WKA: Pit Board 2009-06-26

WKA: Pit Board 2009-06-26
Oct 2, 2009, 8:36 AM

WKA's Pit Board - 06.26.2009 *** Awesome Giveaways, Prizes Courtesy Of Briggs & Stratton And Many Others At Upcoming Spallco R.V. Sales Gold Cup Nationals At G & J 06.25.2009 -- Longtime WKA supporter Briggs & Stratton and many other allegiant ...

WKA's Pit Board - 06.26.2009


Awesome Giveaways, Prizes Courtesy Of Briggs & Stratton And Many Others At Upcoming Spallco R.V. Sales Gold Cup Nationals At G & J

06.25.2009 -- Longtime WKA supporter Briggs & Stratton and many other allegiant karting industry outfits have "stepped up to the plate" to offer Bully Clutches Gold Cup Series competitors a number of opportunities to leave the July 3-5 Spallco R.V. Sales Nationals at G & J Kartway with some terrific prizes and product.

The weekend will begin with the second Gold Cup Money Race of the season on Friday evening, which will follow a full day of practice.

In addition to some generous checks distributed to the race's top finishers, WKA will also have on site one generator and one pressure washer provided by the great folks at Briggs & Stratton to be given away Friday night to a couple Money Race competitors. Like the purse structure, details to the generator and pressure washer giveaway for the Money Race will be provided Friday, July 3, at G & J.

But Briggs & Stratton's pressure washer and generator giveaway for the Money Race is just the beginning. The Money Race is being supported by a host of gracious sponsors, some which are awarding fine product or certificates and others that are contributing to the purse. These sponsors include G-Man Kart Works (one body kit), Baker Racing Engines (two $100 certificates), Bear Racing Engines ($100 certificate), Absolute Auto & Wells Motorsports ($50 gift card to GT Machine), Robertson Torque (two Animal header certificates), Ekartingnews.com (two-month banner ad to promote the driver, sponsors, team, etc.) and Bully Clutches (t-shirts).

With the buzz surrounding Friday's Money Race, it's easy to forget that a full weekend of racing will follow. But the racing won't start until Briggs & Stratton makes five more Gold Cup competitors extremely happy ones at Saturday morning's drivers meeting. Four Briggs pressure washers and one generator will be given away to five lucky Gold Cup participants at the meeting. The drawings at the meeting are completely random and only weekend race entrants are eligible to win. WKA Director of Operations Buddy Long will explain the drawing procedure at Saturday morning's meeting.

For more information on the Spallco R.V. Sales Nationals, visit www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2009/0703_camden_gc.pdf. Additional questions or concerns can be addressed by calling the WKA offices at 704-455-1606.


Get Your Pre-Entry In For Zoom Zoom Nationals By July 1

06.25.2009 -- Pre-registration for the Zoom Zoom Nationals at Road America closes Wednesday, July 1. The July 1 cutoff date is for both the George Kugler / Bridgestone Manufacturer's Cup Series and Dunlop Tire National Road Racing Series, both driven by Mazda.

Teams now have less than one week to get pre-registration forms to WKA for this highly anticipated event. Forms can be mailed to WKA at 6051 Victory Lane; Concord, NC 28027. Forms also may be faxed to WKA at 704-455-1609. And in another added convenience, pre-registration forms for both Manufacturer's Cup and Road Racing Series may be e-mailed to sissy@worldkarting.com.

Entrants are advised that they are e-mailing and faxing credit card information at their own risk. WKA is encouraging competitors e-mailing or faxing pre-entry forms to call the WKA office with credit card information. The office line is 704-455-1606.

The Zoom Zoom Nationals Manuf. Cup entry form can be found at www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2009/0710_rdamer_mc.pdf. The Road Racing Series entry form is at www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2009/0710_rdamer_rr.pdf.

Avoid additional lines at Road America and get those pre-entry forms in as soon as possible!


Rule Reminders For Road America Zoom Zoom Road Race Nationals

06.25.2009 -- As the last days of June march by, the much-anticipated Zoom Zoom Road Race Nationals at the internationally famous Road America continue to draw closer. The WKA Dunlop Tire Road Racing Series driven by Mazda competitors have eagerly awaited WKA's return to Road America for many years and it is with great expectations that WKA will host one of the biggest and best road racing events of 2009!

For those racers who are not WKA Road Racing Series regulars, here are a few reminders regarding WKA Road Racing Series National Class rules:

* Dual-braking systems are mandatory in all WKA Road Racing classes.

