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WKA MANUFACTURER'S CUP TO FOLLOW CIK HOMOLOGATION Beginning at 103rd Street, all 2004 ICC and ICA homologated motors and components will be permitted in the George Kugler Manufacturer's Cup Series presented by Bridgestone, as well as, it's ...


Beginning at 103rd Street, all 2004 ICC and ICA homologated motors and components will be permitted in the George Kugler Manufacturer's Cup Series presented by Bridgestone, as well as, it's respective Divisional programs. The homologation process has nearly reached completion with CIK. It was agreed by WKA, Stars of Tomorrow and SKUSA, that it is in the best interest of all our customers. The actual effective date will be Wednesday, March 24th, 2004.

Consistent with our decision on the homologated bodywork in 2003, the WKA Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series will be disallowing the 2004 homologated motors and components until the start of the 2005 racing season starting at Daytona KartWeek 2004.

Thank you and best of luck in the 2004 racing season!



The Discovery Channel has done their part, now it's our turn. Most of us have seen the three 1-hour episodes of Gold Star Racing that aired the last three Fridays on the Discovery Channel. We watched as the Faucis and Hoppers represented hundred of families who week in and week out are at the track preparing their kids for some of the most competitive racing in motorsports. Some of us loved them, others not so much, while even still others had mixed feelings. The consensus is that any airtime the sport of karting receives can only help the sport grow and become even more popular among young and old. Please email your comments to the network at your_comments@discovery.com and let them know just how you feel. By expressing our feeling and opinions, it shows our interest in helping our sport and will hopefully lead to more airtime in the future.

Gold Star Racing will be airing again this Sunday, February 8th at 4pm. If you missed it the first time, now's your chance. If you did see it, watch it again and invite your friends and family over. Spread the word and help get people interested in your favorite sport - karting!

Also visit dsc.discovery.com/ for a full listing of airtime for Gold Star Racing and all other programs on The Discovery Channel.



WKA has been enjoying some time on the west coast as the Manufacturer's Cup West and Horstman Gold Cup West opened their 2004 seasons in style.

The Manufacturer's Cup West exceeded all expectations as over 200 entries embarked on the Series' opener held at Willow Springs Kart Track in Rosemond, California January 23rd - 25th. Everything ran smoothly and we've only had rave reviews about the event. Many thanks to Tim Holden and Mike Manning of TIMI Promotions for all they have done to promote the new series. Thanks also to Kevin Williams, Race Director, and Lloyd Mack, Tech Official, as well as, to all the sponsors for everything they have contributed to making this happen. Thanks again!

This past weekend, on January 31st, Apex Racing in Perris, California, hosted the first event of the Horstman Gold Cup West Series. WKA wants to thank Steve Nieto, President of the So-Cal Sprinters and the So-Cal Sprinters Board for welcoming WKA Horstman Gold Cup to the West and for everything they have done to get it off the ground and running. And to Gary Gebhart of Horstman Manufacturing for signing as the Title Sponsor. Many thanks to Apex Racing for offering their fine facility to host such a fine event.

For more information please contact:

Manufacturer's Gold Cup West
Tim Holden 818.701.7151
Mike Manning 661.256.7500

Horstman Gold Cup West
Steve Nieto 909.940.0701

For a full schedule of all of our events, visit www.worldkarting.com/main/nat-sched.html.



In just a few short weeks, the 2004 season will be back in full swing. Beginning in March, we start with the Horstman Gold Cup Series returning to North Carolina Speedway, otherwise known as "The Rock", opening their season at one of their favorite venues. The following weekend is a double-header for WKA. The Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series takes their second event of the season to Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC, while the Ultramax Racing Chassis Speedway Pavement Series opens their season at the newly-reconstructed 1/5-mile located behind Lowe's Motor Speedway in NC. The month then closes with the George Kugler Manufacturer's Cup competing at 103rd Street in Jacksonville, FL. For a full listing of the WKA National Schedule, including Manufacturer's Cup West, Heartland Speedway Dirt Series, and Snap-On Stars of Karting, visit www.worldkarting.com/main/nat-sched.html.

If you are like most, you have only just begun to make your travel and hotel arrangements for the season. Before you make another reservation, be sure to visit our Web site at www.worldkarting.com and click on your Series to see a listing of hotels giving WKA Members discounts the weekend your national is in town. We also have discounts with Intercontinental Hotels and Choice Hotels year-around. Visit www.worldkarting.com/news/01-2004/hoteldiscounts.html to obtain contact numbers for all hotels. For discount codes, please contact the WKA Headquarters with your license number ready. Just another added benefit of being a WKA member!

Entry blanks are available for download via www.worldkarting.com/main/downloads.html or by calling WKA Headquarters for faxed copies at 704.455.1606. Remember, entry blanks must be mailed to our office or dropped off.


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