WKA: Rob Hindrey rules Briggs day at Daytona

DAYTONA BEACH, FL-A near record turn out of 283 racers competed in this year's 7th annual WKA/Briggs & Stratton Day at Daytona, held December 26th, at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL where 4-cyle kart racers from the...

DAYTONA BEACH, FL-A near record turn out of 283 racers competed in this year's 7th annual WKA/Briggs & Stratton Day at Daytona, held December 26th, at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL where 4-cyle kart racers from the Speedway Pavement and Dirt Series, Gold Cup and National Road Racing Series come together once a year to compete in 10 classes on the 2.5-mile high banks and road course at speeds exceeding 65 mph. Each class raced for 20-minutes under WKA/Horstman Gold Cup Series rules.

Port Orange, FL based Capps Racing Engines powered Phantom kart pilot Rob Hindery ruled the day with three wins. Hindery started early taking Race 1, Briggs Lite, with a huge 10.638 seconds advantage over Opeika, AL based Elite kart pilot Adam Romito.

"The clutch kicked in perfect in the first turn and I had it from there. The Capps motor pulled real good and the kart handled perfect I just sat back and prayed for the best," Hindrey described after his first win.

Orange Park, FL racer Andrew Downs crossed third and was followed in the top five of 35 by TS kart pilot Sean Balentine of Sikesville, MD and Margay kart pilot Michael Jakubiszen of Jacksonville, FL.

Two races later Hindery beat Tod Miller powered South Boston, VA based veteran Doug Crew to Briggs Heavy's checkered by 30.023 seconds. Dirt racer Victor Peters, of Spring Hill, FL, grabbed the early lead over Hindery and Crew, but just minutes away from the finish mechanical troubles took him out of contention giving Hindery the lead, which he held to the end.

"The motor was perfect and the kart handled great. It was exciting I wasn't expecting it, competition brings out the best in me and I had it where it counted in the corners," Hindery said after his second win of the day.

CKI kart pilot Terrence Downs, of St Petersburg, FL, took third and was followed by Weston, CT competitor Keith Lorentzen (Phantom) and Richard Soles (CKI) of Bradenton, FL.

In Briggs Medium Peters threatened Hindrey down to a 3.905 seconds difference with Hindrey capturing his third win of the day.

"The kart really handled good on this one. We added a little air to the rear tires and it handled the best it did all day and the motor pulled great, Capps motors always come through," Hindrey said. "It took a lot of preparation and a little luck to come here and win three races.

Tod Spaude swept both Briggs Restricted Junior classes. In Restricted Junior 1 he beat West Bend, WI racer Brandon Klos to the stripe by just 0.354 seconds.

"The TS Racing Phantom kart ran real good. I started ninth, made fifth by the first corner and had the lead in the horseshoe and took off from there," the 14-year-old winner described. "The kart was a little pushy, but acceptable and the motor was awesome."

Indianapolis, IN based Tomasik Racing kart pilots Scott Tomasik and Braedon Maurer ran third and fourth followed by Jacksonville, FL based Coyote kart pilot Matthew Mayes.

When Briggs Restricted Junior-2's checkered flag flew Spaude was a lap ahead of Jacksonville, FL based TS Racing kart pilot Craig Wolf.

"I got a real good start and looked behind me and saw a big pile up and I just ran from there. Then the motor felt like it was going south on me and then it cleared out and ran good," Spaude said after his second win.

Jacksonville, FL based Coyote kart pilots Joshua Davis and Matthew Mayes finished third and fifth with Hilton Head, SC competitor Andrew Ryan sandwiched in between them in third.

Salisbury, NC competitor Jody Miller nipped Kernersville, NC racer Jackson Berrier at Briggs Super Heavy's finish by just 0.047 seconds.

"The Laser kart done good, but I lost my brakes at the end and my brother Tod's motor ran real strong," Miller said adding, "I want to thank Doug Crew for the kart and Kenneth Jones for all of his help."

Florida racers Dominic Greco (Margay/TSR), Carl Whitehouse (SKS) and Michael Barker (White) finished out the top five of 28.

Race four had three classes competing together from staggered starts; Briggs Intek Heavy, Briggs Limited Medium and Briggs Senior Champ. Berrier bagged the Intek Heavy win with a 1:07.328 advantage over Coco Beach, FL based Bobby Hopping.

"Robin Bradshaw of CKI did my Animal motor. It's awesome, it's faster then my Super Stock times and the Laser AV-2 kart ran great, both of my karts ran fine today," Berrier said.

Filling in the remaining top five half of the 10-racer field were Terry Dunham, Justin Westerfeld and John Hixon.

Kevin Rusnak ruled Briggs Limited Medium's 17-racer field ending with a 36.027 seconds advantage over Washington, NJ based Coyote kart pilot Eric Garland. Jacksonville, FL based Coyote kart pilot Joseph Murzynsky ran third and was followed in the top five by Lawrence Sampson, of Ridge, FL and Mike Kyle, of Daytona Beach, FL.

On Briggs Senior Champ's last lap Reading, PA pilot Dale Johnson drove under Coco Beach, FL based Kim Hopping's Phantom kart in time to take the win.

"The Illusion kart and my motor ran real well and the Jammer Clutch was awesome. I was sitting back took a couple of laps to decide where to pass and then went deep into the last corner and that was that. It was a lot of fun," Johnson described.

Oliver Springs, TN based Olimpic kart pilot John Caddell came in third and was followed in the top five of 12 by Dale's father Bob Johnson and Wayne Koontz.

Crew showed 29 Briggs Senior competitors across the finish line 13.553 seconds ahead of Jerry McCoy.

"The CKI kart was just perfect and the motor was awesome." Crew said. "It took a couple of laps for the kart and motor to come in, but it was the motor and body work that got me up there. I want to thank Jody Miller for all of his help today."

Murzynsky made third, Fayetteville, GA, based Tomasik kart pilot Robert Iversen followed in fourth and Shorty Johnson rounded out the top five.

Now 4-Cycle racers will have to wait another year for a chance to compete on Daytona International Speedway's high banks.

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