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WKA's Pit Board - 04.08.2009 *** WKA Announces Updates for the George Kugler/Bridgestone Manufacturer's Cup Series driven by Mazda 04.08.2009 -- The second event in the 2009 Manufacturer's Cup series, the MRP Speed School Nationals, will be...

WKA's Pit Board - 04.08.2009


WKA Announces Updates for the George Kugler/Bridgestone Manufacturer's Cup Series driven by Mazda

04.08.2009 -- The second event in the 2009 Manufacturer's Cup series, the MRP Speed School Nationals, will be held May 1 - 3, 2009 at the Michiana Raceway Park, South Bend, Indiana. At that event competitors will have the choice of several new spec oils. In addition two new kart specifications will be in force, a new class will begin competing, and WKA will be reevaluating engine performance in the TAG classes. This Pit Board and web post summarizes all of the latest information.

2009 Spec Oils
WKA has tested and approved the following oils for the George Kugler/Bridgestone Manufacturer's Cup Series Driven by Mazda for use during the 2009 season.

Burris Blend
Burris Castor
Manhattan Oil Power Plus 2 Stroke Oil
Redline 2 cycle Kart Oil
Redline 2 Stroke Racing Oil
RevClean Castor
T.S. Engine Oil
XERAMIC Castor Evolution 2T.

Competitors may select from any of these approved oils. They are to be mixed at the ratio of between six and eight ounces of oil per gallon of Sunoco 110 Leaded Race Fuel. This fuel will available for purchase at each event.

Kart Specification Changes
As published in the 2009 WKA Technical Manual all karts in the Man Cup Series are required to have either a CIK Homologated rear tire protection device or a double bar, tubular rear bumper that extends to a point between the center and outer edge of the rear tires. Several kart shops have already developed kits for this purpose.

In addition, where studs are used to attach wheels to hubs, the studs must now be a minimum of 0.3125" (8mm) in diameter. This is a standard on most karts now. See the 2009 WKA Technical Manual and the Tech Updates posted on the WKA web site for details on both of these changes.

New Yamaha Sportsman Heavy Class
As previously reported, a new class has been added to the schedule for Yamaha Sportsman drivers. The new Yamaha Sportsman Heavy class will compete on Saturday; the Yamaha Sportsman class will run on Sunday. For more details on the class see the February 24 web site announcement located in the WKA web site archives.

TAG Engine Evaluation
It is WKA's stated objective to make every attempt to maintain parity among engine brands in the TAG classes. Based on the performance of one particular engine brand at the first Man Cup event at Daytona, drivers in the TAG and TAG Masters classes have asked for a reevaluation of the kart/driver weights in these classes. Their request has been discussed by the 2-cycle Technical Committee and the Manufacturer's Cup Committee. The consensus was that it would not be appropriate to make a weight change based on the results of one event.

However, WKA will conduct a reevaluation after the first day's competition at the MRP Speed School Nationals at South Bend. Representatives of the 2-cycle Tech and Manufacturer's Cup Competition Committees will meet on the evening of Saturday, May 2 to review the performance of all engine brands. They may make weight adjustments at that time and implement it for Sunday's events, or they may decide to review the results from additional events before recommending any changes.

Comer K-80 Cadet Clutch Rules
The 2009 WKA Technical Manual Comer K-80 rules state "parts are to be of original manufacture and be stock in appearance, including--clutch." To aid competitors and engine builders, the following specifications are to be used in clutch technical inspection to ensure that they are of "original manufacture and stock in appearance."

Clutch must be run as manufactured. Shoes must have "Comer" name cast into them. Shoes must be stock appearing; no polishing or removal of material. Minimum allowed width of shoes and assembly 0.650". Shoe length minimum is 2.500" chord measurement. Spring maximum diameter 0.430 and 9 coils. Wire diameter 0.075" to 0.080". 12 tooth drum./

Parilla Leopard, Sonik TX and Comer TAG Pipe Measurement
There has been some confusion as to exactly how the minimum pipe length is to be measured on Parilla Leopard, Sonik TX and Comer TAG engines. On the Sonik TX and Comer engines, the minimum combined length of the header, connector pipe and first divergent cone must be at least 17" as measured from the outside of the header flange at the cylinder, around the right side of the header, connector, and pipe to the weld at the outer end of the first divergent cone. On the Parilla Leopard, the minimum distance from the outside of the header flange to the weld at the end of the first divergent cone is 15 3/4".

*HPV Clutch Rules*
WKA has rescinded 2009 Tech Manual Section 603.11.1. That section specified that Horstman logo clutch hubs and disks must be used in the HPV clutch effective at the second Man Cup event. Aftermarket clutch hubs and disks are now approved for the HPV clutches.

MRP Speed School Nationals Entry Blanks
Entry blank for the MRP Speed School Nationals is now available. Go to www.worldkarting.com/pg/series/mc/mc-main.html to download the entry/information form.


Mid-Atlantic Sprint Divisional Series Adds Class To Schedule

04.08.2009 - As a result of several requests, the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Divisional will be adding the Yamaha Sportsman Heavy to their Sunday line-up of classes. Yamaha Sportsman Lite will remain on Saturday schedule. Their first event is the weekend of April 18-19. For more information on the series, contact Dave Koehler at 410.882.2375.


Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series Has Successful Season Opener

04.08.2009 -- After a soggy start to the Hodge Racing Supply Nationals held at the OCR Action Sports Park in Rougemont, NC, the sun came out and filled the weekend with an exciting start to the Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series. With over 250 entries, everyone seemed to be pleased with the outcome of the weekend.

A heavy rainfall delayed practice on Friday until nearly 1pm, but after a smart decision by the WKA and Track Officials, the day's practice was extended until 7pm, which pushed the track sponsored Money Race to Saturday evening.

The Robertson Brothers proved to ones to beat all weekend long after Tyler took the top podium position in the Briggs Champ Lite and Heavy classes and the Briggs Raptor Champ Final 1. Little brother, Patrick, took the win in the Briggs Champ Jr Lite and Heavy classes. Kyle Long left with a first place plaque in each hand after sweeping the Briggs Raptor Final 1 and Final 2 classes.

The Speedway Pavement Series heads north to the Chapel Hill Raceway in Humphrey, NY the weekend of July 17 -- 19, 2009, for the 1-800-GOT-JUNK Nationals. For more information or for the complete series schedule, go to www.worldkarting.com/pg/series/ps/ps-main.html.

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