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WKA's Pit Board - 09.24.2009 *** BeaveRun Gold Cup Money Race promises to be big 09.24.2009 -- No fewer than nine well-respected outfits in the 4-cycle karting industry have stepped up to offer awards to racers in the final Bully Clutches...

WKA's Pit Board - 09.24.2009


BeaveRun Gold Cup Money Race promises to be big

09.24.2009 -- No fewer than nine well-respected outfits in the 4-cycle karting industry have stepped up to offer awards to racers in the final Bully Clutches Gold Cup Money Race slated to go off Friday, Oct. 2 at the GT Machine Grand Nationals at BeaveRun (Pa.) Motorsports Park.

Supporters of the final Money Race now include American Power Sports (four $25 gift certificates); Baker Racing Engines (two $100 gift certificates); Briggs & Stratton (generator and pressure washer); Bully Clutches (t-shirts); G Man KartWorks (body kit); GT Machine (two gift certificates); Jammer Clutches (five $50 gift certificates); Robertson Torque (two gift certificates); and Thor Oil (three jugs of oil).

Of course, the fine product from these gracious supporters comes in addition to the purse, which is determined at the track and based on the number of entries.

The Money Race has been most popular among the Gold Cup racers, fans and teams this season. Bleachers and fences have been packed at Gold Cup events when the race takes the green flag after a full day of practice. Full fields of over 20 have hit the track at each of the three events this season, which have been won by Gary Lawson at Lowe's and Brett Farmer at G&J and New Castle.

Watch WKA's Pit Board for a full preview of next weekend's season finale for the Bully Clutches Gold Cup Series at BeaveRun. To view the GT Machine Grand Nationals entry blank, visit www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2009/1002_beaverun_gc.pdf.


Riverhead Speedway Pavement final to include special benefit for Charlie Hodge

09.24.2009 -- An off-track hit at Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series races in 2009 has been the 100/100 raffle that Ginny Pappa organizes. The raffle, which began at the July Chapel Hill national, is titled 100/100 because all the money and prizes raised go straight back to the racers. Half the money is drawn for and awarded to the holder of the winning ticket while the rest of the cash is used to purchase product and gift certificates from at-track vendors.

At Riverhead, the 100/100 raffle is primed to be the best yet, and it's for a great cause. The raffle will benefit Charlie Hodge, owner of respected outfit Hodge Racing Supply and longtime WKA supporter, who has been ill and now requires treatment in the Long Island area.

Pappa has set up the 100/100 raffle at Riverhead a little differently in an effort to help Charlie through this difficult time. After the weekend of selling tickets, a ticket will still be drawn for half the money. But instead of using the other half to buy product and certificates, that portion of the money will go straight to Charlie and his family to put toward the costs of his treatment.

But that doesn't mean there will be no prizes. Many supporters have stepped up to donate some fine product that will be drawn for. These awards include a Briggs & Stratton Animal engine, a free junk removal from 1-800-GOT-JUNK, a tire roller from Larry Jones Motorsports, a $100 gift certificate to Bonsignore Kart Shoppe and a Briggs & Stratton generator. Rage Karts and Ensor Kart Shop also have said they will be involved.

Pappa also has ordered decals that will read encouraging words for Charlie. The decals will be sold for $5 a piece at Riverhead and they will come in different colors for the various colors of racers' karts.

"This is something that we are doing to benefit Charlie Hodge," Ginny said. "The race is in the area where he's from (Long Island), so we've been told Charlie is going to have a lot of friends and family there. We want this to support Charlie's treatments as much as possible and we're asking people to help out and get involved any way they can, whether it's buying tickets, selling tickets or donating product or certificates. People can contact me if they want to help."

People looking to help out this wonderful cause can call Ginny Pappa at 518-766-7387 (home) or 518-365-5789 (cell). She is encouraging anyone interested in helping not to hesitate to call her at either number.


Divisional transfers beginning to affect points

09.24.2009 -- With Thursday's posting of the updated Rage Karts Speedway Pavement national point standings, divisional transfers are now beginning to be included in the point tallies. The updated Speedway Pavement points include the New York Asphalt Championship Series at Chapel Hill Raceway. Speedway Pavement is the first series this season to have a divisional transfers included in the points.