* All sprint karts are required to a run a rear bumper with a maximum width that does not extend beyond the outside of the rear tires and minimum width that reaches the center of the rear tires. CIK homologated "rear-wheel protection" is allowed on CIK-style karts.

* All 2-cycle sprint classes (except CIK & WKA 125 shifters) must run spec fuel and oil as outlined on the Zoom Zoom Nationals entry form.

In an effort to meet the varied interests of road racers in the Midwest region, WKA has added a variety of local option classes to be run in conjunction with the national classes. Here's an overview:

2-Cycle Classes:

HPV Sr Sprint will run both days for drivers 15 and up and will allow either the HPV-3 or HPV-4 pipe. Dual brakes are waived for competitors in this class who run the CIK-style bodywork. Full rear bumpers are mandatory.

The Open Sprint class is somewhat of a catchall for 2-cycle classes. The Open Sprint class welcomes 100cc engines, 125cc non-gearbox engines, Rotax DD2's and the Exciter/Spec Shifter karts for drivers 16 years and older. Fifteen-year-old drivers may also enter and race their 80cc Shifter in this class. All WKA dual-brake and rear-bumper rules apply to these classes.

TaG Sprint drivers will have several choices throughout the weekend. The National Spec 125 TaG class will run, as well as Stock Leopard Sprint. In addition, WKA has added TaG Heavy, TaG Senior and TaG Junior per the TaG USA rules and weights. Senior drivers must be 16 and the junior classes are for drivers between the ages of 12 and 15. All WKA dual-brake and rear-bumper rules apply.

4-Cycle Classes:

Briggs Animal drivers will be offered a second class to run both days with the addition of the Briggs Animal 360 local option class. This class will mirror the national class with no special waivers.

The 4-Cycle Sprint local option class is the counterpart to the 2-Cycle Open Sprint class in which a variety of 4-cycle engine and kart combinations may run. WKA Gold Cup Briggs Animal drivers will fall into this class as well as anyone 15 years old and up who would like to run their Briggs Raptor, Koehler or Clone engine. The WKA dual-brake and rear-bumper rules are waived in this class for karts running WKA sprint bodywork.

Enduro / Laydowns:

The TaG-E class is back on board for anybody wishing to mount the popular TaG engine on a laydown kart. And Vintage karts are welcome to race at Road America and show off how it all started!


As with most events, special races are worked in to provide competitors with more track time as well as a little more fun throughout the weekend. This year's Road America event is no different.

Friday afternoon will host the annual Badger Kart Club Briggs Scholarship Charity Race. Briggs Animal competitors will race the famous four-mile track in hopes of taking home the coveted trophy as well as help with the scholarship fund. Piston Port Can drivers are also welcomed to run in this race, however, the award is reserved for the Briggs participants.

On track at the same time as the scholarship charity race will be the Chuck G Fabrication TaG Pro race, which features a guaranteed purse of over $2,000 and will give TaG racers an opportunity to earn a little money back for their weekend efforts. The final special race of the weekend will be the Team Race run on Saturday afternoon. This popular event hosts a two-person team race with a pit stop for Briggs Animal, PP Can Sprint and TaG competitors.

So, whether you are a regular WKA national competitor or somebody just looking for some fun in racing on one of the best tracks in the country, mark July 10-12 on your calendar and come to the Zoom Zoom Road Race Nationals at Road America.

The event's entry form can be found at www.worldkarting.com/downloads/eb-2009/0710_rdamer_rr.pdf. Contact WKA at 704.455.1606 for more information.


WKA's Karting Scene Correction -- Team Valhalla Racing 360 Plus Device

06.26.2009 -- The current issue of WKA's Karting Scene magazine includes a reference to Team Valhalla's program to provide a field replacement part for its 360 Plus Device. There is misinformation in this reference to the 360 Plus Device. WKA's Karting Scene staff was provided with incorrect information and it was published; the magazine staff apologizes for the errors.

The errors include an incorrect contact number for Team Valhalla. The correct number is 419-682-1360.

It also refers to the program as a "recall." This is a misnomer. The program is fully described in detail in the June 10, 2009, Pit Board announcements and Web site posts. Under the program Team Valhalla Racing will provide a replacement part for the 360 Plus Device at no charge to its customers. The part is to be installed by the customer. See the post on the WKA Web site for complete information on this program.

The two June 10 Pit Boards regarding the 360 Plus Device can be found at the following links: www.worldkarting.com/pg/news/2009-06/360Plus.html; www.worldkarting.com/pg/news/2009-06/Valhalla.html.

Again, WKA's Karting Scene apologizes for any inconvenience.

-credit: wka

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