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By Bruce C. Walls - Speciat to Motorsport.com CONCORD, NC-Scott Buerman, of Boynton Beach, FL earned a trio of championship clinching wins during the WKA/Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series 'Grand Nationals' raced November 2-4 at Lowe's...

By Bruce C. Walls - Speciat to Motorsport.com

CONCORD, NC-Scott Buerman, of Boynton Beach, FL earned a trio of championship clinching wins during the WKA/Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series 'Grand Nationals' raced November 2-4 at Lowe's Motor Speedway during the North American Karting Championships. That success earns Buerman a special place in WKA history as a Triple Crown Winner and he will be awarded that huge trophy during a dinner banquet in Daytona Beach, FL Thursday December 27th at the Plaza Resort.

"We came with horsepower and done well right out of the trailer," Buerman said after his third win. Buerman beat Indianapolis, IN based Funkhouser factory pilot Chris Tomasik to Kris Buerman Racing Engines Yamaha Sprint Lite's checkered Flag by 5.226 seconds. "I got a good start. Jason Knuteson and Keegan Van Sicklen were with me early and after that I was by myself," added the Emmick kart pilot who also earned four Big South Road Racing Series championships this season. Trailing Tomasik in the top five of 13 were New Smyrna Beach, FL based Ed Blair, Paul Schunke and David Wolfe.

"I want to thank my brother and engine builder Kris Buerman for his engines and total dedication to winning these championships. I want to dedicate these championships to him he has the flu and couldn't make it this weekend. I also want to thank Lines & Letters by Deb and Tuff Duty Kart Stands for their support this season," said Buerman.

Buerman lead All Kart International/CF Motorsports WKA Sprint Heavy's 15-racer field from start to finish where he was a comfortable 8.885seconds ahead of Wolfe. "I got a good start, a real good start and it was pretty easy, I led the whole thing from there," he said after capturing his first WKA Eagle. Behind Wolfe in the top five were Knuteson, Ron Simpson and Ron Heisey.

In WKA Sprint Lite Buerman cruised across the stripe with a commanding 10.032 seconds advantage over Knuteson. Manassas, VA racer Mark Taylor took third and was followed in the top five of 11 by Blair and Wolfe. "The Emmick Kart was flawless it has been like it's on a rail since we unloaded it and Kris's motor was perfect it never missed a beat," said the PPG Race Finishes/Speed Com Communications backed triple winner.

Six others earned double wins on the 2.25-mile oval and road course. Cyclone kart pilot Andy Kiker claimed a pair of WKA Grand National eagles starting with Saturday's Pro Speed Kartsports 125 Sprint 1 where he was just 1.858 seconds ahead of Chris Reinhardt. "I got a bad start and had to run them down," described the Egg Harbor Township, NJ based double winner. "The Cyclone kart ran great and the Power Source motor ran great." Clark Gaynor grabbed third, Corey Clayton claimed fourth and Dan Bales rounded out the top five of 22.

Gaynor avenged himself in Sunday's Bridgestone/Grand Products 125 Sprint 2 where he nipped Jay Spoden at the finish by just 0.30 seconds. Stephen Mastine, Corey Clayton and Bales completed the top five of 20.

Kiker captured Unlimited 1's checkered flag with a lap advantage over Greg Trimmer. Georgia racer Jim Brannon finished third and was followed in the top five of seven by Michael Denzinger and Michael Beamer.

Birmingham, AL based Custom Fiberglass of Alabama backed Robby Harper swapped paint and the leading position the entire Unlimited 2 race. But it was Harper taking the win in the 14-racer field finishing with a 4.415 second advantage over Randy Fulks. Denzinger made third and was followed by Johnny Howard and Trimmer.

Fulks, of Jacksonville, IL was another double winner. His TS Racing Engines powered Margay kart ruled New Concept Design Yamaha Lite and Competition Karting, Inc. Yamaha Sportsman Heavy. Taking Yamaha Lite's checkered flag just 0.179 seconds ahead of Nathan Grindell earned Fulks that national championship.