The posted points totals reflect the "best of" calculations for your series; which means, your dropped races, if any, have been dropped and are not included in the total.

More divisional transfers will be included in WKA's national touring series as final divisional standings are received.

For explanations on how divisional transfers affect the national points, refer to the 2009 WKA Technical Manual, specifically section 800 as well as the tech updates page.


K&N Filters $40K scholarship expanded and deadline extended

09.24.2009 (RIVERSIDE, Calif.) -- K&N Filters recently announced the expansion of their sponsorship program to provide a young upcoming race driver with a funded 10 race season and one year driver development program.

The application process has been opened up to all drivers 11 to 19 years of age, with race winning backgrounds. K&N is also expanding the race series options. The winning Driver may use the K&N Sponsorship to run 10 races in either, the USAC Junior Ford Focus Midget, USAC Ford Focus Midget or NASCAR Grand American Modified series.

K&N Filter's heritage of motorsports involvement, and specifically youth racing, in grassroots racing series across America has long been heralded. "We love being involved in both USAC and NASCAR series at all levels. K&N is the filter of choice for the majority of racers in the USAC Ford Focus Midget series ... and the NASCAR Modified series. We just want to continue showing our support," stated Bob Harris, Corporate Race Accounts Manager for K&N Filters.

The winning driver will be placed with one of Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle race teams in the selected series on the West Coast. The Modifieds weigh 2550 pounds and feature 410" V-8, 520 horsepower, methanol burning engines utilizing K&N air and oil filters. The Roush Yates Ford Focus Race Engines, also featuring K&N air and oil filters, make 180 horsepower and race at 1140 pounds in the USAC Ford Focus Midgets.

To the surprise of many, the Focus Midgets post quicker lap times than the Modifieds on most short tracks. Both series are open to Drivers age 14 and up. The USAC Junior Ford Focus Midget series is in the early stages of expansion by USAC, with support from Ford Racing. The same 180 horsepower Roush Yates Engines utilize easily removed restrictors to produce 125 horsepower for Drivers 12 to 15 years of age.

In addition, the talented driver selected will be awarded a one year scholarship in Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle NASCAR career focused driver development program. The K&N scholarship winner will have a training program designed specifically for their age, experience and development stage.

"The $40,000 race sponsorship and driver development scholarship are just the next step in K&N Filters long history of supporting young racers," stated Tony Yorkman, Sports Marketing Manager at K&N Engineering. "These are challenging times but, we are not going to stop caring about young racers. Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle is one of the top driver development programs and already has a great process in place to find talented young drivers. We are tapping into their program to help us find and develop a deserving young racer for K&N's award."

To properly handle K&N's expanded sponsorship program ... Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle has extended the deadline to October 12th, for young Drivers to send in their resume. The on-track Driver Shoot-Out has been expanded, with a second date added, October 17-19th, to handle the additional talented drivers selected to compete.

Many successful car racers today, honed their skills driving something smaller, such as Karts, Legends, Dwarf Cars, Quarter Midgets, Mini/Micro-Sprints, Dirt Karts and other forms of youth racing. K&N Filters and Sunoco Racing Fuels, an additional supporting sponsor, are awarding six of the spots free of charge to young racers from various forms of youth motorsports in the 2009 RSWC Talent Search Shoot-Out.

"K&N Filter's support for young drivers and grassroots racing continues to amaze me. First they came on board sponsoring free spots in our annual Shoot-Out. K&N added a 10 race sponsorship and driver development scholarship this year. Then they expanded it to accommodate a wider age range of drivers and include both the USAC and NASCAR series. We are thrilled to develop young racers' careers with K&N's support," said Ron Sutton.

Young winning drivers ages 11 to 19, and their families, are encouraged to get all the information and answers to common questions from the web-site, then submit their resume in time to be considered. The Web site is www.Winners-Circle-Racing.com


This weekend's South Carolina Dirt Divisional cancelled

09.24.2009 -- This weekend's South Carolina Dirt Divisional Series race at the Georgia Karting Komplex has been cancelled. The series has been granted approval from WKA to count the best four of five races and to base year-end points on this race count revision.

The race has been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

Contact Jayson Brown 864.304.4589 or e-mail Brownrace8@bellsouth.net.

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