laps so the cautions probably helped us a lot," Vallandingham concluded. "I want o thank Jesus Christ and I want to thank Jimmy Gates, Marc Mode and Tod Miller, they put me a good kart together and it's working out pretty good. I think Mobray was reeling us in when we run for about 10-laps, but we had good horsepower and a good kart."

Cameron Mattox topped both Junior 2 classes, Heavy and Lite, from their poles. Mattox turned a 14.181 seconds lap for heavy's pole and surrendered the early lead to outside pole winner Brandon Beale who had Nick Bishop battling him for the lead. Bishop got a piece of it before Mattox came roaring down the backstretch passing both for a never surrendered, but much challenged lead. Mattox led the field through two cautions before taking the checkered flag with a 1.147seconds advantage over Bishop.

"The kart was perfect and those cautions didn't worry me one bit, I was able to get the jump on them both times," said the 10-year-old Delmar, MD native who added thanks to Upper Cut for cutting his tires and Jamie Lewis.

A 14.025 seconds lap put him on Junior 2 Lite's pole from where he edged out Beale at the stripe by 0.603 seconds. "It was awesome," Mattox, described, "the kart was perfect and the motor was awesome, I just had to keep my focus on the racetrack."

Two Lincoln, DE drivers earned single wins. Charlie Hayes handled Briggs Controlled's 12-racer field with perfection. The HP Speed powered Shadow kart pilot produced a 13.464 seconds lap for the pole and had Greenwood, DE driver Matt Layton threatening down to a 0.443 seconds difference at the stripe.

"The kart felt good, we struggled for awhile today and then we hit on something in qualifying and stuck with it," Hayes said. "I've got to thank my brother Chad for the great motor and for the use of his kart and HP Speed for all of their help."

Reed ruled the Animal class capturing the pole with a 13.671 seconds lap and then beat Kevin Thomas by a whopping 4.495 seconds in the feature.

"After that crash in the second round of practice in Controlled my hip was killing me all day. I couldn't run Controlled and I had to let my teammate run the Controlled kart for me to get points," Reed said. "We played with some tires and hit the tire situation right on and I had a seat in this kart that was a little bigger and a little more comfortable and I was able to hold on. The Shadow kart's worked great, she's good, she's strong and I couldn't ask for nothing better on a night like tonight. HP Speed engines have just unreal horsepower. I want to thank them and all the people over there."

Hebron, MD hot shoe Matt Mobray battled his way from a third place start to the front of Briggs Medium's 17-racer field in time to take the win over Vallandingham by 0.291 seconds. Vallandingham pumped out the top qualifying lap at 13.658 seconds and engaged in a fierce battle with outside pole winner Richie Hornsby during the early laps. Mobray closed in on the competition and with a little help got by them for the lead near mid race and took it from there.

"All it takes is consistency, consistent laps," Mobray said. "I was there and somebody behind me pushed me and knocked the leader out a little bit got him loose and I just went up there. The Phantom kart handled great and the Ace N Racin motor worked great the whole race."

Briggs Senior Champ's checkered flag waved for Pasadena, MD based Titan kart pilot Will Stanley. Stanley topped qualifying with a 13.937 seconds trip and owned a comfortable 2.742 seconds edge over third place started Dan Garrett at the end.

"This is my first win this year and I really needed this for the points and I'm glad I got it," Stanley stated. "I've got to thank my dad for a good kart and for helping me out a lot, it ran great tonight and Tod Miller's motor was good too."

Kenny Peek powered his way from a seventh place start past Limited pole winner Bryan Bradford in time to take the win with a 1.116 seconds victory margin. Bradford, of Salisbury, MD turned a 13.369 seconds lap for the pole and led the nine-racer field through two caution restarts that trimmed comfortable lead he'd built. Peek, also of Salisbury, used the second caution to stage his battle to the front. Peek passed Bradford, took the lead and led them through a third caution restart before finishing the job.

"The Outlaw kart ran good and Terry Padgett's motor was strong," Peek credited.

Veteran kart racer Thomas Adkins grabbed 35 & Over's win from the pole. Piloting a Tod Miller Racing powered Phantom kart Adkins spun a 13.923 seconds lap for the pole from where he led the nine-racer field with perfection.

"It's pretty rough tonight," he described. "It was just driving experience, driving experience is the only thing that won this race I believe. The Miller motor, G-Man Kartworks bodywork and the help I had with Bryan and Mike Bradford and my girlfriend Jo Ann and everybody that support my team including God, if it weren't for him we all wouldn't be here."

Delmar, DE native Allen Ford beat X-Heavy pole winner Rick Huffman to that feature's finish by 0.623 seconds. Huffman cranked out a 14.041 seconds lap for the pole and had Ford starting next to him. Huffman hustled into the initial lead and was building on it when the race's only caution flag waved. Ford got around him in turns 3-4 next time around and never looked back.

"I've got to thank Higgy's House of Power for the awesome power and the Phantom kart worked great, I couldn't have asked for better the kart handled good, real good," Ford credited. "I also want to thank G-Man Kart Works and my girlfriend Tammy," he added.

Shannon Morris, of Wyoming, DE notched his first state race win with perfection. After earning the Outlaw Open class's pole with a 13.197 seconds run he beat Bradford to the stripe by 0.269 seconds.

"It's pretty cool, this is my first state race win." Morris beamed. "The track was a little rough, but we had the horsepower to get up there and we held it from the pole. The Phantom chassis handled like a dream we worked on it all day and we finally got it right and we also worked on the tires all day and got them right too. I want to thank Morris Karts N Parts, Welch's Lawn and Garden, Strouse Electric County Cottages, Tom and Pop Wooleyhand and Nanticoke Consulting."

The next Delaware Dirt Divisional is scheduled for June 7 at US 13 Kartway.

-Bruce C. Walls, Special Writer

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