"Nathan (Grindell) is the best, he drove the wheels off his kart," Fulks said. "The kart ran great and the motor ran great. Nathan took me on the front straight, Mike Davis was with us and I happened to luck out at the end. It was anybody's race at the finish." Michael Davis, Jr. crossed third and was followed in the top five of 10 by defending national champion Michael Casazza of Jackson, NJ and Giehl David King.

Sunday Fulks beat Scott Grenier to Yamaha Sportsman Heavy's finish by 39.032 seconds. Third was taken by defending national champion Custom Fiberglass of Alabama backed Birmingham, AL based Michael McCombs. Jody Freidmann and Mike Spear, Jr. completed the top five of 13.

Indiana based Andy Hall earned a pair of wins that Sunday. He narrowly won Piston Port Can Sprint Lite taking the final flag just 0.182 seconds ahead of Knuteson. Taylor trailed in third and was followed in the top five of 20 by Kent Weaver and Tomasik.

Later that afternoon he nipped Tomasik at TS Racing Yamaha Sprint Heavy's finish by 0.029 seconds. This time Simpson, BJ Mihelcic and Mike Hamilton handled the remaining top five of 11.

Bushnell, FL based, TS Racing backed Bret Spaude earned two WKA Grand National eagles. Spaude took the Elite Karting Briggs Junior Sprint Heavy & the TS Racing Jr Sprint Heavy classes with Opelika, AL racer Adam Ramito trailing him each time. Spaude finished 1.726 seconds ahead of Romito in the Briggs race on Saturday. Running in the top five of 13 behind Romito were Sean Ballantine, Brandon Klos and Dan Rossignol.

Sunday Spaude was just 0.019 seconds behind Jackson, NJ racer Justin Casazza at TS Racing, Inc. WKA Junior Sprint Heavy's finish, but Casazza was disqualified at tech inspection and Spaude was awarded the win. This time Romito was a lap down when the checkered flag waved. Filling out the field behind Romito were Brandon Taylor and Mark Stoney.

Romito ruled the event's first race RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Junior Enduro Lite edging out Spaude by a mire 0.013 seconds at the stripe. "It was in the last corner of the last lap that I got the lead for good," described the winning Elite Racing Engines powered Elite kart pilot. "The kart was perfect and the motor ran like a dream. I want to thank my mom and dad for all of their help and support and my sponsors Davis Machine Works, Cornwell Racing and Elite Karting." Claiming the remaining positions in the five-racer field were Patrick Lawrence, Mark Burt and Scott Davis. Burt's fourth place finish earned him the national points championship in that class.

Later Burt reached American Power Sports Junior Heavy's finish with a lap advantage over Romito which clinched Burt, the defending national points champion, the title again. "I got a surprisingly good start and exchanged the lead with Patrick (Lawrence) and Adam (Romito) the whole race," said Burt who pilots a TS Racing Engines powered TS Racing Chassis. "The kart ran pretty good and the motor worked great as usual." Lawrence, Donny Warren and Scott Davis rounded out the top five of seven.

Alpharetta, GA racer Todd DeMarchis topped two classes with Rob Hindery, Jerry Turner and Sherry Tichenor following in second through third each time. The ReVVV Racing Engines powered CKI racing chassis pilot posted his first win Saturday in Briggs Sprint Medium where he owned 0.156 seconds over Hindery. Sean Conlon claimed fifth.

Sunday DeMarchis was ahead of Hindery at Briggs Sprint Heavy's checkered flag by 0.565 seconds. "I started on the pole and fell back at the start and then took the lead in turn three and led from there," DeMarchis described. This time Evan Jewell finished fifth.

