WKA: SpeedNews 2003-11-24

In the best interest of the karter, WKA has arrived to the conclusion that a 3-day racing format will make Daytona KartWeek 2003 Margay Sprint Championships run much smoother. As you know, last year we were forced to eliminate morning warm-ups ...

In the best interest of the karter, WKA has arrived to the conclusion that a 3-day racing format will make Daytona KartWeek 2003 Margay Sprint Championships run much smoother. As you know, last year we were forced to eliminate morning warm-ups because of time constraints due to limited daylight hours. By expanding to a 3-day racing schedule -- Sunday, Monday, Tuesday -- this will permit us to hold morning warm-ups for all classes with the intent to offer two warm-ups -- time permitting. On Race Day #1 (Sunday), we have listed the least amount of classes. This is in an effort to conclude the day in a timely manner so that everyone has the opportunity to make it to the banquet that evening. Saturday, December 27th will remain a full practice day beginning at 9 am and concluding at 4 pm. Please see below for race orders for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. For those who paid for Sunday practice through their pre-entry, refunds will be given inside the Speedway at Registration.!

Thank you for your cooperation and best of luck in Daytona!

Friday - Parking as scheduled

Saturday - Practice as scheduled

Sunday, December 28th race day classes:
1 - Yamaha Masters
2 - HPV Jr Sportsman
3 - Yamaha Heavy
4 - Yamaha Jr. Supercan
5 - Spec 100
6 - ICA

Monday, December 29th race day classes:
1 - Yamaha Lite
2 - Formula Y Jr
3 - HPV Heavy
4 - Cadet Jr. Sportsman 1
5 - Formula Y Sr.
6 - 80cc Shifter Jr 1
7 - ICC 1

Tuesday, December 30th race day classes:
1 - Yamaha Jr Sportsman
2 - HPV Lite
3 - HPV Jr.
4 - Yamaha Sr Sportsman
5 - Cadet Jr. Sportsman 2
6 - 80cc Shifter Jr 2
7 - CC 2

WKA is excited to announce that Horstman Manufacturing has signed on to be the Series Sponsor for the WKA Gold Cup West Series beginning in the 2004 season. Horstman Manufacturing is currently the Series Sponsor for the National Gold Cup program, having been a supporter of karting for 25 years.

Gary Gephart, "Horstman is proud to sponsor the WKA Gold Cup West. WKA and Horstman have a 25-year relationship with Horstman Gold Cup events in the South, the East, and the Mid-West. Now, karters in the West will have a great series closer to home with emphasis on fun, families, memories, and, of course, good racing!

The Horstman Gold Cup West Series will consist of four events beginning February 1st and concluding October 31st, 2004. It is offering 12 classes divided among 9 race groups, consisting of both 2- and 4-Cycle engines. Participating tracks include Perris Kart Track, Willow Springs Kart Track, Moran Raceway, and Grane Motorcircuit - all in California. The following classes will be offered within the nine groups in WKA Gold Cup West:

Group 1: Cadet Sportsman Comer K-80 (ages 8-11)

Group 2: Jr. Superbox KT100s SSX-V Can and HPV Jr. HPV 2 with WB3A Carb, Scored Separate (ages 12-15)

Group 3: Jr. 1 4-Cycle Briggs Flathead & Animal Restricted (ages 8-11)

Group 4: Jr. 2 4-Cycle Briggs Flathead & Animal Unrestricted (ages 12-15)

Group 5: Sr. Superbox KT100 SSX-V can wet 3 disc clutch (ages 15+)

Group 6: Novice Sportsman KT100 YBX can (ages 15+)

Group 7: World Formula Motor spec clutch & rev limiter (ages 15+) and Jr. World Formula Motor spec clutch & rev limiter (ages 12-15), Scored Separate

Group 8: Sr. 4-Cycle Heavy Briggs Animal & Tecumseh H-50 (ages 15+)

Gorup 9: Masters 80cc Shifter and Masters 125cc Shifter, Scored Separate (ages 35+)

The Manufacturer's Cup West has decided on the following dates and venues for it's 2004 opening season. WKA wants to welcome X-Plex and Buffalo Bills to WKA Sanctioning.

January 23-25: Willow Springs Kart Track, Rosemond CA
February 27-29: X-Plex, Las Vegas NV
April 23-25: Buffalo Bills, Jean NV
May 28-30: Adams Kart Track, Redlands CA
July 2-4: Willow Springs Kart Track, Rosemond CA


The 2004 schedule has been completed for the 2004 WKA National season. Please view www.worldkarting.com/main/2004_schedule.html for a full listing of dates and venues for the five National Series, as well as, for the Manufacturer's Cup West, new for 2004. The Champ Car Stars of Tomorrow dates and venues are forthcoming and will be provided once we have them. WKA is looking forward to yet another successful season and can't wait to get started. Have a great holiday season, and for many of you, we'll see you in Daytona!

Divisional & Regional Series have started forming, along with their respective dates and venues. Something new and exciting in the Divisional Program is the development of the Horstman Gold Cup West in California. Please visit the article prior to this one for more specific information. About 1/3 of the series have signed on to date, however, still have plenty of time to do so. Keep an eye out on our Web site, www.worldkarting.com, for the latest regarding the Divisional & Regional Schedule.


