WKA: SpeedNews 2003-12-19

WKA's SpeedNews - 12.19.2003 WKA HEARTLAND SPEEDWAY PROGRAMS OFFERING NATIONAL LEVEL COMPETITION TO MIDWEST KARTERS IN 2004 The WKA Heartland Speedway Dirt Series and the WKA Heartland Speedway Pavement Championship have been formed by WKA for...

WKA's SpeedNews - 12.19.2003


The WKA Heartland Speedway Dirt Series and the WKA Heartland Speedway Pavement Championship have been formed by WKA for the upcoming 2004 racing season to offer National caliber competition for the Midwest Speedway karter. Encompassing tracks in four states, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas, WKA will be embarking on a region that has never seen a WKA National-level series. This is an exciting opportunity for the Midwest to recongize their dirt karters at the National level by providing them the opportunity to compete against other drivers spanning the heart of America.

"It's time that the Midwest racer has an opportunity to compete in a National caliber series." said Jerry Pospisil of Kartwheels Raceway. The four-race dirt series will cover a vast number of racers throughout the Midwest. "We're very excited about this opportunity." said Steve Boone of Fairgrounds Speedway.

The Speedway Pavement Championship will be held at the famous Jamaica Raceway. "I'm happy to become associated with the WKA; this truly is the best step we can all take for the future of Midwest Speedway racing." said Jamaica promoter, Randy Perkins.

WKA President, Randy Kugler, "We have a lot of work to do, but the groundwork has been laid. WKA is excited about the growth opportunities these programs present for our organization and the Midwest Karter."

While the goal of WKA is to constantly keep growing and expanding to new regions of the Nation, we will never lose sight of where we come from. Our Divisional & Regional Schedule encompasses over 40 series spanning the eastern half of the US. At the same time, our National program creates the most competitive kart racing in the Nation while competing at tracks located on the eastern portion of the country. Expanding beyond enables us to broaden our knowledge and diversify our program to meet the needs of karters from all parts of the country.

WKA has also announced the addition of two other series in the Western portion of the Nation including Horstman Gold Cup West and Manufacturer's Cup West. All of these series are enabling WKA to embark on new opportunities for WKA karting never seen before. It is definitely an exciting time to be a part of the World Karting Association. We invite YOU to jump on board if you haven't already and join us in the ride of a lifetime!

WKA Heartland Speedway Dirt Series
* May 14-16 Kartwheels Raceway Norfolk, NE
* June 11-13 Saddleback Raceway Renner, SD
* Aug. 6-8 Race It Motorsports Waterloo, IA
* Oct. 1-3 Fairground Speedway Winfield, KS

WKA Heartland Speedway Pavement Championship
* Aug 20-22 Jamaica Raceway Jamaica, IA

For further information, please call the WKA office at 704.455.1606. Keep an eye on our Web site, www.worldkarting.com, for the latest on the WKA Heartland Speedway Dirt Series and the WKA Heartland Speedway Pavement Championship.


My-Chron by AIM Sports has partnered with the World Karting Association to become the official data acquisition system of WKA. AIM Sports has a long history of sponsoring WKA, usually as a Class Sponsor, however, has agreed to sign on as an Official Company in order to become a larger part of the fastest growing sport in motorsports -- karting.

"Motorsports has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, WKA is the chassis that we feel will drive karting into the future, and AIM Sports wants to be a large part of that, and being the official supplier of data acquisition systems is just one step in the right direction for AIM Sports and WKA," said My-Chron Mike McKnight.

Tony Barton, WKA Director of Marketing stated, "I am excited to have My-Chron by AIM Sports partner with the World Karting Association as an Official Company. Their involvement over the last several years has certainly made a positive impact in karting regarding excellent customer service and dependability. I look forward to a long working relationship with a first class operation^]."

It seems fit that AIM Sports become an Official Company as the next step in their involvement. They are a huge supporter of karting, specifically WKA karting. As My-Chron Mike puts it, "Our staff is already familiar faces at the WKA events, and even if you don't own one of our products, you've for sure heard the page go out for My-Chron Mike."

He goes on to say, "We at AIM Sports are looking forward to our more extensive partnership with WKA in the 2004 racing season and in the years to follow. WKA's fun and competitive race series accentuate the family aspect of our sport, which is important to us as a company. Becoming the official data acquisition systems of WKA was important to us because of their diversity in membership; sprint, speedway dirt, speedway pavement, and endurance racing. WKA has provided us with an outlet to widen our client base and make an impact in the sport bigger than just sponsoring a class here and there."

WKA is very excited to have My-Chron by AIM Sports as an Official Company and is eager to see what the future holds not only for WKA and AIM Sports, but how it is able to positively influence the WKA karting community.

Other Official Companies include Intercomp, United Trailers, ATR Racewear, and the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Promotional Partners include Briggs & Stratton Motorsports, Sunoco Race Fuels, Skip Barber Driving School, and Hertz Rental Car. If you are interested in having your business be an Official Company of WKA, please contact WKA Headquarters at 704.455.1606.


Contingency programs are being offered to drivers during the APS Dirt World Championships during Daytona KartWeek 2003. Contingency programs create the opportunity for companies to not only promote their product, but to give back to the karter who supports their company week in and week out throughout the racing season. Please review the following list. Any sponsors wanting to promote their products through contingency at Daytona KartWeek are welcomed to speak with Tony Barton at the event.

Ultramax Racing Chassis
$500 Gift Certificate to the winners of all classes running an Ultramax Racing Chassis.

PEC / Jr's Trim Shop
The pole winners in Briggs Medium and Briggs Jr. Sportsman 2 Lite will receive a set of tire warmers compliments of PEC / Jr.'s Trim Shop

G-Man Kart Works
$500 -- 1st Place
Briggs Lite
Briggs Medium
Briggs Heavy
    ***Must use G-Man body and have the G-Man Decal displayed***

Jones Motorsports
$10. Raffle -- Super Heat Cube ($800 value) -- All monies will be donated to local food pantry Drawing to be held in pre-race driver's meeting)


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