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06.15.05 - The 4-cycle Tech Committee Announces New Briggs Animal Parts, Manufacturing Changes And Rule Clarifications Briggs and Stratton has announced three new parts for the Animal engine. The firsts is a new Animal block with increased ...

06.15.05 - The 4-cycle Tech Committee Announces New Briggs Animal Parts, Manufacturing Changes And Rule Clarifications

Briggs and Stratton has announced three new parts for the Animal engine. The firsts is a new Animal block with increased strength in the bearing pocket area, at the oil return, and at the base of the cylinder. This block should improve reliability of the engines competing in the Animal Modified classes. However, the new block will not provide any direct performance gain. The new cylinder will be identified with a Briggs & Stratton logo. It will appear as a replacement part in 3 to 4 weeks and will be incorporated the next build of Animal engines as a running change.

Briggs has also announced an improved float bowl for the Walboro PZ 15 carburetor. This float bowl, part number 5555563, provides access to the main jet without removal of the bowl from the carburetor. It is being introduced as a running change and should be available in the parts channel in the next few weeks.

Replacement Animal rod bolts, Briggs part number 555654, are also available. Although they will not be included in new engines, the will be an approved replacement part. Minor grinding in the crankcase may be required for clearance of the bolt head and is approved.

The tech committee also clarified the rule 708.1 that allows cutting of the Animal cylinder cover. In addition to being cut for clearance of the thermal coupler and exhaust flange, the cylinder cover may also be cut for clearance around the intake manifold. This is a clarification of rule 708.1 and is effective immediately.

Some Animal intake manifolds have been slightly longer than the 1.760" maximum length specified in TM 708.5.1. Briggs will cover out-of-spec manifolds under warranty. However, WKA will allow machining the manifold to bring it into tolerance or to flatten an uneven or warped surface. This change is effective immediately.

Also, a few Animal rocker arms have been manufactured slightly longer than the 2.885" maximum length specified in Section 708.1. Minor deburring of the rocker arm is allowed to bring it into specification. This change is effective immediately.

Tech Manual sections 708.19.1 and 708.19.3.1 include the Animal cylinder head depth measurements. The 4-cycle Tech Committee added the following clarification. The measurement on the shallow side of the combustion chamber will be taken with a depth gauge on the push rod side of an imaginary line drawn from dowel pin to dowel pin on the valve side of the dowel. It will also be taken over the spark plug area. The rest of the recess area in the head has no depth dimension, but the recess must remain visible.

Effective July 1, 2005, the flywheel weight specified in TM Sections 703.19.2, 704.17 and 705.17 is being reduced from 4 lbs. 12 oz. to 4 lbs. 8 oz. This is a manufacturing change.

TM Section 708.35 PISTON (STOCK ANIMAL) states, "Stock, unaltered Briggs & Stratton piston MANDATORY. The Briggs Intek piston is not an Animal piston and is not approved. This is a rule clarification.

In 2005, the Animal engine must be sealed. Per TM Section 708.40, the Stock Animal will be sealed with two wires. One wire will run through bolts on the valve cover, intake manifold, and carburetor to a carb to an intake bolt. The other will seal the front side cover bolt. The Modified Animal engine will also be sealed with two wires. One wire runs from a rocker cover bolt to a hole drilled in the carburetor. The other wire seals the front side cover bolt. This is a clarification and is effective immediately.

TM Section 708.33 WRIST PIN states that the Animal wrist pin must not be altered. However, as in the Raptor engine, a minimum honing of wrist pin hole is allowed. This is a clarification and effective immediately.

Currently, TM Section 708.6 states that the Animal manifold may be drilled and tapped for fitting to pulse fuel pump. To facilitate adding a fitting, a boss may be welded to the manifold. This is a clarification and is effective immediately.

In the Animal Modified engines, TM Section 708.15.1 states that the rocker arm studs must be stock but may be girdled or reinforced. In order to facilitate certain girdles or reinforcement parts, the rocker arm set screws may be replaced with longer set screws.

Threaded fasteners on the outside of the Animal engine are open with the exception of cylinder head bolts.


X-Caliber Racing Engines Nationals At KartWheels Speedway

06.15.05 -- Heartland Speedway Dirt competitors are heading to Norfolk, Nebraska June 17 -- 19 for their second stop of the season.

The first race for the Heartland Speedway Dirt Series presented by Heartland Bully Clutches saw a record number of over 400 entries at Race It Motorsports in Waterloo, Iowa in May. Winners at this event earned serious bragging rights as they had out-raced competitors from 22 states spanning all coasts. Round # 2 is expected to see just as many, if not more, bringing the level of competition to an all time high for the Series, making it a top-notch program in only it's second season.

Rage Karts National Speedway Pavement Competitors Heading To Chapel Hill Raceway


06.15.05 -- Rage Karts Nationals June 24 -- 26 in Humphrey, New York always pulls top-level drivers to one of the fastest tracks on the National Speedway Pavement circuit.

With the 2005 season in full swing, points battles are tightening up. Bob Baker is leading the way in three of his classes including Briggs Animal Heavy and Briggs Lite & Heavy. There are several drivers leading the points battle in two classes each including: Kerry Parnell in Briggs Animal Medium and Briggs Heavy, Waynes Baker in Briggs Animal Modified and Briggs Super Controlled, William Schneider in both Briggs Jr Sportsman 1 Lite & Heavy, and Kenny Forbes in both Briggs Jr Sportsman 2 Lite & Heavy. Tyler Strickland leads the way in Briggs Jr Sportsman Champ Lite & Heavy, Joey Mattis in Briggs Jr Champ Lite and Briggs Jr Animal Champ, and Jacob Wilson has control over both Briggs Jr Lite & Heavy. Finally, Travis Pollock leads the points battle in Briggs Sr Champ Lite & Heavy.

For a complete listing of points standings, visit www.worldkarting.com/series/pavement/pavementstandings-05.html.


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