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WKA's Pit Board presented by AMB i.t. - 08.19.2008 *** Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series Heads Back To Chapel Hill 08.19.2008 -- The Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series kicked off the summer at Chapel Hill Raceway in June and will return...

WKA's Pit Board presented by AMB i.t. - 08.19.2008


Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series Heads Back To Chapel Hill

08.19.2008 -- The Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series kicked off the summer at Chapel Hill Raceway in June and will return this weekend to close out the summer at the smallest paved oval track on the circuit in Humphrey, NY. The Congdon Body Shop Nationals will be the fourth event in the five-race schedule.

Pre-entry pick up will be from 4pm -- 6pm on Thursday afternoon. Registration will begin at 7am on Friday morning, with practice beginning at 9am. Practice begins at 8am both Saturday and Sunday, with the mandatory Driver's Meeting starting at 10:30am. Qualifying and races are set to follow. For more information on the Congdon Body Shop Nationals, click here.


A Busy Weekend Of Racing For WKA Competitor, Jessica Brannam

08.19.2008 - The weekend got started with 17 year old racing sensation, Jessica Brannam, racing her mini sprint car in Wisconsin. Jessica competed at Wilmot Speedway in Wilmot, WI during the Kenosha County Fair. This special event is put on during the fair so fairgoers can get a chance to see these high speed, very competitive cars in action.

The track was in great condition and very fast. "I have never seen the track this good. The promoters did a great job getting ready for this event," said Brannam.

When the green flag dropped to start the race, Jessica jumped into 3rd place. As things settled down, Jessica and the other top two cars pulled away from the rest of the 20 car field. It seemed like it would be a 3 car battle all the way to the end of the race. However, it did not turn out to be that way.

With the track being so fast, a few drivers got in over their heads and brought out several caution flags. This bunched up the field and gave the drivers that fell behind a second chance. When the race restarted Jessica's car did not take off very well. This allowed the 4th place car to squeeze by her.

Jessica fought back to reclaim 3rd place. With just a few laps to go another yellow flag slowed the race. "I knew I was in trouble with that last yellow coming out. My car just did not want to take off on the restarts." Jessica said. She went on, "I did all I could to keep him behind me, but it just wasn't going to happen".

Unfortunately, she was correct. On the restart she was passed for 3rd and did not have enough time to come back. Brannam finished the race in 4th place out of 20 competitors. "I am still very happy with how I did tonight. I am only racing mini sprints part time this year. Most of these other guys have been to every race this year. For me to beat most of them, means a lot to me".

There was no time to dwell on the out come of the race. As soon as the race was over, Jessica's crew loaded up her go kart to head off to the next race. With virtually no sleep, Jessica and her crew were headed to Indianapolis.

Jessica was going to race at Putnam Park in Mount Meridian, IN. She was to compete in the World Karting Association, National Road Race Series. Do to a very limited budget, this was the first national event Jessica was competing in, in almost a year.

Since she missed Friday practice due to the mini sprint race she competed in, there was no time to waste. Jessica's crew knew they had to be on their game for Jessica to have a chance at a good result. "We came here already a day behind our competitors" said Jessica's lead mechanic, David Lehman. " We have a heck of an advantage with a great driver like Jessica on our team. It makes our job a lot easier" Lehman went on to say.

Jessica got off to a good start at the beginning of the Briggs Animal 335 race. She and one other kart broke away from the rest of the field. Brannam followed in second place for the duration of the 30 minute race waiting for her opportunity.

With just one corner to go, Jessica made her move. She made the pass for the lead and made it stick. She crossed the line about 4 kart lengths ahead of second place. This was Jessica's first national victory in 2 years. "It feels great to be back at a national race. We have not been able to afford racing on the national level for awhile." Brannam said. She went on to say, "I am so happy I won. I did not think I would be so fast since we missed Friday practice."

The Sunday, Briggs Animal 360 race did not go quite as well for Brannam. Her kart did not get a good start and she fell behind early. By the end of the first lap, she was about 20 kart lengths behind. One thing Jessica does not know how to do is give up.

Jessica pushed as hard as she could and caught back up with the lead pack of karts. However, her troubles were not over yet. She was knocked off the track by a slower kart from another class and fell all the way back to 7th place.

Once again she did not give up. Brannam fought her way all the way back up to 3rd place by the end of the race. After the race Jessica said, "Hey, after all we went through I am happy with a 3rd place podium finish. I was plenty fast, but just had bad luck this time. We will get them next time".

As if all of this was not enough, Jessica had to get home right away so she could get ready for her first day of college on Monday. Then on Wednesday, she is off to Las Vegas for the off road truck race she is competing in. This girl never stops!


Gold Cup and Pavement Series Tire Update

08.15.2008 -- WKA announces the spec tires for the remainder of the Gold Cup and Pavement Series events in 2008.

In the Gold Cup Series Junior classes the Dunlop DDM is the spec tire in the 4:50 x 5" size. The Dunlop DCM will continue to be the spec tire in the 6:00 x 5" size. The Firestone YFA 5.00 x 6" and YFA 6.50 x 6" will continue to be the spec tire for the Senior classes through the end of the year.

The spec tires in the World Formula Class will continue to be the Bridgestone YHC.

In the Pavement Series the Junior classes can run on either the Firestone YGF or YKF in 5:00 x 6" and 8:00 x 6" sizes for the remainder of the season. In the Senior and Champ classes the Dunlop DCS and DDS tires in the 5:00 x 6" and 7:10 x 6" sizes are approved as well as the DCS compound in the 8:00 x 6" size.


Upcoming Nationals

Rage Karts Speedway Pavement Series
Aug 22-24, 2008
Congdon Body Shop Nationals
Chapel Hill Raceway, Chapel Hill, NY

Upcoming Divisionals

Georgia Divisional Dirt Series
August 23, 2008
Burke County Speedway
Waynesboro, GA
Gene McCook 478.494.6683

Maryland Sprint
August 23 -- 24, 2008
Sandy Hook Speedway
Street, MD
Dave Koehler 410.882.2375

RR Regional Event
Southern Kart Club
August 23 -- 24, 2008
Roebling Road Raceway
Lindsay Fox 352.475.5034

WKA Northeast Sprint Series
August 29 -- 31, 2008
Raceway Park
Englishtown, NJ
Dan Stowell 203.262.9845

Midwest Sprint Series
August 30 -- 31, 2008
USA International Raceway
Shawano, WI
Missy or Chuck Tate 704.948.9700

Tennessee Dirt
August 30, 2008
Beechnut Raceway
Bountville, TN
James Tucker 423.279.7761

Tennessee Dirt -- WKA
August 30, 2008
Dumplin Valley Raceway
Kodak, TN
Mark Underwood 865.932.3410

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