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WKA's Pit Board presented by AMB i.t. - 11.04.2008 *** Road Racers Tackle Road Atlanta 11.04.2008 - WKA road racers invaded the foothills of Georgia the weekend of Oct 31 -- Nov 2 and tackled the challenging 2.5-mile Road Atlanta road course.

WKA's Pit Board presented by AMB i.t. - 11.04.2008


Road Racers Tackle Road Atlanta

11.04.2008 - WKA road racers invaded the foothills of Georgia the weekend of Oct 31 -- Nov 2 and tackled the challenging 2.5-mile Road Atlanta road course. Despite lower entry counts than in past years due mostly to a continually failing economy, all who attended enjoyed a beautiful weekend weather-wise and some exciting on-track action.

Courtney Atkinson continued her dominance of the four junior 2-cycle classes; while several other drivers captured double wins over the weekend. As well as several first time national race winners earned top honors over the weekend. Robby Harper and the Big South Series gang along with WKA, wish to thank all who supported this year's event.


WKA Announces Changes For The 2009 National Road Race Series

11.04.2008 -- This is the second in a series of Pit Board and web site announcements highlighting the major changes in each WKA national racing series. Although the 2009 WKA Technical Manual is now printed and will be going into the mail to our members in the next few days, many WKA members want to get a head start on getting ready for next season. For our National Road Racing Series (NRRS) competitors, that season starts in less than two months at the Daytona International Speedway. And with fuel prices at 60% of this summer's highs, WKA is expecting a large turnout.

The most significant change in the Sprint Road Racing division of the NRRS is the new requirement for wider rear bumpers on karts running WKA style bodywork. Although this was previously announced in the Tech Updates section of WKA Karting Scene Magazine, here is a summary of the requirements. WKA Sprint Road Racing karts must have a rear bumper that extends to a point between the middle and outside of the rear tires. This can be accomplished by replacing the current rear bumper with one that extends to somewhere between the center of each rear tire and the outside of the rear tire. The new specification can also be met by bolting an additional tubular steel bumper to the existing rear bumper. Several kart shops have already developed kits for this purpose. A third option is to add tubular extensions to the current bumpers. These are often referred to as "elephant ears" and are probably the most economical way to implement this rule. These wider bumpers have already proven themselves in the NRRS classes running CIK style bodywork.

Class changes in the NRRS are minimal this year. In the Sprint Road Racing division of the NRRS, the Piston Port Can Sprint 340/360/380 classes have been replaced with Piston Port Can Sprint 360/380. However, there will still be three classes and three championships. The 360 class will run Saturday and Sunday.

There will also be a minor change to the weights in the 125 Sprint Shifter classes. Based on at-the-track weight surveys, the weights for CIK 125 Shifter 1 & 2 and the Stock Honda 1 & 2 classes have been increased from 385 lbs. to 390 lbs.

A new pipe has been introduced for competitors in classes such as Controlled Spec where the IR1 pipe has been required or allowed. This pipe, called the IR2, is identical in performance to the IR1 the differences include an 80 degree bend instead of the IR1's 90 degree bend. This will make it easier to mount the pipe. In addition the pipe will have a billet cup at the beginning of the first divergent cone. This should increase the useful life of the pipe by eliminating wear from the connector pipe hitting the inlet at the first divergent cone. Adding this one-quarter inch billet cup necessitates a minimum length of 8.75" from the piston to the end of the connector pipe. The current IR1 pipe will be legal through 2009 and will continue to run at 9".

The current spec oils will be approved through the Daytona event. Letters will be sent shortly to the WKA sponsors inviting them to submit oils for the 2009 season. As soon as these oils are reviewed and approved, the list will be announced for the balance of the 2009 season.

Finally the rule for karts competing in multi-class race groups has been clarified. Here is the revised rule: When classes are combined into race groups, karts in one class shall not interfere with the race of another class in the race group. In this case, it is the responsibility of slower kart in one class to yield to the faster karts in the other class or classes. The flagman may use the "move over" flag to instruct the slower kart of the oncoming traffic. In the event the "move over" flag is used and the driver in question ignores the direction of the flagman, the driver will be subject to penalties and/or disqualification.

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