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WKA Announces Changes For The 2009 Gold Cup Series 12.15.2008 -- This is the third in a series of Pit Board and web site announcements highlighting the major changes in each WKA national racing series. The objective is to give our competitors,...

WKA Announces Changes For The 2009 Gold Cup Series

12.15.2008 -- This is the third in a series of Pit Board and web site announcements highlighting the major changes in each WKA national racing series. The objective is to give our competitors, sponsors, engine builders and suppliers an opportunity to get a head start on the next competition year. For our Gold Cup Series competitors, that season starts March 20-22, 2009 at the Lowe's Motor Speedway, NC.

Increased Tech Inspection -- The biggest news is an expanded technical inspection program. Many of our competitors have requested additional tech. In response to their request the WKA Board of Trustees voted at their November 14 meeting to add another full time SFI/WKA Tech Inspector. The Gold Cup Competition Committee developed the new inspection program, and it was reviewed by the WKA 4-cycle Technical Committee. Following is tech inspection procedure that will be followed:

* All competitors will have their fuel tested at the end of their qualifying laps.

* The top 5 finishers in the heat race will have their fuel tested.

* Random oil tests will done at any time

* The top 5 finishers in the final event will go to tech.

* Everything on the outside of every engine in the top five will be checked. That includes the air filter, carburetor, pipe, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel tank and fuel and oil.

* The first place finisher gets full tech including removal of piston and rod assembly (down to the bare block)

* The second place finisher gets full tech except removal of piston and rod. The side cover will be removed for visual inspection of cam & lifters.

* The first place finisher will pull a pill to determine which of the third through fifth place finishers will receive complete carburetor inspection and maximum valve lift check.

Unfortunately all things come at a price. First, to do this level of technical inspection we need the competitors' complete cooperation. Competitors will have to ensure that they, a pit crew member or their engine builder will be available to start tearing their engine down within 30 minutes of the end of their race.

In addition to cover the cost of the added Tech Inspector, the Trustees voted to increase the entry fee by $5.00. Based on feedback from competitors, all who were asked agreed that they would support the entry fee increase for the higher level of tech inspection.

Event Activities Committee -- The Gold Cup Series has traditionally been one of WKA's most family oriented series. In recognition of this the Gold Cup Competition Committee is forming a sub-committee to identify and manage family and kid oriented activities at Gold Cup National events. Here is an opportunity for family members to get involved the events, particularly people who are not directly involved in driving or crewing. If you are interested in participating in this committee or have ideas about family fun activities, contact Steve Baker at bakerracingeng@aol.com or by phone at 419-483-8992.

New Super Stock Class -- The Gold Cup Series has added two new classes, Super Stock Medium (350 lbs.) and Heavy (375 lbs.). The engine is based on a Briggs & Stratton Animal with the following modifications: Any Tillotson carburetor with a maximum bore of 0.830" and any rod meeting stock dimensions. The RLV B91MO silencer is mandatory. This should be an exciting new class. Initial dyno runs show an almost two horsepower increase over the stock Animal, and many competitors like the ease of tuning of the Tillotson carburetors.

To make room for the new Super Stock Class, one Briggs Raptor class has been eliminated. The single Briggs Raptor class will run at 360 lbs.

World Formula Class -- This class, new in 2008, will return in again in 2009. Competitors in the class are enthusiastic about the engine's reliability and Animal level of performance. It provides the option of self-start capability with the on-board electric starter or the use of the recoil starter. It runs on gas. And it gives the competitor another option: CIK style bodywork or a full WKA style body.

Tires and Wheels -- The spec tires for the 2009 season will be the Dunlop DDMs in the sportsman and junior classes, Bridgestone YHCs in the World Formula Class, and Firestone YKDs in the other senior classes. Note that the maximum wheel width for the 4:50 x 5" tires has been increased from 6" to 6 1/2".

5/16" Wheel Studs -- Effective at the March 20-22, 2009 event at the Lowe's Motor Speedway, the minimum size for wheel studs will be 5/16". This proposal was approved by the WKA Board of Trustees on June 28, but the change failed to make the Tech Manual.

Steering Shaft Extensions -- Several karts at the last Gold Cup event at Lowes had modified hubs to either extend the steering wheel or to change the angle of the steering wheel. Effective at the March 20-22, 2009 event, these will be inspected in accordance with the 2009 WKA Tech Manual. In addition using a cross bolt through the collar and 5/8" solid steel steering shaft will not be approved. The hub and steering wheel must be attaches as specified in the Tech Manual.

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