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WKA's Pit Board - 03.10.2009 *** Gold Cup Money Race At LMS Shaping Up Nicely 03.10.2009 - With just a little over a week till the first national event of the year for the Bully Clutches Gold Cup Series at Lowe's Motor Speedway, the highly...

WKA's Pit Board - 03.10.2009


Gold Cup Money Race At LMS Shaping Up Nicely

03.10.2009 - With just a little over a week till the first national event of the year for the Bully Clutches Gold Cup Series at Lowe's Motor Speedway, the highly anticipated $$Money Race$$ is taking great shape. Once Friday's practice for the Michigan Kart Supply Nationals is concluded March 20, the very best in 4 Cycle Sprint racing will take to the challenging 15 turn Lowe's Motor Speedway Sprint Track.

While there will be a money payout for the top five, many competitors from 6th position on back will be in line for some top line merchandise provided by many in the racing industry. Stepping up to the plate is Briggs & Stratton, supplying an Animal Engine to one lucky finisher. Cash, Certificates, and Product have also been donated by the following: Baker Racing Engines, Comet Kart Sales, G Man KartWorks, Thor Oil, Bully Clutches, Beasley Motorsports, Turner Racing Engines, MGM, Absolute Auto and Wells Motorsports, and GT Machine. Needless to say, very few will go home empty handed.

Fridays Money race will mark the beginning of a new era for the Gold Cup Series, continuing on at G and J Kartway in Camden, Ohio July 3. Adding the Open Exhibition Class on Saturday, not to mention the beginning of 18 national points battles sets the table for the beginning of a great racing season.

To view the Michigan Kart Supply Nationals entry blank, go to www.worldkarting.com/pg/series/gc/gc-main.html.


Briggs Local Option 206 Engine Technical Specifications

03.10.2009 - Since announcement of the Briggs & Stratton Local Option 206 engine in October, 2008, WKA, IKF and Briggs & Stratton Motorsports have been working together on the technical specifications and inspection procedures for this new engine. Those specifications and procedures have now been announced and are available for use at the local tracks and divisional series where this new engine is being used.

The intent of the Briggs & Stratton Local Option 206 is to provide a sealed, simple-to-operate, ultra-reliable, engine using only factory parts. It has been designed for competition at local tracks and may be offered in local option classes in divisional series. The crankcase is sealed at the Briggs & Stratton factory to help control costs and maintain parity while simplifying tech inspection. Only the top end of the engine needs to be inspected. No engine may enter this class without a Briggs & Stratton factory seal or with a seal that shows evidence of tampering. This engine must be raced exactly as it comes from the factory. Only those parts not protected by the Briggs & Stratton factory seal should be inspected.

The specifications and technical inspection procedures will be included in the next edition of the Tech Updates. You may download a PDF version of the rules by going to www.worldkarting.com/downloads/206-LocalOptionRules.pdf.

To view the official Briggs & Stratton press release go to www.worldkarting.com/pg/news/2009-03/briggscrateengine.html.


Briggs & Stratton Racing Unveils A New Crate Engine And Track Program For 2009

03.10.2009 - The New Local Option 206 engine from Briggs & Stratton is a crate engine designed to help control the cost of racing, simplify the tech process, and provide a level playing field for competitors.

Built from the proven Animal platform, this engine features a ground cam, factory controlled piston pop-up, a sealed lower unit, an onboard rewind starter and a PVL ignition system limited to 6,100 rpm.

'The LO 206 allows a racer an out-of-the-box racing class structure with an engine that can grow as a racer does' stated Dave Klaus- Briggs & Stratton.

'We looked at the state of the economy, our sport, and other engine packages to develop a cost-effective racing platform which led to the LO 206 engine being born. A hand-built racing engine with consistency from start to finish that simplifies the process to get out on the track. An engine that a racer can take with them to the next level by simply swapping out the ignition module and head gasket.'

In addition to the release of the L0 206 crate engine, Briggs & Stratton Racing has gone a step further to support the tracks and racers who campaign this engine package in 2009. 'We also wanted to show a commitment to the local level of our sport by creating a promotional program valued at over $300 to be used as awards to participating racers.' Sanctioned tracks will need to submit five (5) LO 206 engine UPC codes to be eligible.

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