Florida racer Brian Morse swept the Controlled classes. Saturday he was first across 100cc Controlled's stripe with a comfortable 20.206-seconds lead over Mike Spear. Gene Feigel, Pierre Huang and Dave Williams took third through fourth. Sunday's Elite Engraving 's Controlled Limited race was a closer contest with Huang finishing just 0.573 seconds behind Morse. This time Brian Fisher, Michael Roncke and Williams took the remaining top five positions.

Scott Grenier owned a comfortable 5.655 seconds finish line advantage over Jason Owenby at Horstman Manufacturing Yamaha Sportsman Medium's end. "The Coyote kart was excellent and the LAD motor ran great it was excellent," said the Justice, IL based winner who clinched the title. "I want to thank Coyote karts, LAD, Dunlop Tires an RLV Tuned Exhaust Products for their support this year." Trailing Owenby across the stripe in the top five of 21 were Davis, Jr., David Neil and McCombs.

Piston Port Can Sprint Heavy's checkered flag waved for Indianapolis, IN based Funkhouser factory pilot Jason Knuteson. Hall trailed him across the finish by 0.156 seconds and was followed in the top five of 20 by Chris Thomasik, Jackson Berrier and Paul Schunke.

Competing on the track with the Piston Port Can Sprint Heavy racers leaving the grid from a staggered start were seven Pudge Engineering Junior Sprint Lite racers who were led across the finish by Justin Casazza. Brandon Taylor trailed Casazza by 0.390 seconds, but the Manassas, VA racer was disqualified at tech for a seat infraction, which put Romito in the official second position. Completing the rest of the official top five were Kevin Kopp, Scott Davis and Stoney.

Mike Spear, Jr. posted the Open win with over a minute advantage over Haung. Darrin Cuthbertson claimed third and was trailed in the top five of 17 by Travis Miller, and Morse.

B-Stock's win went to Jim Farr who beat five times national points champion Johnny Howard, of Baton Rouge, LA, to the checkered flag by 2.306 seconds. Alabama racers Robby Harper III and his father Robby Harper took third and fourth and were followed in the top five by Duane Eberhart.

Saturday's seventh race had three classes competing together. First off the grid were 12 Russell Karting Yamaha Heavy racers who were led across the finish line by New York racer Peter Ludwig. Grenier crossed 12.992 seconds behind Ludwig and was followed in the top five by McCombs, Freidmann and Spear.

At the same time Ron Miller led 14 Piston Port Can Lite racers across their finish line with Michael Davis, Jr. just 0.191 seconds behind him. Illinois racer David Somers was just 0.646 seconds behind Davis and Glenn Kahler finished fourth one lap down from the leaders and was followed by Bobby Moore who capped the top five.

Three Euro 5 Lite racers were waging their own battle led by Virginia Beach, VA racer Travis Miller who built a lap advantage over John Lamper and Daniel Hart at the stripe.

Hart turned the tables on Sunday's Euro 5 Heavy racers taking the win 0.500 seconds ahead of Erik Day. This time Phil Jackson filled third, Lamper ran fourth and Feigel finished fifth out of six entrees.

Mentor, OH racer Richie Warren clinched KSF/Team Leadfoot.com Yamaha Sportsman Lite's national points championship. The LAD powered Coyote kart pilot took the checkered flag just 0.101 seconds ahead of Grindell. Owneby trailed in third and was followed in the top five of 13 by Lance Fry and Davis, Jr.

Belair, MD based Sean Ballentine bagged CKI Trackside Briggs Junior Sprint Lite's win 0.105 seconds ahead of Spaude. Romito ran third, Brandon Klos followed in fourth and Dan Rossignol rounded out the top five of 13.

David Somers narrowly dominated Piston Port Can Heavy's finish taking the final flag just 0.082 seconds before Ron Miller. Freidman, Randy Holewski and Barry Motsinger completed the top five of 11.

That concludes the WKA/Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series 2001 season. Racers begin their 2002 season December 27th at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL.

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