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DELMAR, DE-Regional kart racers competed in the second of six races scheduled in the World Karting Association Delaware Dirt Divisional Series at Delaware Motorsports Park in Delmar, DE Saturday May 8th. Three of more than 100 racers...

DELMAR, DE-Regional kart racers competed in the second of six races scheduled in the World Karting Association Delaware Dirt Divisional Series at Delaware Motorsports Park in Delmar, DE Saturday May 8th. Three of more than 100 racers entered earned double wins that day on the 1/5-mile dirt oval.

HP Speed Shop team drivers won seven of 16 classes offered that day starting with double winner Tyler Reed of Delmar, DE who swept the Junior 1 Heavy and Lite races from their poles. Starting on Heavy's pole Reed led the 10-racer field through two caution restarts before beating Austin Wright to the finish. Cody Davison got a piece of the lead early on but Reed quickly raced by him. Austin Wright took over second in the final laps, but couldn't catch Reed. "I had to keep the pressure on 36's (Davison) bumper," described the 10-year-old Delmar, DE based double winner after his first trip to victory lane. "He (Davison) got loose and I got by him and stayed low on the restarts and kept going."

Later that day Reed decisively ruled Junior 1 Lite from start to finish with Brandon Stargus trailing a distant second at the end. Davison offered several early challenges, but dropped back into the field later on. "I want to thank my dad for hooking me up," Reed said during his second visit to victory lane. "Cody (Davison) came up on the back of me and I thought I was going to loose my position, but I held on to it. The motor and the Shadow kart both worked good."

Charles Hayes III added two more wins to HP Speed Shop's tally topping Controlled Heavy and Stock Extra Heavy. Kenneth Ayers hustled into Controlled Heavy's early lead with Hayes III closing fast. Hayes III pulled up beside him and they battled side-by-side for almost half a lap before Hayes III took it from him down the back straight and never looked back. Behind him Manchester, MD based Renfro tried to reel him in. Renfro was close at the finish, but couldn't get close enough to take it at the end.

"He (Renfro) was on me. I started to develop a fouled plug or a coil or something was going wrong with the motor. With five to go the motor started shutting off on me a little bit like she was running out of fuel, but I held on to her" Hayes III of Lincoln, DE described. "I'd like to thank my brother Chad, G-Man Kart Works, HP Speed Shop and I want to thank Opie Lawson for helping me today and I want to thank my Mom and Dad for everything they do for me."

James Lewis, of Delmar, roared away from Stock Extra Heavy's pole with Hayes working his way through the field behind him. Hayes reached Lewis' rear bumper near mid race and then shot by Lewis for a never surrendered lead to the finish. "It took about ten laps for her to come in, but once she came in she was good to go," Hayes said of his second win.

Hayes's brother Chad, won Stock Medium over pole winner Charles Vallandingham of St. Mary's County, MD taking the lead from third on the last lap as two leaders, Vallandingham and Matt Mobray of Hebron, MD, tangled battling for the lead.

According to Chad, "That was wild. Vallandingham went to the inside and got Matt Mobray a little high. It was just a battle for the lead. I just took advantage of it. I want to thank my sponsors HP Speed Shop, G-Man Kart Works, Phantom Chassis and Maxxis tires they were really hooking up good today we had a good setup and everything was good to go."

Radical Racing Engines powered Legend Kart pilot Kolby Schroder swept both Junior 3 classes. Robert Grady III earned Heavy's pole and grabbed the early lead from there as Schroder battled his way through the field. Schroder reached second near mid race and then got by Grady for the lead.

"I was right there, I was just waiting for the tires to come in," said Schroder of Staatsburg, NY. " I knew it was going to take awhile because in qualifying they got really better after three or four laps. I just needed to get down on the start. I knew I'd run them down; it was just a matter of how early I could get them."

Later that day in Junior 3 Lite Schroder started from the pole and quickly built a huge lead over the 15-racer field. Then the caution flag suddenly cut his lead. Schroder led the restart and built another big lead that he took across the strip for his second win.

"It was awesome winning two again here," said Schroder who won both at the first race April 10th, "I can't believe it. Actually I have four in a row two here today and two here at the last state race. I'm just excited. We were running pretty fast but we were really fast at the other race. This race the track slowed down a little bit, but we were still really fast."

After struggling early in the Stock class, Chad Reed, of Lincoln, DE, won the Briggs Animal feature in an HP Speed Shop powered Phantom Kart.

"It definitely made up for that other race," Reed said, "We scrambled all day with the stocker, tore the floor pan up ran a set of Burris tires that weren't very good and come back with a good setup on this Phantom Nemesis and HP Speed Shop's Animal motor and got out there and won it."

Parsonsburg. MD pilot Brad Trice led 15 Stock Lite racers with perfection. After producing the fastest qualifying lap the Ace-N-Racing Powered Outlaw kart pilot quickly hustled into the lead over Vallandingham, the outside pole winner. Vallandingham kept the pressure on Trice, but couldn't take the lead from him.

"Today she really hooked up well. I qualified on the pole and we had a good kart to win today so everything worked out to our advantage. Hopefully everything will work out the rest of the year," Trice said.

In other racing action that day David Feester won Junior 2 Lite over defending series champion Brandon White of Lewes, DE. White also the defending Junior 2 Heavy champion, lost that one to 11-year-old Nicholas Hughes of Hampstead, MD. "The kart was good. I just ran my line as fast as I could. The motor was excellent I have two races on it and the kart handled good," Hughes said.

Rookie Limited racer John Ellis, Jr., of Seaford, DE better known as 'The Iceman' lead a talented group of veterans in that class wire-to-wire. "They got a lot of experience back there. But we got the kart hooked up good. I've got to give a lot of thanks to HP Speed Shop for their sponsorship without their help we couldn't do it," he explained. "I'm a rookie in the limited class and I've got a good year going on so far. We've got a couple of features so I'm feeling pretty good wining my second straight state race. It was a lot of fun."

Glen Renfro, of Manchester, MD piloting a P&P Speed Shop powered Phantom Nemesis kart posted Senior Stock's win with a perfect performance from the pole. "It was all the setup my son put on the kart," Renfro credited. " I had problems in warm up and a guy ran into me and believe it or not he lent me his motor so I could race this race and you thank God for people like that because without friends we'd have nobody and I thank Tommy Adkins for the courtesy and consideration of giving me that motor and allowing me to get this win."

John Davis was the final feature winner dominating the Open/Outlaw Class. Delaware Dirt Divisional racers return to Delaware Motorsport Park June 5th for round three.

-By: Bruce C. Walls

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