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WKA's Pit Board presented by AMB i.t. - 10.09.2008 *** Dowling, Myers, Wetzel 3 Peat At The Beaver 10.09.2008 - The season finale for the Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series was greeted with traditional fall weather. Cool and rainy...

WKA's Pit Board presented by AMB i.t. - 10.09.2008


Dowling, Myers, Wetzel 3 Peat At The Beaver

10.09.2008 - The season finale for the Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series was greeted with traditional fall weather. Cool and rainy conditions eventually gave way to brilliant sunshine and warmer weather by the end of the weekend as the 2008 champions were crowned at the BeaveRun Motorsports Complex in Pennsylvania in the Mobsteel Nationals.

The weekends events saw three drivers stand atop the podium three times. Leading the way was young Chase Dowling from Connecticut, taking the Kevin Smith Racing Engines Briggs Junior Sportsman 2 Lite class, as well as top honors in the Briggs Junior Sportsman 2 Heavy and Junior Sportsman 2 Champ Heavy classes. Also earning triple wins was South Carolina's Furman Myers. Known for his prowess behind the wheel of a champ kart, Myers showed his diversity, taking the Horstman Manufacturing Briggs Senior main event, as well as both the Hodge Racing Supplies Briggs Senior Champ Lite and Titan Karts Briggs Senior Champ Heavy mains. Not allowing all the wins to go out of state, Pennsylvania product Craig Wetzel stormed in to take three events as well. Wetzel earned his wins in the Briggs Medium class, as well as the Custom Trophy Briggs Raptor 330 and 370 classes.

In addition to individual championships being settled, the battle for the Manufacturer's Championship Trophy, given to the winningest chassis manufacturer during the year, unofficially goes to Titan Karts by a mere 1 victory over Rage Kart, thus ending a great year of competition between the two well respected kart shops.

With the season coming to a conclusion, the next event for the Rage Karts Speedway Pavement competitors will be the annual awards banquet in Hickory, North Carolina January 23-25 during KartFest 2009 activities.


Gold Cup Engine Tech at Lowe's

10.09.2008 -- Several competitors and engine builders have inquired about the engine tech procedures to be followed at the Gold Cup GT Machine Grand Nationals at Lowe's Motor Speedway October 31 to November 2. According to WKA Head Technical Inspector Bobby Gettys, "Tech inspection Lowe's will be the same as it has been at every other Gold Cup events this year."

Gettys went on to explain that he and his tech inspector staff will be looking at every area of the engine. However, they will be paying particular attention to the Animal intake ports and valves. Intake ports must be stock with no material removal allowed. Tech inspections will carefully examine the transition between the inner end of the port and the bowl behind the valve. This transition must retain its defined edge as from the factory. Valves must be as manufactured by Briggs & Stratton and will be compared to known stock as well measured by the WKA Tech Tools. Gettys has also been questioned about spark plugs. At the current time there are no specifications for spark plugs in the WKA Tech Manual, so this remains a non-tech item.

Recently, WKA has identified a problem with changing valve lift in the Animal engines. Based on measurements at the track and by WKA 4-cycle Vice President Johnny Bartlett, lift can vary by as much as 0.003". The variation is related to the position of the valve spring. Rotating the spring resulted in the variation in the valve lift. In other words when the lift was set at 0.254", rotating the valve spring might change the lift as much as 0.003" depending on the position of the spring. In the four engines Bartlett examined, there was no variation at all in three of them. In the fourth engine the intake varied 0.003" and the exhaust varied 0.001". This is consistent with results in inspections in the tech room at several events. The bottom line is that engine builders should be aware of this problem and make sure that they rotate the valve springs after setting the valve lift to ensure that the lift is legal in all positions of the valve spring.

And finally, on page 64 the September issue of the WKA Karting Scene, Item 5, Carburetor Choke Cover, we announced that a "small amount" of silicone or epoxy could be used to secure the choke cover. For the record, there will be no tech on the amount of silicone or epoxy used to secure the choke cover.

If you have any questions about engine tech at the GT Machine Grand Nationals, please contact Bobby Gettys, WKA Head Technical Inspector.

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