The deadline for pre-entry receipt at the WKA Headquarters is fast-approaching. December 3rd, at 5:00 pm we will no longer be accepting pre-entries for any of the events being held at Daytona KartWeek. A post mark date prior to Dec 3rd is NOT acceptable...it must be RECEIVED in our office by December 3rd. Any pre-entries received after December 3rd will be held and processed upon your arrival to Registration in Daytona. We do not recommend anyone trying their luck with the post office getting it to us the next day or two...if you are cutting it close, please use a guaranteed service like next day or two day. If you have any questions, please call our office at 704.455.1606. Visit www.worldkarting.com to download your entry form today. Thanks!

We have had a few questions regarding pre-entries and parking for Daytona KartWeek. We hope the following helps you in completing your pre-entry forms. As always, if you have any additional questions, we are here to assist you. Have a great holiday season and we'll see you in Daytona!

1. If you plan on pitting with someone, please mail in pre-entries together in the same envelope. You must pre-enter to reserve a pit spot.

2. Only those who had Reserved Numbers in 2003 are guaranteed their number in that class for Daytona KartWeek.

3. You must be a WKA Member in order to pre-enter. Please include your application in the same envelope so we may process it all at once for you.

4. All Minors entering the Speedway must have a DIS Minor's Release form in addition to WKA's Parental Consent Form completed by a legal guardian on file before entering the facility.

5. Pre-Entry confirmation cards will be mailed for receipt on or before December 17th. Please do not contact the office with questions regarding kart numbers until then.

6. Refunds will be accepted until December 18th by 5:00 pm. All refund checks will be mailed mid-January.

7. Camping is not permitted at the Stadium, but is permitted at the Speedway. Call 386.253.RACE for reservations.


The first ever Weekly Racing Series is well under production and WKA is excited to announce the following tracks have agreed to participate. The Sprint Category includes classes for both the Gold Cup and Manufacturer's Cup Series while the Speedway Category includes Dirt and Pavement classes. The purpose of the Weekly Racing Series is to recognize local karters on the national level, thereby, giving them the recognition they have long awaited for, let alone deserve. If your track is not on here, tell them you want them to be. There are some tracks not listed who are just trying to work out the logistics amongst their facility and WKA, so be sure to keep an eye on our offlicial Web site, www.worldkarting.com for the latest on the Weekly Racing Series.

Sprint -
103rd Street Sport Complex, Asphalt Road Course - FL
Adams Kart Track, Asphalt Road Course - CA
BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, Asphalt Road Course - PA
Badger Raceway, Asphalt Road Course - WI
Lake Village Motorspeedway, Asphalt Road Course, IN
Mid-State Raceway, Asphalt Road Course, IL
Thunder Road Speedway, Inc., Asphalt Road Course - VT

Speedway -
460 Speedway, Dirt Oval - VA
Burke County Speedway, Dirt Oval - GA
BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, Paved Oval - PA
Brantley Racing Complex, Dirt Oval - GA
Caswell County Speedway, Dirt Oval - NC
Capital City Speedway, Dirt Oval - VA
Chapel Hill Raceway, Paved Oval - NY
Dalton Fairgrounds, Dirt Oval - GA
Dexter Raceway, Dirt Oval - GA
Georgia Karting Komplex, Dirt Oval - GA
Gabby's Motorspeedway, Dirt Oval - GA
Hanging Rock Kartway, Dirt Oval - GA
Margarettsville Speedway, Dirt Oval - NC
Mid-State Raceway, Paved Oval - IL
Riverside Raceway Park, Dirt Oval - NC
Southern Pitt Raceway, Dirt Oval - NC
Water Valley Speedway, Dirt Oval - AL


Karting guru Tom Argy Jr., in one of his last acts of kindness and generosity for the karting industry prior to his sudden and tragic death last week, obtained the autographs of nearly all of the 2003 NASCAR drivers on an auto racing helmet. The helmet was to be raffled at the 2004 Kart Expo with all proceeds going to a local Chicago-area charity. However, upon learning that Tom left little insurance to care for his wife and children, it was decided by Darrell Sitarz, the Expo director, to change the program to benefit the Argy family.

"Tom was an integral part of the show and a very good friend. This is probably the most unique and spectacular raffle we've held in the 12-year history of the show and it's fitting that we honor Tom's memory this way," said Sitarz. "With all the autographs, this helmet will be an enviable item in anyone's racing collection while helping Tom's family with a donation."

There will be a total of 2,000 tickets available at $5 each for the raffle. Tickets will go on sale beginning November 21. Kart Expo International hopes to raise $10,000 from the drawing with the proceeds going to wife Sarah, Alyssa and Tommy Argy.

To purchase tickets by mail, send a check or money order in US$ to: Kart Marketing Group, Attn: Argy Raffle, PO Box 101, Wheaton, Illinois 60189 USA and specify the number of raffle tickets and the name(s) on the tickets. Tickets will be immediately mailed to the purchaser. Tickets will also be available at various banquets and shows prior to and including Kart Expo. The drawing will be held on Sunday, February 22 at 2:00 PM at Kart Expo in St. Charles, Illinois. The winner need not be present.

Kart Expo International is North America's Premiere Kart Racing Show, and will be held February 21-22, 2004 at Pheasant Run Resort and Convention Center in St. Charles, Illinois (Suburban Chicago). The show will feature nearly 300 booths of kart racing equipment from around the world.

For more info, contact Kart Marketing Group at 630-653-7368 or karting@msn.com.


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