WKA: Spaude tops three classes at Daytona 4-cycle day

By Bruce C. Walls - Motorsport.com DAYTONA BEACH, FL-For the second straight year the Bushnell, FL based TS Racing Team has dominated WKA/Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle Day at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL. Last year three...

By Bruce C. Walls - Motorsport.com

DAYTONA BEACH, FL-For the second straight year the Bushnell, FL based TS Racing Team has dominated WKA/Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle Day at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL. Last year three generations of the Spaude family found victory lane at the annual December 26th event and this year, out of 279-entrees, Tod Spaude scored a trio of wins and his son Bret earned a single win.

Their reign began with Bret narrowly bagging the first race Briggs Restricted Junior Race 1 over Goodland, IN racer Jordan Schriner. "He (Schriner) was running good and had better top end than I did," admitted the 13-year-old MyChron/SMC/TS Racing sponsored Phantom PT-4 kart pilot. "The kart worked good and the TS Racing Motor ran real good. I just stayed down low at the end and held him (Schriner) off." DeBray, FL based Mark Burt trailed in third and was followed in the top five of 38-racers by Indianapolis, IN Funkhouser factory pilot Scott Tomasik and Middleburg, FL competitor John David Nall, III.

Tod's trio of wins began with a victory in Briggs Lite where he beat fellow Floridian Michael G. Jakubiszen, of Jacksonville, to the checkered flag. Adam Romato ruled the early going and then Spaude's TS Racing powered Phantom PT-4 kart grabbed the lead at mid-race and never let go.

"It was a fun race, especially with that junior running with us," Spaude said of his first win. "The kart was a little loose at the beginning and then it came in at the end."

Marty McLaughlin ran third and was followed in the top five of 26 by Romato and Bill Johnson.

In Briggs Medium Spaude grabbed the early led and showed the 38-racer field home from there with Port Orange, FL racer Rob Hindery trailing in second. "The kart was just right on this one. It turned like it was free floating," Spaude described.

Trailing Hindery in the top five were Weston, CT competitor Keith Lorentzen, Jakubiszen and Ligonier, IN racer Kris Limrick.

Minutes later Spaude was back on the track leading 38 Briggs Senior racers flag-to-flag. "All we did was put 40 pounds on the kart. We didn't have time to add a gear," Spaude said after his third win. "The kart had a slight push, but I like a little push. Other than that the motor ran flawless and everything worked great."

Pierschalla trailed Spaude across the finish line and was trailed in the top five by Ponte Verda, FL racer Jerry McCoy, Connecticut competitor Frank DiSalvo and South Boston, VA based Tod Miller Racing Engines powered Doug Crew.

Kernersville, NC competitor Jackson Berrier scored back-to-back wins in Briggs Super Stock and Briggs Super Heavy. In Super Stock Berrier lead a tight three-racer field across the finish line. Close behind him were Florida racers Casey Loefler, of Cocoa and Richard Johnson of Deltona.

"John Klutz's motor ran real good and the CKI Laser AV-2E kart ran real good," Berrier said before rushing back to the grid.

Twenty minutes later Barrier was back in victory lane for his second win after opening a comfortable lead in Briggs Super Heavy before mid-race which he held to the finish. Trailing Barrier in the top five of 35 were Salisbury, NC competitor Jody Miller, Brooksville, FL based Carl Whitehouse, Tommy Morehead of Townville, SC and Gainsville, FL based Dominic Greco.

"I just tried to stay out front and run like heck," Berrier said after his second win. "I had a good day we put in a lot of work and spent a lot of time on this race. I'm just glad that CKI is here to help us." Indianapolis, IN based Funkhouser factory pilots Scott and Chris Tomasik earned wins in Briggs Restricted Junior Race 2 and Briggs Heavy. Scott narrowly edged out Bret Spaude in the Junior race. "The motor was great, it had plenty of power and it came on strong at the end," said13-year-old Scott who is backed by Vortex Power Systems/Claremont Liquors and Funkhouser Racing.

Schrider trailed Spaude in third and was followed in fourth and fifth out of 33-racers by Burt and Sarasota, FL racer Alex Ohman.

Chris Tomasik captured Briggs Heavy's lead four laps into it and showed the 42-racer field home from there. "I got into a crash on the first lap and had to chase down the leaders, but we had the power and the Firestone tires worked good and that's what did it," credited the 18-year-old winner who added thanks to Douglas Firestone, Outerwears, Vortex Motors and Billy Sullivan.

Pierschalla finished second and was followed in the top five by Florida racer Richard Soles of Braclenton, Clyde Taylor of Baldwin and Lorentzen.

Kevin Rusnak ruled Briggs Limited Medium's 12-racer field. Filling the top five behind him were Florida racer Tracy Covil of Webster, Lawrence Sampson, Berry Burris of Edgewater and Norman Deitch of Barberville.

Kim Hopping claimed her second straight Briggs Senior Champ win at 4-Cycle Day. The Cocoa Beach, FL based winner grabbed the early lead and held off fellow Floridian Stephen Hart, Jr. at the finish line. "The Rage kart was wonderful and the Robinson Speed Shop motor pulled the whole way," said Hopping. "I want to thank my husband Bobby and Chris Mason for the motor."

Rounding out the top five of 11 were Oliver Springs, TN racer John Caddell, Jammer Clutches sponsored Sinking Springs, PA pilot Bob Johnson, who was the 1998 winner, and Daytona Beach, FL driver Alan Curreli.

4-Cycle kart racers return to Daytona International Speedway this December 26th for another chance to compete on the 2.5-mile oval and road course.

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